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Descendants of John Nicholas (Peconier) PROCUNIER


7. Margaretha Prakunier PROCUNIER

17 in 1776 census (Elizabeth Hundred), mentioned in father's will asliving in Hagerstown in 1804.

Brenda Rohrer Smith has conflicting documentation on the parentage ofAnna Mary Baumwart. she is either the daughter of Henrick Baumwart andMargaretha Procunier or the sister of Henrick Baumwart. Also one sourceof hers shows that Margaretha Procunier married a Michael Boward whoappears to be the brother to Henrick Baumwart/Boward. I have her marriedto Michael.

I believe we may have a connection
My ancestor Margaretha Procunier bore 1759 the daughter Peter.

Our connection would be
Michael Boward married Margaretha Procunier born 1759.
Michael & Margaretha Boward
Michael & Catherine Kershner
Martin Luther and his second Mary B Dermody
Edward Jacob and his first wife Nellie Starliper
Faith Louise Boward & Franklin Elsworth Shafer JR
Sidney Shafer my husband..

I have very little of Margaretha Bragonier/Procunier at this time except
that her father was named Peter.
She was born in Hagerstown MD (Elizabeth Hundred). She may have diedbefore
I would appreciate any help or leads to who her parents and sibling mayhave
been, where she is buried.
Thank you
I would be happy to share what I have on the Boward from Martin Luther to
Bonnie Shafer

10. Peter Jr. Prakunier PROCUNIER

EA's 3 g Grandfather. He & brother Henry went to Canada & took theoriginal spelling-- Procunier.

Hagerstown used to be Elizabethtown.

#1. Joanne Harvey's section in the book- "BRAGUNIAR FAMILY in AMERICA -Also Bragoniar - Brockunier - Procunier" by Brittain BragunierRobinson, in SLC, UT.

#2.Peter Jr's Family Bible, a copy to Elaine from Fern Hall in HotSprings.


#4. Washington Co. Maryland Census 1776-1778; 1800-1804- the 1800Census shows name as Bragoonier; Bragonier; other spellings includePeconer; Peconier; Brockunier & Prakunier (Just to name a few!).
#5. "True List of all Souls in Elizabeth Hundred-Frederick Co. MD Aug1776 (now Washington co.) pg. 245-250, DAR Library (10424) pg 14.Peter Jr. on pg 250 age 11.

#6. Peter Sr's. Will Probated 1804, Book 62 Washington Co. Courthouse,MD

#7. Both (Peter Jr. & wife) buried in Johnson Cemetery, St. Williams,Norfolk Co. Ont. CN Aug & Sep 1847 respectfully.

Peter Prockunier
A Thumbnail Biography by R. Robert Mutrie
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

Peter Prockunier (son of Peter and Margaret Brokunier), born at ElizabethHundred, Frederick (Washington) County, Maryland on 17 Nov 1764, died atWalsingham Township, Norfolk County, Upper Canada (Ontario) on 8 Aug 1847ae. 82y 8m 21d.1 He married Elizabeth __________, born c. 1775, died atWalsingham Twp. 7 Sep 1847 ae 72y.1

This surname was written many ways. Peter's father commonly used"Brokunier". In the Norfolk County records, Peter signed his name"Prockunier". His family subsequently adopted the spelling "Procunier".

Peter was recorded with his parents in the 1776 Census of ElizabethHundred, Frederick County, Maryland.
In 1788, a Peter "Pracooner" was taxed £10 in Shirley Township,Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, listed as a single man age 24.
1790-census-Huntingdon, Co., PA--Peter Parcunia & wife Mary Elizabeth
1790 Census of Washington Co., Maryland, a Peter "Parcunia" was recordedwith one male aged over 16 and one female.
1790-- Peter "Pracconer" also appeared in Shirley Township.
1791-- His name,Proccunier, appeared in the tax list of Shirley Township.
1794, a warrant for 400 acres of land was granted to Peter Procunier inHuntingdon County, Pennsylvania which was surveyed on 5 Jun 1794.
1800- Census--alleghany Twp, Huntingdon Co., PA lista Peter Burgoon,Jacob Burgoon & John Burgoon. (Ref. G. Randall's book pg 13) by DavidProcuniar.

