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Descendants of John MARGRAVE

Third Generation

5. Felix MARGRAVE (Jesse E. , John ) was born in 1803 in Kentucky. He died in Hardy, Nebraska.

Sidney Margrave own handwriting dated Sept 10, 1942 stated: "My Margrave
Grandfather and Grandmother came from Kentucky about 183?."

Felix Margrave shown as County Treasurer, March 2, 1824, Bond County,

1830 US CENSUS - Bond, Illinois
Felix Margrave
one female under age 30
one male under age 5
one female under age 5

1850 US CENSUS - Putnam Co., ILL
Felix Margrave, age 47, farmer, b. KY
Elizabeth, age 44, b. Ohio
Jesse, age 19, M, b. ILL
Hugh T, age 16, M, b. ILL
Franklin S, age 14, M, b. ILL
Edward C, age 11, M, b. ILL
Harriet C., age 7, F, b. ILL
Sarah J, age 10M, F, b. ILL

1860 Census - Linn Co, Missouri
Felix Margrave, 57, KY
Elizabeth 54 F Ohio (born)
H. T. 25 M Ill.
F. S. 23 M Ill.
Edward C. 21 M Ill.
Harriet 19 F Ill.
Sarah J. 10 F Ill.

1870 Census - Linn Co, Missouri
Phelix Margrave 67 M KY Farmer - Real Estate Value $1,400 -
Personal Property $300
Mary 58 F VA
Victoria Eastwood 17 F MO
Charles Eastwood 16 M MO
Mary Wilson 14 F MO
Harry Wilson 7 M MO

Felix married Elizabeth MOFFETT on 4 Jul 1826 in Bond Co., Illinois. Elizabeth was born in 1806 in Ohio. She died after 1860 in Missouri or Illinois.

They had the following children:

  16 M i Jesse I. MARGRAVE was born in 1831 in Illinois.
  17 M ii Hugh Theron MARGRAVE/S was born in 1834 in Bond Co., Illinois.

1870 Census - Jefferson, Linn, MO
Hugh Margraves, 36, IL
Living with brother Edward
  18 M iii Franklin S. MARGRAVE was born in 1836 in Bond Co., Illinois. He died in 1911 in Oklahoma.

1870 Census - Linn Co, Missouri
Franklin 34 M Ill.
Living with brother Edward
+ 19 M iv Edward Calvin MARGRAVE
  20 F v Harriet C. MARGRAVE was born in 1841 in Illinois.
  21 F vi Sarah Jane MARGRAVE was born on 6 Aug 1849 in Illinois. She died on 26 Dec 1910 in Sweetwater, Roger Mills Co., Oklahoma.
+ 22 M vii David M. MARGRAVE
  23 F viii Mary MARGRAVE was born in 1843 in Illinois.
  24 F ix Salley MARGRAVE was born in 1847.

7. John MARGRAVE (Jesse E. , John ) was born about 1791 in Pendleton District, SC. He died in 1866 in Nebraska.

1820 US CENSUS - Hurricane Fork, Bond, Illinois

1830 US CENSUS - Bond, Illinois
John Margrave
2 males under age 5
1 male age 5-10
1 male age 10-15
1 male age 30-40
2 females under age 5
1 female age 5-10
1 female age 10-15
1 female age 30-40

1850 Census - Keokirk Twp, Lee, Iowa
John Margrave, 65, wagon maker, NC???
Nancy, 55, Ga
Sarah, 30, IL
Elizabeth, 25, IL
Silas, 22, printer, IL
John M, 20, printer, IL

1860 Census - Township 58 Range 18, Linn, Missouri
John Margrave, 69, carpenter, SC
Nancy, 65, GA
John M Margrave, 30, IL
J. W. Margrave, 45, TN?
Elizabeth, 44, OH
Jane, 19, IL
Charles T, 16, IL
William A, 15, IL
Melissa, 12, IL
Susan J, 11, IA
Louisa H, 9, IA
Martha A, 3, Wisconsin

John married Nancy. Nancy was born about 1795 in Georgia.

