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Third Generation

3. William MATLACK Sr. (George , John ) was born on 8 Jun 1648/1650 in Nottinghamshire, England. He died on 10 Dec 1720 in Burlington, Nj.


William married Mary HANCOCK, daughter of John B. HANCOCK and Anne, on 14 Nov 1682 in Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham, England. Mary was born on 29 Mar 1668 in Brayles, Warwickshire, England. She died on 20 Nov 1728 in Burlington, Nj.

They had the following children:

  8 M i Richard MATLACK was born in 1694 in Burlington, Nj. He died in 1778 in Glouchester Co., Nj.
        Richard married Rebecca HAINES.
  9 M ii John MATLACK was born in 1683 in Burlington, Nj.
        John married Hannah HORNER.
  10 M iii George MATLACK was born about 1685. He died in Dec 1739.
        George married Mary FOSTER.
+ 11 F iv Mary MATLACK
+ 12 M v William MATLACK Jr.
  13 F vi Jane MATLACK was born about 1692 in Burlington, Nj. She died in Chester Co., Pa.
        Jane married George IRWIN.
  14 M vii Joseph MATLACK was born in 1693 in Burlington, Nj. He died in Nov 1771.
        Joseph married Rebecca HAINES.
  15 M viii Timothy MATLACK was born on 6 Mar 1695 in Burlington, Nj. He died on 18 Jun 1752 in Burlington, Nj.
        Timothy married (1) Martha ROSS.
        Timothy also married (2) Martha BURR.
        Timothy also married (3) Mary HAINES.
+ 16 F ix Sarah MATLACK

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