10 Mar 1803 -Peter's first record in the Long Point Settlement was hisappearance as a Petty Juror of the London District Court. He servedagain in that capacity on 14 & 15 Mar 1804.

On 1 May 1806, Peter purchased from William Cope, 50 acres in the northpart of Lot 24, Concession 1, Walsingham Twp.5 at the southwest corner ofthe village of St. Williams. He received the relinquishment of dowerrights on this lot from Frances Cope on 12 Mar 1806.

On 25 Mar 1809, Peter Prockunier was among the signers, "Inhabitance ofLong Point" and elsewhere, of a certificate for Christian Troyer "that hehas caused all those to Settle in this province."6 Christian Troyer,formerly of Somerset County, Pennsylvania came to Upper Canada in 1789,settled land in Walsingham Twp., then returned to Pennsylvania onfrequent expeditions to bring settlers to Norfolk, Haldimand, and YorkCounties.

After Peter's son Peter Prockunier Jr. died, the father filed for Lettersof Administration over the son's estate and for the guardianship ofgrandson David Sands Procunier to be given to the boy's uncle DavidProcunier. Another son, Adam Procunier was also mentioned.

Children: All PROCUNIER --The * is for R. R. MUTRIE's Bios. R. R.Mutrie and David Procunier disagree on Margaret and Sarah married ordied. We will have to see who has documentation.

1.* Susannah born 24 Mar 1791 Shirley Twp. Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania.
2. *Henry SR born 11 Oct 1792, Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania-md FrancesMANUEL.
3. *Peter, born 11 or 17 Nov 1795,Huntingdon Co., PA - md Deborah SANDS
4.* Adam, born 25 Apr 1798 Huntingdon Co, PA -md Desire NEAL.
5. *David, born 8 Feb 1800 Huntingdon Co. PA -md Sarah Ann OVERBAUGH.
6.* Elizabeth born 24 Sep 1803, Norfolk, Ontario-md Jacob COPE.
7.* Margaret born 24 Sep 1803, Norfolk, Ontario, md ? John BECKER or died8 Dec 1813.????
8. Sarah , born 13 Feb 1806, Norfolk Co., Ont. Can. died 4 Dec 1813.
9.* Isaac, born 31 Aug 1809, Norfolk Co., Ontario -md Amy McClish, died27 Jun 1857 (EA;s)
10.*Catherine, born 2 Jun 1811, Norfolk Co., Ont. md Francis EMERIC(Catherine KEEGAN's)
1 Gravestone in Johnson Cemetery, St. Williams, Ontario. (The stone isfaded and age at death is hard to make out.)
2 George A. Wolf, Division of the Names, Blair County Historical Society,Pa., 1951
3 Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, 25:751
4 Minutes of the London District Court, pages 43, 57, 87.
5 Abstracts of Deeds Register of Walsingham Twp., Norfolk County
6 Upper Canada Land Petition of Christian Troyer T 10 / 45
7 London District Surrogate Court, Inst. No. 209

Procunier Researchers
R. Robert Mutrie, Editor of The Long Point Settlers Journal
S-mail: 244 Maple Leaf Avenue North, Ridgeway, Ontario L0S 1N0

Jane K. Kneis Maurer 2205 Embe Pasadena, TX 77502-3902; Joanne HelenSnell Harvey 2420 Newport Drive Lansing, MI 48906; REF: Elaine AllenAllen R.R Box 36 Opal, SD 57765; Jane K. Maurer 2205 EMBE Pasadena, TX77502-3902; Joanne Harvey 2420 Newport Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48906;And of course David C. Procuniar 3598 Harry Truman Drive, Beavercreek, OH45432. Also see page 13 G. Randall.

The following by David C. Prockuniar:
On 25 March 1809, Peter Prockunier was among the signers, "Inhabitance ofLong Point" and elsewhere, of a certificate for Christian Troyer "that hehas caused all those to Settle in this Province." Christian Troyer,formerly of Somerset County, Pennsylvania traveled came to Upper Canadain 1789, settled land in Walsingham Twp., then returned to Pennsylvaniaon frequent expeditions to bring settlers to Norfolk, Haldimand, and YorkCounties.

