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27. James Allen MCQUEARY

Residence: 1873 Walker and "Polk" brought their families to Colorado
Note: Few people knew that he had any other name than "Polk", a pet name received at the age of three when his father, William, would stand him on a stump, back in Kentucky and urge him to hurrah for James K. Polk, Democratic candidate for president of the US. Growing to maturity, Polk was shorter in height than his other brothers. Just before entering the Union Army during the Civil War between the States, he married Margaret Seybert of Johnson County, Missouri. She was sister to Walker's wife. Walker and Polk brought their familes to Colrado in the spring of 1873, and found work with their teams at a sawmill on Beaver Brook, west of Denver. Polk moved to Middle Park in the spring of 1875, and settled his family in a dugout abandoned by the crew that built the first bridge over the Grand River (later named the Colorado in 1922). They lived there while he built a cabin on a homestead at Windy Gap six miles east of the spring.

Children of James Allen McQueary and Margaret Seybert:
William MCQUEARY b: 1861 in Johnson County, Missouri
Josephine Elizabeth MCQUEARY b: 1862 in Johnson County, Missouri
Grant MCQUEARY b: 1872 in Johnson County, Missouri
Etta MCQUEARY b: 6 AUG 1876 in Windy Gap, Colorado
Edward R. MCQUEARY b: 6 AUG 1876 in Windy Gap, Colorado
Maud MCQUEARY b: 1885 in Colorado
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