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Fourth Generation

21. Samuel (unverified relationship) LINDSEY (Samuel , Samuel , Jacob ) was born on 1 Dec 1795 in Cumberland Co. Pa. He died on 22 Nov 1883 in Marshall Twp, Taylor, Ia. He was buried in Lexington Cem. Clayton Twp. Taylor Co. Ia.

Lexington Cemetery, is in section 6, Clayton Twp. Taylor Co. IA, It ison the west side of the Highway 49 northeast of Bedford and just north ofthe Lake of Three Fires State Park

This could be Samuel's father's will:
Cumberland County, Pennsylvania Will Testators http://www.sampubco.com/wills/pa/pacumberland01.htm

Taylor Co. IA Burials: Samuel Lindsey, b. 01 Dec. 1795 in PA, died 22Nov. 1883, ae. 88 yrs, Samuel Lindsey, male, white, 87 yrs, farmer, died11 Nov 1883, died Marshall Twp. Taylor Co. Death Records

Samuel Lindsey, b. 01 Dec. 1795, Cumberland co. PA, d. 22 Nov. 1883,Marshall Twp, wed. 1817 to Mrs. Elizabeth Atchson, d. 1864, 1829 to PA,to Delaware Co. OH in 1853, and to Knox Co. IL in 1863 to Taylor Co. IA-obit. Taylor Co. IA - Taylor County Republican Newspaper 06 Dec 1883

1820, p. 048 Frankford Twp. Cumberland Co. PA - Samuel Lindsey (200010-00010)
1830, p. 079, Southampton Twp. Cumberland Co. PA - Samuel Lindsey
Males: 0 2(5-10) 1(10-15) 0 0 0 0 1(50-60) - too old-could be his father
Females: 1 2 0 0 0 1
1840, p. 087, Newton Twp. Cumberland Co. PA - Samuel Lindsey (??)

1840 Census - London, Carroll, OH
Samuel Lindsey - Samuel's grandfather??
Males: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1(70-80)
Females: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1(60-70)
Samuel Lindsey - Union, Caroll, OH - this could be Samuel's father
Males: 0 0 0 1(15-20) 1(20-30) 0 0 0 1(60-70) born bet 1770/1780
Females: 0 0 1 1

02 Aug 1850, N. 33, Town of Delaware, Delaware Co. OH, p. 180,Household #1177/1180
Samuel Lindsey, 54, m, farmer, 1800, PA
Elizabeth Lindsey, 53, f, PA
Samuel N. Lindsey, 16, m. OH, attended school within last year
Martha E. Lindsey, 14, f, OH, attended school within last year
Troy, Delaware Co, OH (this family looks very much like the above family-could be a duplicate record)
Samuel Lindsey, 55, PA
Elizabeth, 50, PA
Nancy, 23, PA
Samuel, 16, PA
Eleanor, 14, PA
Jonathan Baker, 3, PA (must have been adopted by Nancy and R.O. Sterling)
James N. Baker, 1, PA (must have been adopted by Nancy and R.O. Sterling)
Cloice E. Baker, 26, VA (noted on census record: died July 26, 1850)

1860 Census - Platte, Ringgold, Iowa
R. O. Sterling, 38, OH
Nancy E, 30, OH
Jonathan L, 13, OH - same Jonathan as Baker in 1850?
James N, 10, OH - same James as Baker in 1850?
Olive A, 5, IL
Elvira L, 3, IL
Oscar A, 1, IL
James H. Lindsey, 29, OH
Saml Lindsey, 60, carpenter, PA
Elizabeth Lindsey, 60, PA

1870 Samuel resided with his daughter, Martha Ellen (Lindsey) Wright

Census: 1870, Clayton Twp. Taylor Co. IA #64 (note different spelling for Linsdsey)
Simon Wright, 36 m. OH, farmer, Ellen (Lindsey) Wright, 34, f, OH,Mary Wright, 15, f, LL,
Harris Wright, 13, m, ILL, Edith Wright, 11, f, IA, Ethel Wright, 11,f, IA, Frank Wright, 09, m, IA,
Wait Wright, 04, m, LA, Samuel Linsdsey, 74, m. PA

1880 resided with his son, Hugh McKane Lindsey

22 June 1880 Marshall Twp, Taylor Co. IA pg. 66, SD. 03, En. Dist. 216,Household #407
Hugh M Lindsey, 60, m, PA PA PA , Elizabeth J. Lindsey, 50, f,wife, keeping house, PA PA PA
Mary F Lindsey, 23, fe, dau., IL, PA PA, teacher, Dora Lindsey, 18, f,dau. single, IL, PA PA, teacher,
Kitty Lindsey, 16, f, dau., at school, IL, PA PA, Albert Lindsey,13, m,son, at school, IA PA PA,
Leonard Lindsey, 11, m, son, IA PA PA, Samuel Lindsey, 85, m, widower,PA Unk, Unk, (Hugh's father)