After Peter's son second son Peter Prockunier, III died in 1832 at theage of 36 leaving three young children to be raised by his wife Deborah(Cope) (d\o Conradt Cope and Sarah Sands), Peter Jr. filed for Letters ofAdministration over the son's estate and for the guardianship of grandsonDavid Sands Procunier to be given to the boy's uncle David Procunier.Another son, Adam Procunier was also mentioned in this guardianship.Also there was a mention of a son Peter IV who was just five years old in1832.

NOTE: From the date of his birth and his name, it has been assumed bythis author (David Procuniar) that this Peter was the eldest son of ourPeter Brockunier (Bragonier) SR who as Peter Prakunier, was listed in theAugust 1776 census for Elizabethtown, Maryland, with a son Peter, thenaged 11. (Note that our Peter would have been 11 years old in 1776)Peter and his descendants seem to have preserved the spelling of theirname with a "P" and the "k" sound in the middle, as did many of the otherdescendants of our Peter JR. (Elaine has found none that didn't use "P")Some who preserved the initial "B" did use the "ck" sound in the middle,too.

There is speculation (although not a strong one) that Peter Procunier JRmay have been a son of a Henry Procunier. Peter named his first sonHenry, instead of following the usual custom of those days in naming thefirst son for the father's father (a custom perhaps not followed by PeterJR) The is a referenced suggestion that came in the Georgiana Randallbook, "The Bragonier Family" on page 13. This author does not agree withthis speculation at all. The evidence does not support this speculationat all! Elaine says-- THERE IS NOT A POSSIBILITY THAT PETER JR WAS ASON OF HENRY!!!! HIS BROTHER WAS NAMED HENRY AND HE IS THE ONE THAT WENTTO CANADA WITH HIM. THEY BOTH ARE SONS OF PETER #.I'm very tempted tojust delete this, but won't for now.)

Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada was located on the north shore of LakeErie. Originally known as the Long Point Settlement of Upper Canada, itwas first settled in the 1790s. Norfolk was merged into the ProvincialRegion of Haldimand-Norfolk 200 years later.

Norfolk County consisted of seven townships: Charlotteville, Houghton,Middleton, Townsend, Walsingham, Windham, and Woodhouse -- and until1820, Rainham and Walpole.

Robert Mutrie has added Thumbnail Biographies to his web site (seeselection on our home page for Other Family Links) One thing you willnotice is that R. Robert Mutrie lists our Peter Brockunier SR as PeterProckunier instead of Peter Brockunier SR on his web page. He also refersto Peter Brockunier SR's son (Peter Procunier JR) as Peter Procunier (noJR) This may cause some confusion among our die hard Procuniar\ierBragunier genealogists. I recently sent R. Mutrie a copy of the biblepages from Peter Procunier JR's family bible and it clearly shows thatPeter JR wrote his name in the Bible as Peter Proccunier SR. GordonProcunier (of Canada) decided to refer to Peter Brockunier SR as Peter I,his son as Peter II and Peter JR's son as Peter III. Hopefully this willhelp explain the differences!!

Information for this article was researched by David C. Procuniar.Additional information supplied by the following:
…Mrs. Kathryn (Carroll) Keegan, 12106 Kober Road, La Porte City, IA…50651-2130;
…Mrs. Elaine Allen, R. R. Box 36, Opal, SD 57765;
…Mrs. Jane K. Maurer, 2205 EMBE, Pasadena, TX 77502-3902;
…Mrs. Joanne Harvey, 2420 Newport Drive, Lansing, Michigan.
Cherie Peterson Emerick email 1/26/98
The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969.
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDSmicro-film

Peters last name was spelled Proccunier on the 1791 tax list ShirleyTownship, Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania. Peter Procunier was granted awarranty for 400 acres of land January 5, 1794 in Huntingdon, CountyPennsylvania, Ref: Pennsylvania Archives 3rd Series. 25:751 However thereis no record of Peter disposing of the land before leaving for Canadathat this author has found!

Mary Elizabeth

documentation with husbands
I think Elizabeth's maiden name was McKenzie or McKinsey. Son, Henrynamed his son McKinsey and son Isaac, named his son FrederickMcKenzie.

