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Fourth Generation

11. Mary MATLACK (William , George , John ) was born on 2 May 1688 in Burlington, Nj.

Mary married (1) Jonathan HAINES.

They had the following children:

+ 17 M i Jonathan HAINES

Mary also married (2) Daniel MORGAN.

12. William MATLACK Jr. (William , George , John ) was born on 12 Apr 1690 in Burlington, Nj. He died on 25 Sep 1730 in Burlington, Nj.

William married Ann ANTRIM.

They had the following children:

  18 M i William MATLACK
  19 F ii Rebecca MATLACK
  20 M iii Jeremiah MATLACK
  21 F iv Rachel MATLACK
  22 F v Leah MATLACK
  23 F vi Ann MATLACK
  24 M vii James MATLACK
  25 F viii Mary MATLACK

16. Sarah MATLACK (William , George , John ) was born in 1704 in Penisauken, Nj. She died in 1774 in Burlington, Nj.


Sarah married Carlile HAINES, son of Richard HAINES and Mary CARLYLE, on 11 Dec 1721 in Nj. Carlile was born in 1700 in Burlington Co., Nj.

They had the following children:

+ 26 F i Rachel HAINES
  27 F ii Ruth HAINES
  28 M iii Solomon HAINES
  29 M iv Levi HAINES
  30 F v Mary HAINES
  31 F vi Sarah HAINES
  32 M vii Achsah HAINES
  33 M viii John HAINES
  34 F ix Esther HAINES
  35 M x Levi HAINES
  36 F xi Rachel HAINES
  37 M xii Ezekiel HAINES
  38 F xiii Jane HAINES
  39 F xiv Rebecca HAINES
  40 F xv Elizabeth HAINES

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