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Third Generation

3. William MCQUEARY Sr. (John , John ) was born on 9 Feb 1765 in Lynchburg, Va. He died on 25 Apr 1832 in Pulaksi Co., Ky.

William married Nancy Ann SHEPHERD, daughter of Robert SHEPHERD and Sarah RASH, on 11 Feb 1787 in Wilkes Co., Nc. Nancy was born on 8 Mar 1770 in Pulaksi Co., Ky. She died on 12 Jun 1835 in Pulaksi Co., Ky.

They had the following children:

+ 8 M i William MCQUEARY
  9 F ii Mary MCQUEARY was born on 14 Dec 1787 in Wilkes Co., NC.
  10 F iii Edie MCQUEARY was born in 1788.
+ 11 M iv John MCQUEARY
  12 M v Allen MCQUEARY was born on 10 May 1796 in Wilkes Co., NC.
        Allen married Sally GRIFFIN.
  13 M vi Pleasant MCQUEARY was born on 27 Mar 1798 in Wilkes Co., NC. He died in Nov 1848 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky.
        Pleasant married Margaret SMITH on 4 May 1830 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky.
  14 M vii Jesse MCQUEARY was born on 20 May 1800 in Wilkes Co., NC.
  15 F viii Sarah MCQUEARY was born on 24 Aug 1802 in Wilkes Co., NC.
        Sarah married Alvan PASCEL on 28 Mar 1826 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky.
  16 F ix Rebeccah MCQUEARY was born on 6 May 1804 in Wilkes Co., NC.
        Rebeccah married Walter BARRON on 28 Feb 1831 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky.
  17 F x Nancy MCQUEARY was born on 12 Dec 1807 in Wilkes Co., NC.
        Nancy married Thomas CROW on 30 Dec 1827 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky.
  18 M xi Humphrey MCQUEARY was born on 27 Apr 1810 in Pulaski Co., KY.
        Humphrey married Catherine BUSTER on 12 Feb 1839 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky. Catherine died on 2 Jun 1898 in Macon Co., Miss.
  19 F xii Elizabeth MCQUEARY
  20 F xiii Polly MCQUEARY was born in Dec 1789 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina.
        Polly married William CASH.

6. John MCQUEARY (John , John ) was born in Nov 1754 in Lynchburg, VA. He died bet 1797-1800 in Wilkes Co., North Carolina.

John married Sarah WINFIELD.

They had the following children:

  21 M i Absolom MCQUEARY was born in 1772.
  22 F ii Mary MCQUEARY was born in 1775 in Virginia.
  23 M iii Andrew MCQUEARY was born in 1777 in Virginia.

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