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Descendants of John Nicholas (Peconier) PROCUNIER



Barbara Bell's direct ancestor find her address. She is in CA 1993

Carolyn sent FGS from FHCenter, all children born in Norfolk, Ont. Canada.
Henry Procunier
A Thumbnail Biography by R. Robert Mutrie
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

Henry Procunier (son of Peter Prockunier and Elizabeth ____), born atHuntingdon County, Pennsylvania on 7 Aug 1792, and died at WalsinghamTownship, Norfolk County, Canada West on 16 Jan 1842. He married in 1820,Frances Manuel, daughter of Anthony Manuel and Margaret Mabee. Francesborn at Prince William, York County, New Brunswick on 9 Jun 1797, died atPort Royal, Walsingham Twp. on 31 Jul 1880, aged 83 years. Frances [andpossibly Henry] was buried in Johnson Cemetery, St. Williams, UpperCanada..

During the War of 1812, Henry was recorded as a private on an 1814 musterroll of Captain Oliver Mabee's Company of the Norfolk Militia.4 On 21 Apr1823, Henry Prockunier of Malahide Twp., Elgin County filed an UpperCanada Land Petition stating that he was a son of Peter Procunier ofWalsingham Twp. Henry had been located by Col. Thomas Talbot in 1817 on100 acres in Malahide Twp. Henry requested and received a grant of thelot.5

On May 29, 1827, Henry and Frances purchased from Nathan B. Barnum a 75acre farm, in the centre of the south Lot 12, Concession A, WalsinghamTownship on Long Point Bay near Port Rowan. To this they added another 75acres in the same lot in 1839.6 After Henry's death in 1842, his widowcontinued with her family on the farm and the two oldest sons Peter andJacob took over its management. Fanny Procunier, widow, was recorded withher family in the 1852 and 1861 Censuses of Walsingham, aged 55 and 63and then aged 74 in 1871. Frances was one of five Manuel sisters whogained local note for their longevity. A picture of the five sisters isin the possession of the author.

* i Peter Procunier, born c. 1820; married Elizabeth Baumwart
* ii Jacob Wymer Procunier, born 29 Aug 1821; married Emily Jane Foster
* iii Anthony Procuner, born c. 1823; married 1st Suzanna Bowers;married 2nd Mary J. Good
* iv Henry Procunier, Jr., born Jul 1825; married 1st Hannah ElizabethSmith; md 2nd Birtha Maitland
* v Elizabeth Procunier, born c. 1827; married Frederick Tremblay
vi Nancy Procunier, born c. 1830. She was living at Walsingham in 1881.Never married.
* vii William Procunier, born 25 Nov 1833; married Mary Janette Loucks
* viii Catherine Procunier, born 9 Sep 1838; married Andrew Lachapelle
* ix Sarah A. Procunier, born 24 Oct 1840; married Peter A. Hutchins
x son Procunier. The obituary of Frances Procunier stated that she hadsix sons living in 1880 _________________________

1 Dates supplied by Mabee family historian Royal A. Mabee, perhaps froman early reading of a possible stone for Henry Procunier in JohnsonCemetery, at St. Williams, Ontario, a stone which is no longer there.
2 Obituary of Frances Procunier in Norfolk Reformer of 6 Aug 1880
3 Gravestone in Johnson Cemetery, St. Williams, Ontario
4 Muster Rolls of the Norfolk County Militia
5 Upper Canada Land Petition P 14/89
6 Abstracts of Deeds Register of Walsingham
Copyright 1997 Robert Mutrie

Frances MANUEL

"The obituary of Frances (Manuel) Procunier in the Norfolk Reformer of 6Aug 1880, was descriptive. It provided the above birthdate and location"Prince William on the River St. John" then noted that her parents cameto Ontario in 1807, settling at Charlotteville near Vittoria on "what iscalled the Walter Anderson estate." Frances married when she was 23 yearsof age and her family moved to Walsingham in 1823 where Frances liveduntil she died. She had six boys and four girls all living at the thetime of her death. Frances was a Baptist for 51 years, one of the firsttwelve members who organized the Port Rowan Baptist Church under ReverendW. McDormand.
Frances born at Prince William, York County, New Brunswick on 9 Jun1797, died at Port Royal, Walsingham Twp. on 31 Jul 1880, aged 83 years.Frances [and possibly Henry] was buried in Johnson Cemetery, St.Williams, Upper Canada." SOURCE: Robert Mutrie


had Melissa, Albert, Henry, Lura & Aristotle
1844 1846 1849 1851 1860

41. Jacob Weymer PROCUNIER

had Sarah 1849, Amanda 16 Nov 1851, McKensie 22 June 1853, Edward 1854,Henry
29 Jan 1856, Isaiah Becker 13 May 1858, Helinah 20 Apr 1861, Alzina 29May
1862, Frank 3 Aug 1864, William 5 May 1867, & Grace 1 Aug 1869.


