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Third Generation

11. Richard NORTHCUTT (John , Thomas ) was born in 1737 in Prince William Co., Va. He died on 1 Oct 1781 in Little Rock, Va.


Richard married (1) Sally FLORENCE. Sally was born about 1734 in Virginia.

They had the following children:

  18 M i Benjamin NORTHCUTT was born in 1764 in Virginia.
  19 M ii John NORTHCUTT was born in 1766 in Stafford, Va.
  20 M iii William B. NORTHCUTT was born on 15 Sep 1773 in Stafford, Va.
  21 M iv George NORTHCUTT was born about 1775 in Virginia.
  22 M v Richard NORTHCUTT was born in 1776 in Prince William Co., Va.
  23 M vi Jeremiah NORTHCUTT was born on 24 May 1777 in Virginia.
  24 M vii Madiah NORTHCUTT was born about 1778.

Richard also married (2) Frances.

They had the following children:

+ 25 M viii Alexander Simpson NORTHCUTT
  26 F ix Elizabeth NORTHCUTT was born about 1779 in Va.
  27 M x Elijah NORTHCUTT was born about 1778 in Va.
  28 M xi Robert NORTHCUTT was born about 1780 in Va.

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