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2. William PHILLIPS

BIRTH: Indiana-- s/o James. NOT proven in 1995.
EA has two different birth dates for William md Sarah Jane Freel. 1836& 1843, maybe both from Sue Rogers. (no name on sheets received & mixedup now)
Check with Sue. EA used to get info from Robert Freel, Des Moines, IA.His wife died & I've lost contact with him.
Mrg record from Warren co. IA. Robert Freel has.
William's middle name Thaddeus?

Sarah Jane FREEL

CENSUS: 1880 Roll # 0671, Sup_ Dist #7, Enum Dist #34, Benton, Andrewco. MO
Mother, Sarah age 37 listed as head of house;
James as oldest son & a Farmer, but Maimed, crippled & disabled; also
Josephine, Margaret, Magnolia & 4 yr old Andrew. Josephine has a Livercomplaint.

ESTATE:Petition for Letter of Administration, Weston co.WY
by Henry Smith, a brother-in-law to Sarah. She died 21 May, 1919.Value of estate=about 17 head of horses, of about the value of $20 perhead. Heirs are James Phillips,aged 55, Weston co. WY; A.J. Phillips,aged about 45, Lodge Grass, MT; Laura Dowell, daughter aged 40, DesMoines, IA.

Buried Greenwood cemetery, Newcastle, WY
EA can take picture of tombstone.


source of info-- Sue Rider, I think, she probably got this from RobertFreel?

6. Josephine PHILLIPS

Family history says she married (great-uncle?) Wilder B. Freel, moved toRegina
CN in 1919 and had ten children.

1880 Benton Andrew co. MO census says born in Nebraska.

Wilder B. FREEL

He is son of J.P,s/o J.B who was Josephine's Grandfather.

7. Margaret PHILLIPS

1880 Benton, Andrew co. MO census says born in Nebraska

9. Laura Magnolia PHILLIPS

Birth: EA putting date as 1879 because she was living in Des Moines in1919
in Mother's Will as age 40. (1996) in re-reading Sue Roger's lastletter, I changed the date and added the middle name of Magnolia and"born in Hartford". Sue has death certificates for Laura and Sylvester.See if she will share.
Last name should be Dowell, I don't know where I came up with the Mc. (EA)