CHILDREN: by Hanna Elizabeth in Norfolk, Canada were; Thomas 1857, Ida C.F. 1858, Hannah 1862, & Alfred 1870. CHILDREN by Ann Evans were;George-1874, Richard-1875, & Richard Isaac-18 Aug 1876, all born inMichigan.

45. William PROCUNIER

Had Lafayette 6 Mar 1856, Amorette 1857, Sarah Jane 26 Jan 1859, WilliamH. 21
Aug 1860, Bryon 28 Feb 1863, Sylvia Ann abt 1865.

46. Catharine PROCUNIER

Catharine Keegan's direct ancestor. Find FGS & enter info


Legal document in possession of Joanne Harvey.."Peter Jr petitions thatsince his son, Peter III, has died, the grandson David Sands Procunier isto have David 3, a son of Peter Jr. as guardian."
Peter III was 31 yrs, 4 mos, 5 ds when he died, so says the tombstone inthe Old Johnson Cemetery at St. Williams, Ont, CN.

48. David Sands PROCUNIER

age on tombstone - 22y 1m 24 d.


lived mostly in Canada. wife's family, Neals, still have ProcunierFamily reunions. Find stories & record.

Carolyn sent FGS, children all born in Norfolk, Ont,. CN.

Adam Procunier
A Thumbnail Biography by R. Robert Mutrie
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved
Adam Procunier (son of Peter Prockunier and Elizabeth ____) born atHuntingdon County, Pennsylvania on 25 Apr 1798; died at WalsinghamTownship, Norfolk County, Upper Canada (Ontario) on 3 Jun 1840 ae 43y.1He married Desire Neal, daughter of Rev. Maj. George Neill and Mary Cope.Desire was born at Beverly Township, Wentworth County, Upper Canada on 6Feb 1801.

: Death Notices from the Christian > Guardian 1836-1850 (Shurre@aol.com1 Feb 2000)
> Please look for these names and dates: Emerick,Townsend, ProcunierOntario1800's:

PROCUNIER, Adam died in Walsingham, June 3, 1840, in his 43rd year;survived by his wife (the daughte rof Rev. George Neals) and children.Aug 12, 1840, p. 167 Obituary section

After his death, Adam's wife and children settled at Bayham Twp., ElginCounty, Upper Canada. (Desire spelled her maiden surname 'Neal'; Herfather spelled his surname 'Neill'; which makes the spelling of Desireand Adam eldest child's second given name all the more interesting.)

* i. George Neil Procunier, born 3 May 1818, married Elizabeth Gibbon
ii. Susan N. Procunier, born 22 Dec 1821
iii. Margaret Procunier, born 12 Oct 1823. She married on 6 Dec 1842George Doan2, who was born c. 1820. They farmed in Woodhouse Twp.,Norfolk County; recorded in the 1852 census. Their children: Emma Doan,born c. 1848; James W. Doan, born c. 1850.
* iv. Agnes June Procunier, born 6 Jul 1826, married James Ramsdell
v. James C. Procunier, born 10 Dec 1829
vi. Elijah Marvin Procunier, born 20 May 1831; married Eliza ____, bornc. 1848. Their children: Edith Procunier, born c. 1873; Maud Procunier,born c. 1877
vii. Edward Procunier, born 12 Apr 1834
viii. John N. Procunier, born 15 Jul 1836
ix. Margaret Procunier, born 2 Oct 1839
1. Obituary in Christian Guardian newspaper
2. Talbot District Marriage Register -- My Gramma Was a Cope by AlvinMonroe
3. Christian Guardian Newspaper by Cherie Feb 2000

Desire NEAL

The descendents of Neals & Procuniers hold a Family Reunion in Canada, EAhas
pictures & info on one of them. Need to write to them.

32. Isaac Sr. PROCUNIER

BIRTH: Norfolk co. Ontario, CN. Father's Bible

#1. "A COMPENDIUM OF MABIE RESEARCH" also called "6000 NEW YORKANCESTORS" by R. Robert Mutrie. (He is a 5th cousin-once removed, toJoanne Harvey; I don't know what that makes him to me).

#2.-1829--Canada Land Records- Feb 1829, Provincial Archives of Canada,Lot #11 A, Walsingham S1/2, 100-12/6 acres, Amount of purchase=62.10,amount pd=1.10.

#3. Peter Jr.'s Family Bible record from Fern Hall in Hot Springs. Son,Isaac, had it, then his son, Andrew McCleish Procunier,Fern Hall'sGreat-grandpa. Now Fern has it.

#4. Several of his siblings have marriages and deaths in Norfolk. Heseemed to have moved early. Maybe to Bayham Twp. Elgin Co. where brotherAdam went. CHECK !!!