24. Susannah PROCUNIER

> Maybe!!!!

> Elaine:
> Here is my line of descent:
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> son:JOHN PRICE (?1660-
> son:THOMAS PRICE (1697-1752)
> son:THOMAS PRICE JR. (1723-1802)
> son:STEPHEN PRICE (1753-1828)
> son:THOMAS "PIONEER" PRICE (1777-1836)
> son:THOMAS COPE PRICE (1817-1871)
> his son:MAURICE DAYTON PRICE (1852-1937)
> son:ROY PRICE -1967)
> son:DAYTON THOMAS PRICE (1923-1991) father
> and I have 3 brothers: (1)CAMERON PRICE (1948-
> son: MAXWELL (1977-
> no issue
> has two sons:(1)SHAWN (1975-
> (2)JASON
> Thanks for everything, Pat


David Procunier
A Thumbnail Biography by R. Robert Mutrie
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

David Procunier (son of Peter Prockunier and Elizabeth ____) was born atHuntingdon County, Pennsylvania on 8 Feb 1800, died at WalsinghamTownship, Norfolk County on 14 Apr 1887 ae 87y.1 He married by bond datedon 15 Dec 1827, Sarah Ann Overbaugh,2 daughter of Hezekiah Overbaugh andMartha Mary Wolven. Sarah Ann was born in Walsingham Twp. in 1809, anddied at Walsingham Twp. on 5 Nov 1883 ae 75y.1 They were buried inJohnson Cemetery, St. Williams, Ontario.

David farmed on his father's homestead, Lot 24, Concession 1, WalsinghamTownship at St. Williams, where he is recorded in the 1852, 1861, 1871and 1881 Censuses.
i. Jemima Procunier, born 1829, died 1908. She married George W.Newman, born 1819, died 15 Sep 1901. The were buried in NewkirkCemetery, St. Williams, Ontario. No issue.
ii. Daniel Procunier, born c. 1830
iii. David Procunier, born 1833, died in 1915. He married Katherine VanWagner, born in 1834, died 1916. They were buried in in JohnsonCemetery, St. Williams, Ontario.
iv. Mary Procunier, born c. 1835. She married on 6 Sep 1835 RichardWheeler.
v. James W. Procunier, born c. 1837
vi. Sarah A. Procunier, born c. 1839
vii. Helen Procunier, born c. 1841
viii. Schuyler Procunier, born c. 1845
ix. Henry Procunier, born c. 1851
x. Peter Procunier, born in Jan 1857, died 9 Nov 1858. He was buried inJohnson Cemetery, St. Williams.
1 Gravestones in Johnson Cemetery, St. Williams, Ontario
2 Upper Canada Marriage Bonds
3 Gravestone in NewkirkCemetery, St. Williams, Ontario
4 Talbot District Marriage Register

RESEARCH FROM---Births Marriages Deaths -- Norfolk Genealogy Resources
Last updated: 18 Nov 1999

Procunier -- Betsy, 79, widow of Peter Procunier, died 10 Nov 1904 inPort Rowan [SR19041125]

Procunier -- Edith Gertrude, daughter of E. F. Procunier married Fred G.Chamberlain of South Walsingham 10 Jul 1907 at home of bride's parents inErie View [SR19070719]

Procunier -- to wife of Ed. Procunier, a son, 17 Jul 1899 at Port Royal[SR18990727]

Procunier -- Henry Procunier, 51, of Port Royal, died 8 Jul 1900 at theWestern Hospital in Toronto [SR19000719]

Procunier -- Miss Mabel, youngest daughter of David Procunier, marriedSidney Acker of Port Rowan 10 Jan 1906 at home of bride's father, inSt.Williams [SR19060119]

Procunier -- Miss Olive Procunier, daughter of David Procunier of St.Williams, married Abram Dedrick of 1st concession of South Walsingham 12Jan 1898 at her farther's home [SR18980127]

29. Elizabeth PROCUNIER

probably born at Cope's Landing, find published book I have & recorddetails. (EA)

Elizabeth Procunier
A Thumbnail Biography by R. Robert Mutrie
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved

