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118. Olive Louise FOWLER

OLIVE DUNNING 22 Oct 1875 Aug 1974 94127 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (none specified) 572-86-3529 California

123. Hazel Anna FOWLER

HAZEL HADDOCK 11 Feb 1891 Jun 1974 83352 (Shoshone, Lincoln, ID) (none specified) 518-36-6501 Idaho

93. Jonathan Adam PITMAN

Info from Larry Clark. He is talking about Edit Pitman here. Her
parents plus two other brothers, a sister, and a pregnant sister-in-law
were killed in a car train accident in Darke County on June 6, 1924
I received the following email:
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 03:29:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Deborah Barga
Subject: Pittman article
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First article:
Driver Fails to Heed Warning of Engine's Approach
Dawn in Darke County is Scene
Victims Die Almost Instantly -- Auto Torn to Bits
Greenville, June 7 (1924) -- Adam Pitman, 60, Phoebe
Pitman, 54, Aldes Pitman, 25, Hazel Foutz Pitman, 20,
Effie Pitman, 9, Edwin Pitman, 7, all of one family
were instantly killed last Friday afternoon (06 Jun
1924) at the village of Dawn, when the automobile in
which they were riding was hit by a fast New York and
St. Louis Train, on the Big Four crossing in that
The tragedy occurred when Pitman drove the machine
on the track in front of the oncoming train, which was
late and was running at a high rate of speed. Efforts
of bystanders to prevent the driver of the auto from
driving onto the track were useless, and their machine
stopped squarely in front of the train an instant
before it was hit.
The car was torn to bits, and the bodies of the
victims strewn along the track for 500 feet. They
were mangled and the heads of each had the appearance
of being burned.
The bodies were gathered up and laid side by side
on the lawn of the store at Dawn. It was an hour
before any one was found who could identify the
victims. Later the elder man, about 60 years old, was
identified as Adam Pitman, who formerly lived at
Yorkshire, where he worked on a section. The family
later moved to a farm north of Bradford. The
supposition is that they were on their way home from a
fishing trip to the reservoir.
Hundreds of people were at the scene soon after the
wreck. Sheriff Browne and Coroner Burns were soon at
the scene of the wreck and started an investigation.
W.A. Hartman and Qunicy Yount, who were standing
near the crossing, tried to stop the machine from
driving on the track. Either the driver did not see
the danger or endeavored to stope when it was too
late, he stated.
The train ran a quarter of a mile before it could
be stopped. It was backed to the scene of the
accident and remained there for half an hour. The
train was in charge of Conductor John O'Connor and
L.S. Mullen, engineer.
A baby of Mr. and Mrs. Aldes Pitman had been left
with relatives in Bradford and was the only survivor
of the family.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Foutz of Bradford, parents of
Mrs. Aldes Pitman, came to Greenville at once and are
making funeral arrangements.
Hazel Foutz Pitman is survived by her parents, the
little baby (Glenn), six brothers and sisters, one of
whom is Harry Foutz of the Greenville Gravel Co.
All of the victims of the accident were life
residents of Darke county, the older people having
resided in the vicinity of Yorkshire until several
years ago. Mrs. Hazel Foutz Pitman was born in
Bradford and lived there all her life.
Above are shown victims of the train crossing crash
at Dawn, Darke county, in which six members of one
family were killed and the scene of the crash.
In the upper photo is shown the wreckage of the
machine, while in the lower photo is shown victims of
the crash.
Reading from left to right they are: Glenn Pitman,
small son of Mr. and Mrs. Aldes Pitman, who was left
at the family home in Bradford and who is the only
surviving member of the young Pitman's immediate
family; Mr. and Mrs. Adam Pitman, Aldes Pitman, their
son, and Effie Pitman, daughter of the former.
Second article:
Victims in a railroad crossing crash at Dawn, Ohio,
yesterday (06 Jun 1924), and one child of

136. Clara Louise PITMAN

SSDI: CLARA SHANER 15 Apr 1895 Feb 1976 19512 (Boyertown, Berks, PA) (none specified) 163-50-4465 Pennsylvania

138. Berneda Edith Ellen PITMAN

[Brøderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 4, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Social Security Death Index, Surnames from A through L, Date
of Import: Mar 19, 1997, Internal Ref. #]
Individual: Clark, Edith
Birth date: Jun 12, 1904
Death date: Feb 14, 1991
Social Security #: 309-70-4129
State of issue: IN
Listed on the 1920 ohio census as Berneda E. Pitman.
Her name could be Berneda Edith (Ellen) Pitman.