#5. His Father & Mother both buried in Johnson Cemetery, St. Williams,Norfolk co. Ont. CN, Aug & Sep 1847 respectfully.

#6.Also CHECK 1851 census. Check Montreal, Quebec, CN for marriage --They had to be in Ile De, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 16 May 1841 when dau.Martha Moriah was born.

#7.Resided: 1809 - 1829 in Ontario, Canada, maybe always aroundWalsingham.
1829 - 13 Jan Married Amy McCleish, Bible, Mutrie & Owen books.Don't know where.
1841- 16 May-Ile De, Montreal, Quebec Canada, dau, Martha Moriahborn there. SLC IGI.
1849 - 9 July 1849 came to Daysville, Ogle county, IL
1850 - Nashua Twp, Ogle co., IL census
1857 - died in LaPorte City, Black Hawk co, IA
SOURCE: Kathryn Keegan: Isaac death & NE info.

Submitter to "World Family Tree" Vol 6 # 4159, Isaac may have passed away27 June 1857 instead. Isaac settled in Walsingham, Canada, raised alarge family, he was a lumberman. Isaac
and Amy moved to Daysville, Illinois on 9 Jul 1849.

Isaac Procunier
A Thumbnail Biography by R. Robert Mutrie
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

Isaac Procunier (son of Peter Prockunier and Elizabeth ____) was born atWalsingham Township, Norfolk County 31 Aug 1809, died 27 Jun 1859. Hemarried on 13 Jan 1822,1 Amy McClish (daughter of Andrew McClish and AmyMontross, born c. 1808.3

1 London District Marriage Register
2 Talbot District Marriage Register


Born- on Long Point Settlement, Ont CN, EA has 2 books about McClish's &Montross' with good stories.

EA has a copy of Amy & Isaac's Bible, listing their births, somemarriages, & some deaths. Procunier spelled FIVE different ways on onepage!!

Lived in Canada, IL, Listen Twp, Woodbury co, IA; NE
Census lists her birth as Canada & her Father's as Scotland.
1863 - daughter, Martha, married Samuel Carey in Chicago, Cook co.,IL. several sources.
1870- Census lists daughter, Mary & Joseph Parks with Peter Welch(s/o Amy Louise) living in Lee Center, Lee co., IL.
1880- Woodbury Co., IA census - Amy, (with son, Andrew as head ofhouse,) & daughter Leah.

Amy went on to Dawes county NE around 1880, probably with son, Andrew whomarried Mary Jane Kyser-Saxton. John Henry's (b 1874) wife, Mary BarbaraTalley-Saxton Procunier, ran Fort Robinson just southwest of Crawford,Dawes co. Nebraska.

Amy , son Andrew & wife are buried at the Family cemetery called " UnionStar", just west of Crawford on Fern Hall's family land by FortRobinson. Dean & I looked, but couldn't find it in September 1985. TheFort was closed for the season. We will go again.

56. Catharine Ann PROCUNIER

Kathryn Keegan's direct Ancestor. Kathryn lives in LaPorte City, IA. Ihave letters from her.

The following is all that Mr. Mutrie had at the time. EA has since sentthe rest of the children.

Isaac Procunier
A Thumbnail Biography by R. Robert Mutrie
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

i. Catharine Ann Procunier, born c. 1830. She married 1 Jun 1845,William Benson, who was born in England, c. 1821. Catherine and Williamlived at Walsingham Township, according to the 1852 Census. (Her givenname is spelled one way in marriage records, another on census.)
Their children:
Isaac P. Bension, born 9 Jun 1846; died 1921
John R. Benson, born 21 Nov 1847, died 1917
William Henry Benson, born 9 Jan 1849
George Austin Winter Benson, born 18 Feb 1852, died 1858
James Lefton Benson, born 1 Feb 1854
Mary Benson, born 10 Jun 1855
Alonzo Jonathon Benson, born 2 May 1857, died 1929
Alrus F. Benson, born 18 Jul 1859
Charles Edger Benson, born 8 Jul 1862, died 1900
Amy Benson, born 1864
Adolphus Grant Benson, born 9 Sep 1868, died 1903

1 London District Marriage Register
2 Talbot District Marriage Register

62. Martha Mariah PROCUNIER

Haven't checked Montreal, Quebec, CN yet 1993

Submitter to World Family Tree Vol 6 #4159 lists Martha's middle name asMariah.

Carolyn Shimik lists middle name as Jane from Family History Center inRiverton, WY


Single- lived with brother, Andrew, 1880 in IA census

Submitter to WFT Vol 6 #4159 says she was married to a Mr. Stull and wasa school teacher.