Elizabeth Procunier (daughter of Peter Prockunier and Elizabeth ____),born at Walsingham Township., Norfolk County, Upper Canada on 24 Sep1803, died at Charlotteville Township, Norfolk County, on 5 Jul 1836.1She married Jacob Cope (son of William Cope and Frances Sands), born atQueenston, Niagara Township, Lincoln County, Upper Canada on 15 Apr1790.2 Elizabeth was buried in Hillview Cemetery, Forestville.
During the War of 1812, Jacob Cope was a private in Bostwick's FlankCompany of the Norfolk County Militia, recorded on the muster rolls. Whenthe county militia was reorganized, he joined Captain Oliver Mabee'sCompany. From 25 Aug to 24 Sep 1814, he served in Adjutant WilliamGordon's Detachment. Family tradition has it that Jacob Cope served atthe Battle of Lundy's Lane.5
In 1813, Jacob's father bequeathed to him and his brother Thomas jointshares in the Cope homestead, 150 acres in Lot 24, Concession 1,Walsingham Township. Jacob later gave up his interest to his brother andmoved to Lot 17 Concession A, Charlotteville Township on the shore ofLong Point Bay south of St. Williams.
After Elizabeth died, Jacob married secondly by bond application dated 17Jan 1837,3 Leah (Manuel) Stone (daughter of Anthony Manuel and MargaretMabee, and widow of John Stone Jr.). Leah was born at Queenston, YorkCounty, New Brunswick on 15 May 1790, and died at Walsingham Township,Norfolk County, on 17 Nov 1871, ae 81 years, 6 months and 2 days.4
Jacob and Leah were recorded in the 1852 Census of Charlotteville, Jacobaged 63 and Leah aged 62 living on their Charlotteville farm withdaughter Mary, aged 22. The grave of Jacob Cope and his first wife,Elizabeth, has not been found. Jacob's widow, Leah lived on with thefamily of her first marriage at St. Williams for many years.
Children of Jacob Cope and Elizabeth Procunier:

i. Frances Sands Cope, born 8 Aug 1823, died at Baker City, Oregon on 1Apr 1900. She married at St. Williams c. 1846, Henry John Keough, who wasborn at Dublin, Ireland on 24 Jun 1822, and died at Los Animas, Coloradoon 18 Apr 1879.
Henry was a lumberer recorded in the 1852 Census of Houghton Twp. thenmoved to Lane Station, Illinois in the mid-1850's then about 1866 movedto La Porte, Iowa and later further west.
Matthew John Keough, born 28 Oct 1847, mar. Julina McClung;
Alice Elizabeth Keough, born 14 Jul 1850, mar. Albert McClung;
Thomas H. Keough, born 24 Aug 1852, mar. Helen Leggan;
Margaret Theresa Keough, born 31 Aug 1858, mar. Mathew Longwell;
Jane Keough, born 18 Aug 1860, mar. James Hurds;
William Jacob Keough, born 23 Dec 1862, mar. Cora Meyers;
Francis Erwin Keough, born 14 Dec 1865, mar. Della Mary Titus;
Catherine (Kate) T. Keough, born 1867; mar. John A. Ames

ii. John W. Cope, born c. 1825, died at Tuscola Co., Michigan. Hemarried first on 13 Sep 1849, Phoebe Benson, who was born in England c.1825. John married second on 10 Nov 1859, Margaret M. (James) King(daughter of Robert James and Tamer ____, widow of Jesse King), who wasborn in England c. 1826, and died at Tuscola County, Michigan.
John lived at Tillsonburg, then was a blacksmith residing in BlenheimTwp., Oxford County in the 1861 and 1871 Censuses.
James W. Cope, born 1851, mar. Beatrice ____;
Jacob A. Cope, born 1852;
John W. Cope, born 25 Aug 1860, mar. Lucinda Clemens; Frederick;
James Cope, born 22 Aug 1861, mar. Sarah Catherine Smith Propper;
Elizabeth Cope, born 6 Jun 1862, mar. James Rock;
Frances M. Cope, born 20 Sep 1865, mar. Thomas Carter;
William Cope, born 1868;
Margaret (Maggie) Cope, born 1869, died 16 May 1891.

