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Fourth Generation

14. Reverend John OWSLEY (John OWSLEY , William OWSLEY , John ) was born in Dec 1630 in of Glooston, Leicestershire, England. He died on 25 Dec 1687 in Glooston, Leicestershire, England.

John married Dorothea POYNTZ, daughter of Newdigate POYNTZ Esq. and Sarah FOXLEY, about 1650 in England. Dorothea was born on 30 Jan 1630/1631 in Benfield, Northamptonshire, England. She died on 2 Aug 1705 in Glooston, Leicestershire, England.

They had the following children:

+ 19 M i Thomas OWSLEY
  20 F ii Sarah OWSLEY was born on 8 Mar 1650/1651 in Whittlebury, England.
  21 M iii John OWSLEY was born on 6 Mar 1653/1654 in Stogursey, Somersetshire, England.
  22 M iv William OWSLEY was born on 11 Jun 1658 in Stogursey, Somersetshire, England.
  23 M v Newdigate OWSLEY was born in 1660 in Benfield, Northamptonshire, England.
  24 F vi Edith OWSLEY was born on 14 Dec 1662 in Glooston, Leicestershire, England.
  25 M vii Henry OWSLEY was born about 1664.
  26 M viii Frances OWSLEY was born about 1666.
  27 M ix Poyntz OWSLEY was born on 11 Apr 1667 in Glooston, Leicestershire, England.
  28 M x Charles OWSLEY was born on 3 Sep 1669 in Glooston, Leicestershire, England.
  29 F xi Mary OWSLEY was born on 1 Nov 1671 in Glooston, Leicestershire, England.
  30 F xii Dorothea OWSLEY was born on 23 Dec 1673 in Glooston, Leicestershire, England.

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