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Descendants of Nicholas DEVORE

Second Generation

2. Nicholas DEVORE (Nicholas ) was born on 27 Feb 1732 in France or Germany. He died in 1829 in Union Twp, Brown Co OH.

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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 15:34:41 -0500
From: J & S Mills <>
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Subject: [OhBrown] debtors to Nicholas Devore estate c 1829

Nicholas Devore died early in 1829 in Union Twp, Brown Co OH. His probate
began about 20 April 1829, when his widow Sarah (who would die before his
estate was settled), relinquished her administration.

For those looking for ancestors in Brown Co OH c 1829 and a few years
before, the list of people who owed Nicholas money might be helpful. Many
of these individuals are not related to Nicholas Devore in any way that I
know about. One involves a court case against his relative Abner Devore
that would bear more research. Two debts were called "desperate" by the
estate administrators, David Devore and Jonas Mann. These were made out to
Thomas Hull and Jas Kerchivill. Others were listed along with the interest
they currently bore.

Because only two were listed as uncollectable, it appears these other
individuals were in Brown Co OH c 1829.

An account of notes and moneys on hand on 10 July 1829 bt David Devore and
Jonas Mann:
The following debtors owed varying amounts of money to Nicholas Devore,
from$10 to 80.50. They included William Glase, Peter Bishop, Basel Glaze,
Jacob Jolly, David Hanstabl(?), John Sreave, William McKinny, Joseph Jones,
Sam Fitch, Samuel Pickeral(?), John Shreve, Stout Drake, Enoch Drake,
Samuel Glase, William Fisher, George Crossley, John Lafaber, James Morrow,
John Glase, Benjamin Devore, Dunnies(?) Pickerl, John Sreave, Basel
McKelfrish(?), Michael Zellers, James Alexander, John Mann, Ben Devore,
Thomas Hull, Jas Kerchivill, and "on a judgment on James Moores Docket
against Abner Devore."

Of these, Jacob Jolly was likely related to Elizabeth Jolly, who married
Nicholas's grandson or step-grandson, Nicholas Sherry, a son of Daniel
Sherry and Nancy Devore;
the Drakes were likely related to Samuel Drake, who married
Nicholas's great granddaughter, Mary Miller, a daughter of James Miller
and Sarah Sherry;
Benjamin Devore may have been his son Benjamin;
Abner Devore may have been his son Abner;
John Mann was married to Abigail Devore.

Nicholas Devore has been said to be a weaver of coverlets. His estate
contained a number of coverlets but no looms or large quantities of
yarn. He appears to have been almost 100 years of age at his death, if I
have the correct birth information of 1731-32 France or Germany.

Sharon Mills

1810 census - Mason, Mason, Kentucky
Nicholas Devore (00001-00001) age 45+ <before 1765>
NEXT DOOR: Abner Devore (00100-30100) - son of Nicholas?

1820 census
N Devore Shakers,Warren,OH 1820 (Nicholas?) (102676-00157)

ID: I535 Name: Nicholas Devore Sex: M Birth: 27 FEB 1732 in France/Germany Death: bet 1828/1829 in Brown Co, Ohio Burial: Red Oak, Brown Co, Ohio Change Date: 17 OCT 1999

Nicholas married Sarah DECKER on 5 Mar 1751 in Sussex, NJ or MD. Sarah was born in 1734 in Of, Cross Creek Twp., Washington, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Sarah Decker: helped to form town of Deckerville, New Jersey

Nicholas and Sarah had the following children:

+ 7 M i Jeremiah ? DEVORE
+ 8 M ii John ? DEVORE
+ 9 M iii Michael or Michia? DEVORE
+ 10 M iv Abner DEVORE
  11 F v Naomi DEVORE was born in 1765.
  12 F vi Susannah DEVORE was born in 1767.
  13 F vii Elizabeth DEVORE was born in 1768.
  14 F viii Nancy DEVORE was born in 1772 in Of, Cross Creek Twp., Washington, Pennsylvania.
+ 15 M ix David DEVORE
  16 M x Nicholas DEVORE was born in 1775 in Cross Creek Twp, Washington Co, Pennsylvania .
  17 M xi Abner DEVORE was born in 1777 in Cross Creek Twp, Washington Co, Pennsylvania .
  18 M xii Benjamin DEVORE was born in 1780 in Cross Creek Twp, Washington Co, Pennsylvania .

1810 Census - Mason, Mason, Kentucky
Benjamin Devore (22001-00211) - 45+

1820 census
Jerimiah Devor Augusta,Bracken,KY 1820 (010001-10010) age 45+ Page 16
NEXT DOOR: Wm Devore Augusta,Bracken,KY 1820 (100010-02001) age 26-45
2 DOORS AWAY: Henry Devore Augusta,Bracken,KY 1820 (100100-10100) age 16-18 <1802-1804>
John Fowler Pleasant,Brown,OH 1820 (100010-311??) MALE AGE 26-45 - pg 367
Benjamin Devore Pleasant,Brown,OH 1820 (310010-220??) male age 26-45
John Fowler Eagle, Brown, OH (221101-00001) 45+
Claris Fowler Lewis,Brown,OH 1820
Abner Devon Byrd,Brown,OH 1820
David Devore Byrd,Brown,OH 1820
        Benjamin married Nancy FITZGERALD? on 16 Nov 1805 in Mason Co, Kentucky.
+ 19 F xiii Abigail DEVORE
  20 F xiv Sarah DEVORE was born in 1785 in Cross Creek Twp, Washington Co, Pennsylvania .
+ 21 F xv Rebecca Decker DEVORE
  22 M xvi William DEVORE.

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