iii. Margaret Cope, born c. 1827. She married on 21 Oct 1848, JamesLucas, who was born c. 1827.
James was a lumberer recorded in the 1852 Census of Houghton Township.They lived at St. Williams.
Elizabeth J. Lucas, born c. 1850.
Leah Lucas, born 1851, died 1851.
iv Peter Procunier Cope, married at Simcoe on 11 Feb 1856, Mary AnnLewis
v Thomas Cope
vi Mary Cope, born c. 1830
vii William Henry Cope, born c. 1832. He married at Guelph, Canada West(Ontario) on 28 Jan 1865, Rebecca Parker (daughter of Abel Parker andElizabeth ____), who was born c. 1841._______________________________________
1 Gravestone in Hillview Cemetery, Forestville..
2 My Gramma Was a Cope by Alvin L. Monroe (Dogwood Printing, Ozark, MO,1995), page 14.
3 Upper Canada Marriage Bonds
4 Gravestone in Johnson Cemtery, St. Williams, Ontario
5 Muster Rolls of the Norfolk County Militia
6 Talbot District Marriage Register
7 Oxford County Marriage Register. Also see My Gramma Was a Cope by AlvinMonroe.

30. Margaret PROCUNIER

a twin to Elizabeth Cope


not sure of birth & death place just assume Canada

33. Catharine PROCUNIER

This is Catharine Keegan's direct ancestor. Katharyn lives in LaPorteCity, IA
find address & FGS & add!

11. David Bragonier Prakunier PROCUNIER

9 in 1776 census pg 250 Vol 1
Zion Reformed Church
Most of the Procuniers who stayed in the United States took the surnameBragonier, Brockunier, Brygunier etc. Anything starting with a "B"instead of a "P". The german language didn't or doesn't ? contain a P.All are French, when the Huguenot's were persecuted & fled France, mostadopted Germany as home.

15. Daniel Bracunier Brockunier PROCUNIAR

Daniel Brockunier SR 1777-1840
A Thumbnail Biography by David C. Procuniar
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved Last updated: 21 Oct 1998

Daniel Brockunier SR, the son of Peter & Margaret Brockunier SR, born1777 in Washington County Hagerstown, Maryland. Daniel was born on hisparents farm called "Hagers Long Hickory" in Hagerstown, WashingtonCounty Maryland. Daniel was the youngest of nine children. In 1799 Danielmarried someone named Barbara in the First Reformed Church inElizabethtown Maryland. It was thought that this was Barbara Rohrer.However there is a recorded marriage of Daniel Bracunier to BarbaraRohrer on May 28, 1811. Barbara is the daughter of Christian Rohrer, whoupon his death listed his daughter Barbara Bragonier as a beneficiary. Tocomplicate things more, there is no death mentioned for the firstBarbara, nor are there any cemetery records of this first Barbara. Thereis a recorded death of a Barbara Bragonier (d/o David Bragonier) who diedJuly 19, 1811 aged 17 who might be confused with this Barbara ofDaniel’s. It’s possible that Daniel married Barbara Rohrer in 1799, thenfound out the clergy performing the ceremony was not licensed properly,so they married again in May of 1811 to make it legal. It appears thatDaniel and his new bride Barbara were living at the home of Daniel’sfather in 1800, since the census seems to indicate a younger male andfemale in the house at that time. In 1804 Daniel shared in theinheritance of the family plantation, "Hager’s Long Hickory", with hisbrothers, David and Jacob. In 1808 Daniel and Jacob sold their interestsin this property to their older brother, David. Daniel’s wife Barbaraappeared in that deed. In the 1810 census Daniel is given as the head ofthe household in Elizabeth Hundred (Hagerstown), as were his brothers,David and Jacob. In this household were 3 males ae under 10 (Samuel,Daniel and David); 1 male ae 26-45 (Daniel SR ae about 33); 2 females aeunder 10 (Susanna and Salome); 1 female 26-45 (Barbara) and 1 other freeperson. From the location on the census, Daniel seems to have been livingnext door to Jacob Rohrer and near to Frederick Rohrer. In the 1820census for Washington County Maryland 3rd district, Daniel’s householdincluded: 1 male ae under 10 (William ae 8); 2 males ae 10-16 (Daniel JRand David); 1 ae 16-26 (Samuel); 1 ae 45 or over (Daniel SR actually aeabout 43); 1 female ae under 10 (the twin of William); 2 females ae 10-16(Salome and ?? ) [This second female ae 10-16 may not have been anotherdaughter. If Daniel’s wife was not living in 1820, it may have beenhousehold help]; 1 female ae 16-26 (Susanna). With this census record itwould appear that Daniel’s wife Barbara was not living in 1820, or shewas living someplace else. The baptisms for the first five of Daniel’schildren appear in the records of the Zion Reformed Church in Hagerstown.There is one error in these church records which list David as the son ofDavid and Barbara, which should be David, son of Daniel and Barbara, asDavid’s wife was not named Barbara.


