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Descendants of James MOORE

First Generation

CAUTION:  Some of the information in this GEDCOM file was obtained from census records and has not been verified.  Please verify it before re-publishing or include a caution message with the published material.  If a question mark (?) is shown next to a first name, this means the individual's parentage is questionable.  Thank you.  Disclaimer

1. James MOORE was born about 1725 in Prince Edward or Amelia County, Va. He died in Prob Tennessee.

Moore, James
State: VA
County: Halifax Co.
Page #: 24
Census/Enumeration year: 1782
Age ranges in household: 06-00

James Moore May 18, 1759 Spotsylvania Co., VA Grantor
James Moore May 2, 1758 Spotsylvania Co., VA Grantee

SAMUEL MOORE TN Grainger County No Township Listed 1799
ABNER MOORE TN Grainger County No Township Listed 1799
JAMES MOORE TN Grainger County No Township Listed 1799
ROBERT MOORE TN Grainger County No Township Listed 1799
JAMES MOORE TN Grainger County No Township Listed 1799
RICE MOORE TN Grainger County No Township Listed 1810

Grainger County was the second county created by the first Legislature on April 22, 1796. It was named in honor of Mrs. William Blount, whose maiden name was Mary Grainger. It was formed from Hawkins and Knox counties. The county seat is Rutledge, named for George Rutledge, a prominent pioneer. Some of the pioneers were Col. James Ore, the Senters, Crabtrees, Hendersons, Taylors, Johnsons, Bassetts, Lebons, Lowes, Jarnagins, and Tates. Settlement began about 1784.

The county seat was not located until 1801 when the courthouse was erected. But the county court was organized on June 13, 1796 (less than two months after the county was created), at the house of Benjamin McCarty, with the following named magistrates appointed by Governor Sevier: Thomas Henderson, Elijah Chisum, James Blair, John Estes, Phelps Read, Benjamin McCarty, James Moore, John Bowen, John Kidwell, John Sims, William Thompson, and Major Lea.

Statistics of Grainger County: Population, 1920, 13,369. Assessed valuation of taxable property, 1921, $5,980,954. Area, 300 sq. mi. Number of farms, 2,257. Railway mileage, 47. Drained by Clinch and Holston rivers, has a high ridge surface called Clinch Mountain. County is well timbered; soil in valleys very fertile. Corn, oats, wheat, grass and live stock are the staple products. Fine iron ore deposits are found in the county. County has ample railway mileage. Tate Spring and other noted mineral springs are in this county. Rutledge, the county seat, is near the base of Clinch Mountain, about 33 miles northeast of Knoxville, and has a population of about 600, two banks, schools, churches, weekly newspaper, and flourishing business establishments.

James married Mary RICE daughter of Joseph ? RICE in Prince Edward, Virginia. Mary was born about 1735.

Qualified Voters Halifax County, Virginia, 1804, 1808, 1812
EASLEY: Daniel (1804,1808), Drury (1808, 1812), Isaac (1804), John (1812), Robert (1804, 1808), Samuel (1804), Theoderick (1804) and Thomas C. (1808)
ESTES: Moses (1804), Samuel (1808) and Moses Sr. (1808)
MOORE: William (1804, 1808, 1812), John (1804), Anderson (1808), Daniel (1804, 1808), Francis (1808, 1812)
RICE: Matthew (1804), William (1808), Zachariah (1812)

James and Mary had the following children:

+ 2 M i William (Rev.) MOORE
+ 3 F ii Sarah "Sally" MOORE
+ 4 M iii Rice (Rev.) MOORE
+ 5 M iv Mackness MOORE
  6 F v Mary MOORE.
        Mary married Richard THOMPSON. Richard was born in 1795.
  7 M vi James MOORE.

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