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Robert KING


60. Miles William ALLEN

lived in OK most of his adult life. Check Bits & Pieces for story

Received the following from Marilyn (Allen) Krell, PO Box 174, Greenview,CA 96037. Daughter of Leon Miller Allen, s/o Milton Whitelaw Allen, s/oMiles William Allen, s/o William Miles who was the son of ZK.
"A History of Logan County" OK - a good family story on Miles andLucy (Mudge) Allen & family. It lists all the children and places ofresidences.

"History of Kearny County Kansas," vol II, Kearny co Library Lakin,KS has "Marriages When The County Was United With Other Counties" copiedfrom "Ford County, Kansas Marriages, Book A, 19 Feb. 1874 to 21 Dec.1886. Listing the following with the wrong middle name for Miles.

Miles _Willard__ Allen of Lakin, KS aged 23 and Lucy E. Mudge of Lakin,KS., aged 20., applied 24 Feb. 1874. Married 28 Feb. 1874 at Lakin, KS,by S.A. Cronk/Conk, M.G.; George B. Cox, P.J. p1.

63. Harriet Angeline Hattie ALLEN

Husband-George Spencer was a Justice of Peace in Weston co.

64. William Winfield ALLEN

Personal knowledge & fond memories of Elaine's. Great-grandpa was a veryspecial part of my childhood. He was almost blind for several yearsbefore he died, but always recognized our voices & made each one of usfeel very special to him.

I have several newsclippings on him. He lived to a ripe old age of 99years, 10 months, & 7 days! His grandpa ZK had lived 99yrs, 4mos.

My clippings, pictures, certificates, etc. are in my long, dark blue book.

Both he & Great-grandma are buried at the Boyd cemetery, Four Corners,Weston co. WY, almost in sight of their Homestead.


Her parents lived in Little Rock, AR in 1889. Check 1890 census, maybemore Fairbanks. Had to be a reason to go clear down there.

94. Robert William Robby ALLEN

lived most of life in Wyoming State Hospital, don't know why

66. Nancy Jane ALLEN

Married Josiah "CY" Strong 6 Dec 1885

Josiah E. STRONG

Father-died 1874
Mother-Rachel A. Bradley died 1857

80. Gladys Meredith ALLEN

2. GLADYS MEREDITH ALLEN (RHYNE ELDER3, ZEPHANIAH K.2, JOHN1) was bornDecember 29, 1889 in Clinton, Iowa7, and died March 05, 1987 in SedroWooley, Washington. She married PEARL COWDEN December 31, 1912 inViroqua, Wisconsin, son of PERRY COWDEN and MARGARET MORRISON. He wasborn June 04, 1887 in Viroqua, WI, and died December 20, 1957 inReedsburg, Wisconsin.

SOURCE: hand written notes of Gladys Allen Cowden:

"Gladys married Pearl Cowden on Dec 31st 1912 in Viroqua, Wis. Theymoved to
his homestead near Sidney, Montana where Lucile Virginia was born on Aug5,
1915. Later moved back to Wis near Wilton & Ontario where Coral Margaretwas
born on Aug 16, 1919.

Burial: 1987, Viroqua Cemetery, Viroqua, WI
Buried at: 1987, Viroqua Cemetery, Viroqua, Wisconsin
Cause of Death: massive coronary - at 98
Residence: February 25, 1913, to Montana
From Linda Lower.