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William Erskine MARRS


5. Henry M Big Creek MARRS

Henry became a fierce Indian fighter after the death of his mother at their hands. He was involved in many Indian battles and was given the name "Big Creek" by the Indians.

Notes for Henry "Big Creek" Marrs:
Records of Tazewell County Virginia (Book 1p40) dated 6 day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one where he and his wife deeded his brother Christopher Marrs for five pounds. "..... a certain parcel or track of land lying on the north side of clinch river containing53 acres thirty poles being part of a tract of one hundred acres granted to Henry Mars land patent bearing date the second day of May one thousand seven hundred-eighty seven and bounded by followeth toward beginning at a large white oak corner to a track of land patent to William Maxwell thence N 38 W74 poles to a black oak and two beaches N 88 W 92 poles to two blackoaks, a white oak and gum saplings S 7 E 6 poles to a stake. N 85 E 174 poles to the beginning with its appenteances and every part and parcel there of to have & to hold........ "
29 and 230 " Whereas Henry Marrs late of the County of Tazewell in the state of Virginia was in his lifetime siezed in fee simple of and in the following estate in the said County of Tazewell to wit about five hundred and seventy acres of Land lying two miles west of Tazewell Courthouse about one hundred rods lying on the head of Clusters(?Bluestone) in the County for said and about fourteen or fifteen hundred acres ____ Crockett's Cove in the County uence where of the same has decended and passed to his nine childrenwith Widows right of dower, and I Samuel Marrs being one of the children and heirs of said Henry Marrs Be it known to all men by these present that I the Samuel Mars of the County and State aforesaid have made ordained authorized constituted and appointed and in my place and stead put James Wynn of the County and state aforesaid my true and lawful attorney for me and in my name and in my behalf to enter into recover and take possession of my part of theaforesaid land ................"affixed my seal this 24th day of September in the year of Christ 1831.
Samuel Marrs (his mark)"