They had the following children:

+ 25 M i J. W. MARGRAVE
  26 F ii Sarah MARGRAVE was born about 1820 in Illinois.
  27 F iii Eilzabeth MARGRAVE was born about 1825 in Illinois.
  28 M iv Silas MARGRAVE was born about 1828 in Illinois.
  29 M v John M. MARGRAVE was born about 1830 in Illinois.

8. Anthony MARGRAVE (Jesse E. , John ) was born in 1795 in North Carolina. He died in 1852 in Osage Co., MO.

State: MO
County: Osage County
Township: Crawford Township
Year: 1850
Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Page: 442

1850 Census, Crawford Twp, Osage Co., Missouri
Anthony Margrave, age 55, farmer
Rutha, age 44, KY
Sarah, age 24, MO
Rachel, age 20, MO
Benjamin, age 18, MO
Daniel, age 17, MO
Mahala, age 16, MO

Anthony married Rutha SIMPSON, daughter of William SIMPSON and Mary, on 23 Jun 1814 in Caldwell Co., KY. Rutha was born in 1806 in Caldwell Co., Kentucky. She died after 1860.

1860 Census - Jasper, Jasper, Missouri
Alonzo F. Clanton, 32, farmer, MO
Ameline A. Clanton, 18, MO
Benjamin F. Margrave, 27, UNKNOWN, farmer
Ruth Margrave, 65, MO
Joephine Margrave, 10, MO

Anthony and Rutha had the following children:

+ 30 M i Thomas W. MARGRAVE
+ 31 M ii Hon. William MARGRAVE
+ 32 F iii Nancy MARGRAVE
  33 F iv July Ann MARGRAVE was born in 1824 in prob Missouri. She died in May have died shortly after marriage.

Missouri Marriages to 1850:
Coffey, Moses Margraves, July Ann 20 Mar 1844 Missouri
Osage County
        July married Moses COFFET (COFFEY?) on 20 Mar 1844 in Osage Co., MO.
  34 F v Sarah MARGRAVE was born in 1826 in Missouri.
+ 35 F vi Elizabeth Jane MARGRAVE
  36 F vii Rachel MARGRAVE was born in 1830 in Missouri.
  37 M viii Benjamin F. MARGRAVE was born in 1832 in Missouri.

1860 Census - Jasper, Jasper, Missouri
Alonzo F. Clanton, 32, farmer, MO
Ameline A. Clanton, 18, MO
Benjamin F. Margrave, 27, UNKNOWN, farmer
Ruth Margrave, 65, MO
Joephine Margrave, 10, MO
  38 M ix Daniel MARGRAVE was born in 1833 in Missouri.
  39 F x Mahala MARGRAVE was born in 1836 in Missouri.

10. Thomas MARGRAVE (Jesse E. , John ) was born in 1796 in Pendleton District, SC. He died in 1846 in Gallatin Co., Illinois.

1820 US CENSUS - Gallatin, Illinois

1830 US CENSUS - Equality, Gallatin, Illinois
Thomas Margrave
3 males age 5-10
1 male, age 10-15
1 male, age 30-40
1 female under age 5
1 female age 10-15
1 female age 30-40

Thomas married Celia SIMPSON on 19 Mar 1818 in Pendleton Dist, SC. Celia was born in 1790/1800 in Pendleton Dist, SC.

