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Descendants of Lemuel MOORE

First Generation

1. Lemuel MOORE was born about 1772 in Virginia. (See New Information-May 22, 2005)

Lemuel married Ann. Ann was born about 1784 in Tennessee.

They had the following children:  (See Narrative on Lemuel Moore)     Other Research Notes

  2 F i Winniford "Winney" MOORE was born about 1804 in Tennessee. (extrapolated from census records - not verified)
        Winniford married William BROUGHTON, son of Woodard or Woodward BROUGHTON and Elizabeth BLUFORD, on 30 Nov 1849 in Laurel Co, KY. William was born in 1803 in North Carolina. He died about 1875 in Rockcastle, KY.
+ 3 F ii Nancy MOORE (extrapolated from census records - not verified)
+ 4 M iii James MOORE (may be a grandson)
+ 5 F iv Mary Margaret MOORE (extrapolated from census records - not verified) She may be a granddaughter.
See Notes

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Notes on Mary Margaret Moore

It is not known whether Mary Margaret Moore was the daughter or granddaughter of Lemuel Moore.  On her death certificate her father is listed as Lem Moore and her mother is listed as Nancy Moore.  Since Lemuel was 63 years older than Mary, it is not known if he was her father or grandfather.  Since the only wife we know about for Lemuel was Ann, it's not known if Ann was Mary's mother, step-mother or grandmother.

* End of Research notes on Mary Margaret Moore *


Research Notes on Lemuel Moore

Possible Connection to John Moore of Knox Co KY


Rev War Patriots in Knox Co KY:
John Moore, Virginia; Thomas Moore, Virginia; Samuel Moore, Virginia;

Moore, John - Henry VA 1790 Tax List

Apparently there was a John Moore in Stinking Creek, Knox Co KY by 1802:
A Knox County road order dated August 2, 1802, reads as follows: "Beginning at the State Road near the house of Thomas Goodin, leaving the house and plantation of the said Goodin on the right hand, thence nearly along the now Trace up Stinking, leaving the house and plantation now occupied by John MOORE on the left hand, still keeping along the present trace, leaving the house and plantation whereon John Baker now lives on the right hand, still continueing nearly along said trace to the head branch of the left hand fork of Stinking Creek to the top of the ridge dividing the waters of Stinking Creek from the waters of Goose Creek."

John Laughlin, William Jones, Samuel Cox, John Thomas, and William Campbell, John Arthur, Robert Craig, John Moore, John Stewart, Thomas Goodin, were all Revolutionary veterans from Virginia.
History of Knox County Kentucky

Samuel Moore Not Stated, Pendleton District, SC 1800 PG 118 (Looks very much like "Lemuel")
Males: 1 0 0 1 0 - age 26-45 - Right age for Lemuel!
Females: 0 0 1 0 0
George M MOORE served in the military in Revolutionary War Soldier.
Children were: James MOORE, Lemuel MOORE , Sally Rebecca MOORE, Joseph MOORE.

Above Sally Rebecca Moore:
Sally Rebecca MOORE was born in Jul 1758. She died on 12 Jul 1824. Parents: George M MOORE and Martha.
She was married to William FLETCHER in 1776 in Granville County, N.C. (???). Children were: William FLETCHER, Mary FLETCHER, John FLETCHER, Joseph FLETCHER, Elizabeth FLETCHER, Martha FLETCHER, George FLETCHER, Lemuel FLETCHER, James FLETCHER, Lorenzo FLETCHER.
GEORGE MOORE VA Halifax County 03 03 1782
GEORGE MOORE VA Halifax County 03 03 1782
GEORGE MOORE VA Halifax County 03 03 1782
Compiled by Sara M. Nash for Lewis A. Wood

Deed Book H, p. 36
2 Jan 1804, 24 May 1804
Mark Moore to Jas. D. Wright for $800.00, 300 A on both sides of Beaverdam Cr. where Lemuel Moore now lives. b. at this time on Joseph & John Cox, JOHN JOWELL, Martin Vaughn, EDMOND LEARWOOD, Wm Turpin, James McDole (250 A orig. gr. to Jas. Ryan, 50 A to EDMOND LEARWOOD.
Wit: Lemuel, Wm Holland, B. H. Saxon J.Q.
Pitt County NC
Index and Abstracts of Deeds
Deed Book Q
264 5/4/1806 Joshua Barnes Joseph Bynum 427 A; $630. Wit: Gideon Bynum, Turner Bynum.