64. Andrew McCleish PROCUNIER

Both buried in Family cemetery -Union Star Cemetery, by Fort Robinson.wife's Mother ran Fort Robinson, Dawes co. NE.
Great-grandparents to Fern Hall in Hot Springs, SD. She has old FamilyBible.

65. Mary Elizabeth PROCUNIER

I (EA) disagree with WFT #4159's marriage date, Just one day--I say Dec31st, she says Jan 1, 1865.
Also birth dates are 4 days different, I say 28 April not 24. I got mysource from Peter Jr's Family Bible.
WFT Vol 6 #4159-Marcus L. Tibesar also has Mary Elizabeth Procunier Born24 April 1849 in Montreal, Ont. CN, he also says she died 13 Dec 1882,my source lists Feb. (document !) Was Joseph Franklin Parks' first wife.She died (they were not divorced). She may have died in 1883. (AncestralFile No. 3XNG-L4)
I (4159 submitter) found in the 1870 Census for Woodbury Co. SiouxCity, Iowa several Procunier's (Daniel, Leah, Amy and Andrew). TheseProcunier's were from Canada. Mary Procunier was French Canandian.According to GG Granddaughter, Jane M. Kneis, Mary was born in MontrealOntario
Canada 24 April 1849. Mary may have been born in 1837 in IOWA instead.EA copied this from WFT Vol 6. Now I need to contact the submitter.

Joseph Franklin PARKS

Secondary Source: WFT Vol 6 #4159, Marcus L. Tibesar (all Parks info fromhim)
Their children:
Andrew Oscar md Mary Elizabeth (Mamie) Crom, Philip Charles mdCatherine Elizabeth (Katie) Dunn,
Baby Parks born & died Sept 1870; Isidore (Dora) md Charlie Barns;William Daniel md Elizabeth (Lizzie) Dunn; Samuel L. md CammieSchwartz; Amy Jane md Rolla Delana Woodward; Joseph Raymond md StellaBall? Seaton; Nellie Ivy md Clarence Faye Bentley.

35. Jacob Bragunier PROCUNIER

Had Catherine, Mary Ann abt 1819, Ameilia abt 1823 & Elizabeth (Betty)abt

67. Charles W. Brockunier PROCUNIER

Put here just to have on record. I have a newspaper article giving moredetails of his life somewhere.

Search > Record Type > Wheeling, West Virginia Directories, 1888-93 >Search Results June 20, 2000
Search Terms: BROCKUNIER (12)
Database: Wheeling, West Virginia Directories, 1888-93
Combined Matches: 12

Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year
Chas. W. Brockunier Hobbs Glass Co.; The National Bank of W. Va. atWheeling vice President Bridgeport, O. Wheeling WV 1888, 1889
W. C. Brockunier Whg. I. & N. Co. accountant 2 miles west ofBridgeport, O. Wheeling WV 1888, 1889
Earl W. Oglebay; Chas. W. Brockunier; John Wagner; L. E. Sands NationalBank of West Va., at Wheeling The President; vice- President; cashhier;ass't cash. s.w. Corner 12th & Main Wheeling WV 1888, 1889
Chas. W. Brockunier; Wilbur C. Brockunier Brockunier Bros. oil producersoffice Room 7, Reilly Block 1331 Market Wheeling WV 1890, 1891
Chas. W. Brockunier Brockunier Bros.; Two Brothers' Oil Co.; NationalBank of West Va. at Wh'g presn't; vice- President office Room 7, ReillyBlock, 1331 Market Boards McLure House Wheeling WV 1890, 1891
Wilbur C. Brockunier Brockunier Bros.; Two Brothers' Oil Co Secretaryoffice Room 7, Reilly Block, 1331 Market National Road, 2 1/2 miles westBridgeport, Ohio Wheeling WV 1890, 1891
Earl W. Oglebay; Chas. W. Brockunier; John Wagner; L. E. Sands NationalBank of West Va. at Wheeling The prest.; vice prest.; cashier; ass'tcashier s. w. Corner 12th and Main Wheeling WV 1890, 1891
Chas. W. Brockunier; Wilbur C. Brockunier Two Brothers Oil Co President;Secretary office Room 7, Reilly Block, 1331 Market Wheeling WV 1890,1891
Chas. W. Brockunier National Bank of W. Va. at Wheeling vice President1401 Chapline Wheeling WV 1892, 1893
Miss Mary G. Brockunier Boards 1401 Chapline Wheeling WV 1892, 1893
Wilbur C. Brockunier oil producer National Road 2 1/2 m W. WheelingWV 1892, 1893
Earl W. Oglebay; Chas. W. Brockunier; John Wagner; L. E. Sands NationalBank of West Va., at Wheeling The President; vice President; cashier;ass't cashier S. W. Corner 12th & Main Wheeling WV 1892, 1893
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