They had the following children:

  40 F i Malissa Jane MARGRAVE
+ 41 M ii John MARGRAVE
  42 M iii Felix MARGRAVE.
        Felix married Emelissa HAFFORD on 21 Oct 1847 in Gallatin Co., Illinois.
  43 M iv William MARGRAVE
+ 44 M v Thomas MARGRAVE
  45 F vi Eliza MARGRAVE
  46 M vii Edmond MARGRAVE
  47 F viii Clarinda MARGRAVE

11. James Willis MARGRAVE (John , John ) was born about 1815 in Kentucky. He died in Hiawatha, KS.

SOURCE: Kansas State Historical Society
Biographical Information
(NOTE: The birthdates in this article do not correspond with ages shown in US Federal Census Records)

Recorded history concerning the Margrave family dates at least as far back as 1814, with the birth of James Willis Margrave in Kentucky on August 16th. In 1838, he married Elizabeth Hopkins in Putnam County, Illinois. The Margraves had eight children, including William Addison Margrave, born on May 1, 1845, near Peoria, Illinois. The family moved to the far southeastern tip of Nebraska, near Preston. It was in this area, extending into northeastern Kansas, where the Margraves bought extensive tracts of land for cattle ranching.

W. A. Margrave, who was the leading family member in the cattle business, married Margaret Rubeti. Margaret's father was Wah-se-con, a Sac and Fox Indian; her mother, Jean Rubeti, a French Canadian who lived near the Sac and Fox Reservation. After the death of her parents in 1851 (when Margaret was six years old), she and her sisters were raised by the Samuel Irvin family, missionaries to the Iowa and Sac and Fox Indians.

Over time, the Margrave Ranch became one of the largest ranching enterprises in either eastern Nebraska or Kansas. By 1920, the Margrave ranch was incorporated as the W. A. Margrave Company.

William A. and Margaret Margrave had five children: Julia, Margaret Lunette (who died at birth), William Charles, James Thomas, and Earl Irvin, all of whom were members of the Sac and Fox tribe.

After the death of William A. Margrave from a horse and buggy accident in 1906, William Charles Margrave became president of the W. A. Margrave Company. He married Mary Waller, of Padonia, Kansas, in 1897, and had four children: William (who died in 1899), Howard, Julia, and Martha. Mary died in 1908. Two years later, William married Ida E. Pribbeno of Preston, Nebraska. They had three children: Helen, William A. "Skeets," and Warren Robert (who died in 1924).

In addition to his ranching activities, William C. Margrave was an advocate for Indian rights and represented the Sac and Fox on business and government matters. He was also a member of the Indian Rights Association.

A dramatic and tragic event in the history of the Margrave family occurred on November 11, 1933, when Sam Martin entered Margrave property and incited a gun fight. James Margrave (William Charles' brother) was killed, as well as James' two sons, William and Stuart. James' wife, Mary, was wounded, but survived. Martin was subsequently found guilty of murder and served a life sentence in the Nebraska State Prison. Mary and her daughter Margaret, sold their home in Nebraska, moved to the east coast, and never returned.

William C. Margrave died in 1942 of diabetes.

Source: Ancestry World Tree

1850 CENSUS - Keokirk, Lee, Iowa
J. W. Margrave, age 35, b. KY, Physician
Elizabeth, age 34, b. Ohio
Thomas E, age 11, b. Iowa
Jane W, age 9, b. ILL
Charles T, age 7, b. Iowa
William A, age 5, b. ILL
Melissa, age 3, b. Iowa
Susan G, age 1, b. Iowa
Laura Hummer, age 2MO, b. Iowa

James married Elizabeth HOPKINS in Putnam Co., ILL. Elizabeth was born about 1816 in Red Oak, Ohio. She died in Hiawatha, KS.

They had the following children:

+ 48 M i Thomas Ewing MARGRAVE
  49 F ii Jane Wilson MARGRAVE was born about 1841 in Illinois. She died in St. Joseph, MO.
+ 50 M iii Charles Theodore MARGRAVE
+ 51 M iv William Addison MARGRAVE
  52 F v Melissa MARGRAVE was born about 1847 in Iowa.
        Melissa married Deloss A. TISDELL.
  53 F vi Susan Goudy MARGRAVE was born about 1849 in Iowa.
  54 F vii Laura Hummer MARGRAVE was born about 1850 in Iowa.
  55 F viii Martha Ellen MARGRAVE

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