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Third Generation

3. James POINTER (George , George ) was born on 15 Nov 1815 in Missouri. He died on 27 Dec 1898 in Missouri.

James married Nancy BRANSON, daughter of Thomas G. BRANSON and Susan Alma (or Susanna, Anna) MCGOWAN, on 10 Jan 1836 in Gasconade Co., Mo. Nancy was born on 20 Feb 1816 in White Co, Tn. She died on 3 Mar 1904 in Osage Co, Mo.

They had the following children:

  9 M i George W. POINTER was born about 1841.
        George married Margaret LAMB. Margaret was born on 22 Oct 1842 in Tennessee.
+ 10 M ii Thomas POINTER
  11 M iii James A. POINTER was born about 1845.
+ 12 M iv Charles Roark POINTER
  13 F v Sarah M. POINTER was born about 1849 in Mo.
  14 F vi Sallie POINTER was born about 1848 in Osage, Mo.
  15 F vii Mary POINTER was born about 1853 in Missouri.
  16 F viii Martha POINTER was born about 1856 in Missouri.
  17 F ix Melissa J. POINTER was born about 1859 in Missouri.
  18 M x Steven B. POINTER was born about 1861 in Missouri.

4. Elizabeth POINTER (George , George ) was born in 1791 in Ky. She died in 1854 in Osage Co., Mo.

Elizabeth married (1) James Monroe JETT, son of Joseph JETT and Phoebe CRISMON (CHRISMAN). James was born about 1802 in Kentucky. He died about 1855 in Osage Co., Mo.

They had the following children:

+ 19 M i William JETT
+ 20 M ii Stephen S. JETT
+ 21 F iii Joanna JETT
+ 22 F iv Sarah Elizabeth JETT
  23 M v John Mott JETT was born in 1828 in Missouri.
  24 F vi July Ann JETT was born in 1829.
  25 M vii James JETT was born on 28 Mar 1830 in Missouri.
  26 M viii Newton JETT was born in 1830 in Missouri.
  27 M ix Jasper Lane JETT was born on 23 Mar 1832/1834 in Missouri.
  28 M x George Washington JETT was born in 1840 in Missouri.
  29 F xi Mahala Jane JETT was born on 23 Apr 1841 in Cooper Hill, Osage Co., Mo.
  30 M xii Francis Marion JETT was born in 1844 in Missouri.

Elizabeth also married (2) William OWENS about 1807 in Ky. William was born in 1790 in Ky. He died in 1843 in Osage Co., Mo.

They had the following children:

+ 31 M xiii Thomas OWENS
  32 M xiv Samuel OWENS was born about 1807.
  33 M xv Meekey OWENS was born in 1809 in Ky.
  34 M xvi Thomas OWENS was born in 1810 in Missouri.
  35 F xvii Mary OWENS was born about 1812 in Missouri.
  36 M xviii William OWENS was born about 1817.
  37 M xix John OWENS was born in 1825 in Missouri.
  38 M xx Elijah OWENS was born in 1828 in Gasconade Co., Missouri.
  39 F xxi Elizabeth Ruth OWENS was born on 5 Jun 1833 in Gasconade Co., Missouri.

7. Thomas POINTER (George , George ) was born in 1818 in Franklin Co, Mo.

Thomas married Nancy GILMORE. Nancy was born about 1819 in Tn.

They had the following children:

  40 F i Martha POINTER was born about 1838 in Mo.
+ 41 M ii William David POINTER
+ 42 F iii Johannah POINTER
  43 F iv Ora Elizabeth POINTER was born on 25 Sep 1844 in Mo.
+ 44 M v James Calvin POINTER
  45 M vi Edwin S. POINTER was born about 1852 in Mo.
  46 F vii Mary Anna POINTER was born on 28 May 1854 in Mo.
  47 M viii George W. POINTER was born on 6 Aug 1856 in Osage, Mo.
  48 M ix John Andrew POINTER was born on 17 Nov 1858 in Osage, Mo. He died on 14 Apr 1934 in Baxter Co, Arkansas.

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