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Descendants of John Nicholas (Peconier) PROCUNIER


3. Peter Brockunier PROCUNIER

Brumbaugh's MD Records pgs 20 Vol 1 & 253 Vol 2 (reprint 1967) pg 245 Vol1, pg 529 Vol 1,pg 25 vol 1 Rev War # 251 in Schnebely's Return

"Bragunier Family in America- Also Braguniar, Brockunier, Procunier" byBrittain Bragunier Robinson in Natn'l Archives & Salt Lake City LDSLibrary.

Land Patent--Land Office of Maryland, "Hagars' Long Hickorye" 50 acresrecorded 7 Dec 1759 in Liber B.C. and # 13 folio 481, one of the secondbooks of that office.
Also--Maryland Land Office, in Frederick Co. "Hagers Long Hickory" 50acres Surveyed for Peter Bragunier, the 13th February 1760 and patentedto him the 13 February 1760. (above documentation copied from theabove book) EA.

Probably Naturalized- Sep 1765 in court in Washington Co. MD- recordspelled Peter Peckor.

Revolutionary War
Patriot's Oath of Fidelity and Support, March Court 1778 Washington Co.,MD lists persons who took the oath before different magistrates mentionedand returned to Washingto County Court, the list included:
p. 17 The Worshipfull John Stull's Returns
# 14 Bungarnor, Jacob (possible brother to Peter Sr.)

p. 20 The Worshipfull Henry Schnebely's Returns
# 251 Brackaunier, Peter (sr)

Peter is listed in the "Patriotís Oath of Fidelity & Support" in theMarch court of 1778. In that list of those who took the oath was PeterBrackaunier #251 from the Worshipful Henry Schnebelyís returns! Peterwould have been 50 years old in 1778!

(the above Oaths taken from Robinson's Bragunier Book) and from David C.Procuniar's Internet Web Page 10 Jan 2000.

Joanne H. Harvey, 2420 Newport Dr., Lansing, MI 48906 published Procunierpart of above book. Also corresponded with EA. 1987

other spellings include Prakunie, Prakunier, Prockunier,& several with"B"---ORIGINAL FRENCH spelling was Procunier... French Huguenots

Early Census Records

1776 Elizabeth Hundred, Frederick Co., Maryland lists Peter's family andspells his name Peter Prakunier. 1776 census MD- Peter sr. 49 and lists4 girls.

1790 -- In the first Census of the United States there is only oneBragonier recorded as Head of a Family. A George Bragonier [probably thebrother of Johan Nichol Peckoner SR] is recorded with a family of fourmales 16 years old or older and 3 females.

Brumbaugh in Maryland Records Colonial Rev County Church 1928 Vol. IIpage 523, gives the record of George Bragonier marrying Margaret Otto inJanuary 27 1795 in the German Reform Church at Elizabethtown, Maryland.
An Act of Legislature in January 26 1814 changed the name of ElizabethTown to Hagerstown.

1800 Maryland Census lists three (3) Jacob Bragooniers, two (2) GeorgeBragooniers and one Peter Bragoonier, all living in Washington County,Maryland.

1804 - Wills of Washington Co., Maryland is listed a Peter Brockunier,probably the same Peter Bragoonier in the 1800 census.

Original Will of Peter BROCKUNIER - 17 Feb 1804, Probate 18 Nov 1804,Washington (Frederick up to 1776) co. MD - age at death = 76 years, 11months, 18 days.
Bur: Hager's Long Hickory Plantation.
Wife, Margaret, must have died before 1804-not mentioned in Will - she &girls not listed on Ship
Passenger list, girls are listed in Elizabeth Hundred 1776.

I found all BROCKUNIERs in Maryland Records 1700-1799 in Washington Co.I didn't copy. My mistake.

1820 Maryland Census lists a Daniel Braggoonier, Jacob Braggoonier,Samuel Braggoonier and a Henry Bragonyer.

8. Lafanna Susanna Prakunier PROCUNIER

15 in 1776 census
mrg in Brumbaugh's MD Records of Colonial Rev. Church pg 529 Vol 2 & pg245 Vol 1.


Mrd Luthern Church by Rev Jacob Weimer-MD Records of Colonial Rev. Churchby
Brumbaugh pg 529-pub 1915 vol 2. Vol 1-pg 245

9. Elizabeth Prakunier PROCUNIER

Also called Pragunier. 13 in 1776 census pg 245 Vol 1.

12. Barbara Prakunier PROCUNIER

6 in 1776 census

13. Henry Brockunier PROCUNIER

went to Canada with Peter Jr. but came back?

14. Jacob Brackonier PROCUNIER

Hagerstown must have become Elizabethtown by 1842 where he was buried.Records in German Reformed Church, married by Rev. J. Rawhouser

Elizabeth HEDRICK

Mrg #2