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Descendants of John LEWIS

Fourth Generation

5. Charles LEWIS (John (Councillor) , John , John ) was born on 13 Oct 1696 in "Chemokins", New Kent County, Virginia. He died about 15 Dec 1779 in "The Byrd", Goochland County, Virginia.

Charles married Mary HOWELL on 28 May 1717 in King & Queen Co., Va. Mary was born about 1700 in Va.

They had the following children:

+ 12 M i John LEWIS
+ 13 M ii Charles LEWIS
  14 F iii Elizabeth LEWIS was born on 23 Apr 1724 in "Chemokins", New Kent County, Virginia. She died in 1799 in Granville Co., NC.
+ 15 M iv James B. LEWIS
  16 F v Mary LEWIS was born in 1729.
  17 M vi Howell LEWIS was born on 13 Sep 1731 in Gooschland Co., VA. He died on 21 Nov 1813 in Granville Co., NC.
        Howell married Mary Isabella WILLIS.
  18 F vii Anne LEWIS was born on 2 Mar 1733 in Virginia.
+ 19 M viii Robert LEWIS
  20 F ix Frances LEWIS was born on 1 Aug 1744.
  21 F x Mary LEWIS was born on 3 Sep 1736.

10. Col. Robert LEWIS (John (Councillor) , John , John ) was born abt 1701 to 1704 in "Warner Hall", Gloucester County, Virginia. He died before Dec 1765 in Virginia.

Robert married (1) Jane MERIWETHER, daughter of Nicholas MERIWETHER, in 1725. Jane was born about 1705 in Virginia. She died before Sep 1757.

They had the following children:

+ 22 M i Robert LEWIS
+ 23 M ii John LEWIS
+ 24 M iii Col. Nicholas LEWIS
+ 25 M iv Charles LEWIS
  26 F v Jane LEWIS was born on 1 Jan 1727/1728 in Hanover Co., Virginia. She died before 1775.
        Jane married John LEWIS, son of Charles of The "Byrd" LEWIS.
  27 F vi Anne LEWIS was born about 1731 in Virginia.
        Anne married John LEWIS, son of Zachary LEWIS.
  28 F vii Mildred LEWIS was born on 1 Sep 1737 in Albemarle Co., VA. She died in 1825.
        Mildred married Major John LEWIS.
  29 F viii Sarah LEWIS was born about 1745 in "Belvoir", Louisa County, Virginia.
        Sarah married Dr. Walter LEWIS.
+ 30 M ix William LEWIS
  31 F x Elizabeth LEWIS was born in 1729 in Hanover Co., Virginia. She died before 1757.
  32 F xi Mary LEWIS was born about 1732 in Virginia. She died in 1813 in Albemarle Co., VA.

Robert also married (2) Elizabeth THORNTON about 1758 in Virginia. Elizabeth was born about 1719 in "Snow Creek", Spotsylvania County, Virginia. She died before Oct 1774 in Albemarle Co., VA.

11. John LEWIS (John (Councillor) , John , John ) was born on 22 Mar 1702 in Virginia. He died on 17 Jan 1754.

John married Frances FIELDING in 1718. Frances was born about 1701 in Virginia. She died on 27 Oct 1731 in Virginia.

They had the following children:

  33 M i Warner LEWIS was born on 10 Oct 1720 in Gloucester Co., VA.
  34 M ii John LEWIS was born about 1723 in Gloucester Co., VA.
+ 35 M iii Fielding LEWIS
+ 36 M iv Charles LEWIS

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