Mr. Lindsey's Obituary:
Died on the 22nd of November, 1883, at the residence of his son, H.M.Lindsey, of Marshall Township, Samuel Lindsey, aged 87 years, 11 monthsand 21 days. The deceased was born 01 December , 1795, in CumberlandCounty, PA, was a devoted follower of Christ all his life, was baptizedin his infancy in the Presbyterian Church, were he remained until 1843.Finding it more agreeable to his feelings to be united with the M.E.Church, in Delaware, Ohio. In 1817, he married Mrs. Elizabeth Atcheson,with who he lived until she was removed by death in 1864. In 1829 hemoved from Pennsylvania to Delaware Co. Ohio and in 1853 from Ohio toKnox Co. Ill., and from Illinois to this county in 1863. He children areWilliam E. of Ottumwa, H.M. of Marshall Twp., Jane M., wife of E.B. Allenof Wasco Co. OR., Nancy E., formerly wife of R.O. Sterling, of Bedford,James H., died in Jefferson Barracks, MO., in July 1864, a member of the11th ILL, Calvary, under Col. R.G. Ingersoll; S.M. residing inKnoxville, ILL, M. Ellen, wife of Simeon Wright, of Clayton township.
He had seen many of the important changes in the United States, beingborn under Washington's Administration, voting for James Monroereelection and every succeeding presidential election, always voting theWhit ticket, hence was a Republican from principal. Opposed to allsecret societies deeming them to be derogatory to the Christian religionto which he held with firm tenacity. He repeated the "Lord's Prayerseveral times before he lost his power of speech, which was about fortyeight hours before he expired. His sickness was brief, only being fromMonday until Thursday about 1 o'clock. Thus one less soldier for Christon earth - one more gone to fill up the ranks to Heaven. "We saw not theangels who met him there; The gates of the city we could not see; Overthe river, over the river, Father Lindsey stand waiting to welcome me."
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Newland, taking for thesubject of the discourse the 132th verse of the 14th chapter ofRevelations. A large concourse of relatives and friends follows theremains to their last resting place in the Lexington Cemetery. - R.O.The Taylor Co. Republican, Bedford Taylor Co. IA, Thurs. 06 Dec 1883


War of 1812 Service Records:

Samuel married Mrs. Elisabeth (---) ATCHESON in 1817 in Cumberland Co. Pa ??. Mrs. was born on 20 Jul 1793 in Unk. Co. Pa Res: 1818 Cumberland Co. Pa. She died on 29 Jul 1864 in Marshall Twp, Taylor, Ia. She was buried in Lexington Cem. Clayton Twp. Taylor Co. Ia.

Taylor Co. Iowa Burials: Elisabeth Lindsey, wife of Samuel, born in Pa28 Jul 1793, d, 29 Jul 1864,
Lexington Cem. Clayton Twp. Taylor Co. IA

West Pennsboro, Cumberland, PA 1810
Jacob Atcheson
Males: 2 2 0 1 0
Females: 1 1 0 1 0

Research notes:
Possible relatives -

Samuel and Mrs. had the following children:

+ 31 M i William LINDSEY
+ 32 M ii Hugh McKane LINDSEY
+ 33 F iii Jane M. LINDSEY
+ 34 F iv Nancy E. LINDSEY
  35 M v Samuel N LINDSEY was born in 1834 in Unk. Co. Pa. He died after 1850 in Res: 1850, Town of Delaware, Delaware Co. Ia, Age 16. He was buried in Res; 1883, Knoxville, Knox Co. Il.

no proof part of the family, NS notes

02 Aug 1850, N. 33, Town of Delaware, Delaware Co. OH, p. 180,Household #1177/1180
Samuel Lindsey, 54, m, farmer, 1800, PA Elizabeth Lindsey, 53, f, PA
Samuel N. Lindsey, 16, m. OH, attended school within last
Martha E. Lindsey, 14, f, OH, attended school within last

1880 Census, Knox Twp. ILL
Lindsey, Charles D, Charles R, Clayton,Corinne C,Edward C.,John T.,KellumP,Maggie C,Mandana,MaiyA,,Maiy E,Robert,Samuel,Sarah R.,

Samuel Lindsey, 46, b. Ohio, House Carpenter,
Mandana, 49, wife, keeps house, b Ohio, Father b. Vt, Mother b PA
Clayton, 5, son, at home, b. IA, Father b. OH, Mother b OH
Mary Wright, 61, Mother of wife, widow, broken hip, b. PA, father b. Eng,
mother b. PA
        Samuel married Mandana Wright ???.
+ 36 F vi Martha Ellen LINDSEY
  37 M vii James H LINDSEY died in Jul 1864 in Jefferson Barracks, Mo Civil War.

listed in the obit. of his father, Samuel Lindsey, in the 06 Dec. 1883edition of "The Taylor Co. Republican, Bedford Co. Taylor Co. IA, JamesH., Linsey, died in Jefferson Barracks, MO, a member of the 11th ILL.Calvalry, under Col. Col. R.G. Ingersoll;

23. David A. LINDSEY (Jacob , David , Jacob ) was born about 1748 in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

David married Mary SHAWGESSEY on 19 Sep 1775 in Cumberland Co, PA. Mary was born in 1759/1762 in Scotland.

They had the following children:

  38 M i Alexander LINDSEY.
  39 F ii Eilzabeth LINDSEY.
  40 F iii Priscilla LINDSEY was born in Cumberland Co, PA.
  41 M iv David LINDSEY was born in 1776/1778.
  42 M v James LINDSEY was born on 25 Jun 1778 in Cumberland Co, PA.
  43 F vi Emily LINDSEY was born in 1778/1779.
  44 F vii Mary LINDSEY was born in 1783/1785.
  45 M viii Jacob LINDSEY was born on 23 Sep 1785 in Carlisle, Cumberland Co, PA.
  46 M ix Frederick LINDSEY was born in 1790 in Cumberland Co, PA.
  47 M x Joseph LINDSEY was born in 1800/1801.
  48 M xi Thomas LINDSEY was born about 1803.
  49 M xii Ephraim LINDSEY was born about 1808.
  50 M xiii Unnamed LINDSEY.

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