1. Samuel, born 5 Apr 1801, Washington County, Maryland. Gr Grgrandfather of David C. Procuniar
2.Susannah, born 31 Dec 1802, Washington County, Maryland
3.Daniel Jr., 11 Dec 1804, Washington County, Maryland
4.David, born 30 May 1807, Washington County, Maryland. My research hasfailed to come up with anything on David after he left Dayton, Ohioin September of 1838.
5. Salome, born 23 Jun 1809, Washington County, Maryland.
6.Boy (twin of Wm.), born 19 Feb 1812, died 22 Feb 1812..
7.William, born 19 Feb 1812, Washington County, Maryland. His sonsstarted the Bragunier Bros. Grocery Chain stores in Kansas. AlsoWilliam is the gr great grandfather of Brittian Bragunier Robinson,author of the "Braguniers in America" 1969.

The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDSmicro-film

Samuel Procuniar 1801-1880
A Thumbnail Biography by David C. Procuniar
Copyright 1997 - All Rights Reserved Last updated: 02 Jul 1998

Samuel (Bragunier) Procuniar, The son of Daniel & Barbara (Rohrer)Brockunier Sr. Born 5 April 1801 in Washington Co, Maryland to theparents of Daniel & Barbara Bragunier, died 7 March 1880 Dayton, Ohio.Buried in the Dille Cemetery Montgomery County Dayton, Ohio

Isaac, born 19 July 1828 Dublin or Shirley Twp. Huntingdon Co.,Pennsylvania. Samuel Jr., born 7 April 1841, died 12 November 1843,Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio.
John, born 7 July 1830, Dublin or Shirley Twp. Huntingdon Co.,Pennsylvania.
John's son John Franklin

Emaline, born 14 February 1833, Dublin or Shirley Twp. Huntingdon Co.,Pennsylvania.
Mary, born 17 December 1844, died 25 June 1856, Montgomery County,Dayton, Ohio.
Jacob, born 1 August 1847, Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio. Grgrandfather of David C. Procuniar.

Eliza, born 20 January 1836, Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio.
David, born 27 December 1839, Montgomery County, Dayton, Ohio. Died inthe Civil War 1864.
George, born 6 December 1852, died 1 March 1854, Montgomery County,Dayton, Ohio.

PROCUNIAR ... Sunday March 7, 1880 at 2 am, Samuel Procuniar born inWashington County Maryland April 5, 1801, aged 79 years, 11 months, and 2days. FUNERAL this (Tuesday) afternoon at 1 o'clock from his lateresidence, Valley Pike. Services by Rev' D. Winters, (Source-DaytonJournal Herald)

The Bragonier Family by Georgiana H. Randall 1969
The Bragunier Family in America by Brittian Bragunier Robinson 1969
First Reformed Church of Hagerstown Maryland church records on LDSmicro-film
Oral interviews with family by David C. Procuniar

Copyright 1997 David C. Procuniar … Reprinted with permission …

copied from the Internet 5/23/99 just to put somewhere (by EA)
Procunier -- Betsy, 79, widow of Peter Procunier, died 10 Nov 1904 inPort Rowan [SR19041125]

Procunier -- Edith Gertrude, daughter of E. F. Procunier married Fred G.Chamberlain of South Walsingham 10 Jul 1907 at home of bride's parents inErie View [SR19070719]

Procunier -- Miss Mabel, youngest daughter of David Procunier, marriedSidney Acker of Port Rowan 10 Jan 1906 at home of bride's father, inSt.Williams [SR19060119]