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William Erskine MARRS

Third Generation

5. Henry M Big Creek MARRS (Samuel , William Erskine ) was born on 6 Jul 1762 in Va. He died in 1830 in Va.


Henry married Elizabeth MAXWELL, daughter of James "Great White Chief" MAXWELL and Jane ROBERTS, in 1785. Elizabeth was born about 1767. She died in 1850 in Va.

They had the following children:

  15 M i Thomas MARRS
  16 F ii Jane MARRS
  17 M iii Robert MARRS
  18 M iv Charlie MARRS
  19 F v Sina MARRS
  20 F vi Polly MARRS
  21 F vii Sarah Ann MARRS was born on 22 Apr 1785 in Tazewell Co., Va. She died about 1860 in Logan Co., Va.
  22 M viii Samuel W. MARRS was born on 9 May 1788 in Va. He died on 7 Dec 1892 in Pike Co., Ky.
+ 23 M ix James MARRS
  24 M x Henry MARRS was born about 1791 in Va.
  25 M xi Maxwell MARRS was born in 1791/1797 in Tazewell Co., Va. He died in 1859 in Tazewell Co., Va.
  26 F xii Rebecca MARRS was born on 23 Mar 1802 in Tazewell Co., Va. She died on 25 Mar 1872 in Harrison Co., Mo.
  27 M xiii William MARRS was born in 1807/1810 in Tazewell Co., Va.

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