326 6/18/1805 Joshua Barnes Lemuel Moore 185 A; 75. Wit: Ichabod Tison,
Gideon Bynum, Samuel Moore.
Could this be Lemuel's uncle or relative?? (born about 1755)

July 1, 1818 - Rockcastle County, KY

William Moore, 63 years of age, appeared in open court and stated that he had been in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted April 22, 1776 at Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County Virginia under Captain Alexander Dick for 3 years. His company was ordered on board an American armed vessel as marines, and after a short time he was taken prisoner by the Andian of the Kings Ships, a 36 gun and cannon led by Captain Pringle.

Taken to Barbados Island and confined as a prisoner of war for seven months and fifteen days he was put aboard an English merchant vessel for passage to the island of Jamaica. He made his escape and was again captured. He was placed on a prison vessel for five months and some days and again made his escape from the enemy.

He joined Colonel Richard Parker's regiment commanded by Alexander Parker, and went with them to Savannah and remained there during the Siege. He was wounded at Savannah once in the thigh with a sword/bayonet, and in the shoulder by a ball. He then went to Augusta, Georgia where he remained until his unit joined with Colonel Charles Dabney with whom he remained until the taking of Cornwallace at York. He was discharged at Augusta, Georgia, and again at Richmond, Va in May of 1783. William misplaced his discharge and land warrant for 400 acres.

William Smith attested in court that he had known William Moore since 1796, and knew him to be a man of truth and honesty.

James Terrill as clerk of court attested to court proceedings and signature of William Moore and William Smith.

Thomas Montgomery, circuit court judge, attested to signature of James Terrill.

September 29, 1819 - Rockcastle County, KY

Thomas Montgomery, circuit court judge, wrote a letter regarding William Moore and further testimony. William stated that Captain Dick's company was a part of the 1st Virginia Regiment, the vessel he was on was named the "Misquito" whose Captain was John Harris. His second enlistment was under Captain F Bush in the regiment of Col Charles Dabney.

August 27, 1820 - Rockcastle County, KY

William Moore appeared in court before Circuit Court Judge John L Bridges, to again tell of his Revolutionary War experiences. He also listed his assets as being 85 acres of poor land, one horse, about 7 head of cow beasts, and 20 pigs. He has a son James a few months past 20 disabled and not able to work, a son John about 19 and of feeble constitution and very frequently unable to perform manual labor, a son William about 15 years old, a son Marshal about twelve years old healthy and able to perform the labor of boys, Polly about 10 and Elizabeth about 7 both able to perform the labor of little girls. His wife Franky is about 50 years old.

James Terrill, clerk of court, signed a statement that the net worth of William Moore was the sum of $305.00.

November 27, 1821 - Mount Vernon, Ky

William Moore signed a letter to the pension board askin why it was taking so long to receive his pension. He was having to sell property to pay his

attorney. E Smith - James Terrill - William Buford all attested to the signature and plight of William Moore. Williams's property was overvalued, he was having to sell land and cattle, and his age and old wounds made it difficult for him to work.
July 2, 1823

Certificate of pension issued for William Moore.
July 8, 1823 - Rockcastle County, KY
James Terrill signed a statement that William Moore's new net worth is $135.50
1834 - 1835 William tried to prove he had been a Sergeant but it was never approved.
January 27, 1884 - Richmond, Virginia

William Moore's copy of his warrant for pay received the 12th of July 1783 as a Sergeant of Calvary in the amount of pounds 8.19.6
March 31, 1931 - Sparta, Illinois
Mrs. Louella Eaton Wnorowski requested the Rev War record of Lt Beaven and William Moore.
May 18, 1931 - Washington D.C.
Letter reply to Mrs Louella Eaton Wnorowski.
July 15, 1935 - Waynesboro Virginia
Mrs Frances B Gallaher letter requesting Rev War record of William Moore.
August 3, 1935 - Washington D.C.
Letter reply to Mrs. Frances B Gallaher
May 17, 1938 - Columbus, MO
William L Nelson for Mrs. James R Short requesting Rev War record of William Moore.
May 19, 1938 - Washington D.C.
Letter reply for Mrs. James R Short.

* End of Lemuel Moore Research Notes *