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Robert KING


42. William Miles ALLEN

! Family Story in "Bits & Pieces," Pub by Mabel Brown, wife of Wesley,son of Martha (Spencer) Brown, dau of Hattie (Allen) I (EA) will copyfor anyone who wants it.

1850 Census- Perry Co. OH -- in McCullough Household, married in Jan. butliving with Uncle.
1851- W.M.'s obit says- "came to Clinton Co., IA.
1856 - Census- Clinton, Clinton Co., IA -pg 264 hshld 83-84. Farmedthere about 20 yrs. Family story says he fought in the Civil War as anorderly to a Colonel. Couldn't get in as a fighter because part of orall of his trigger finger was missing.

Civil War: Co. A, 16 IA Infantry- served through out the war.

1870 - Census- Clinton, IA
1872- Obit says-moved to KS.
1880 - Census - Rooks Co., Kansas
1890 - Homesteaded at Boyd, Weston Co. WY.
1900 - moved to Gunnison, CO & lived with or by daughter, Del and familyand then on to Meridan, Logan Co. OK., where both are buried. SOURCE:ZK ( W.M.s father) Bible, from Shirley Allen, Wesminster, CO, a cousin.Info from Shirley Allen & Clarence Jacobs, one of them has the ZK Bible.

"Progressive Men of WY",1903-EA has.
Newcastle paper & EA's family pictures & stories
I have death certificate - Obit below.
Arkansas Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, from the General LandOffice's Automated Records Project. indexed by RootsWeb.
Last name First name Init County Sec Twp Rng Acres---Date--- Warrant Name and/or Remarks
ALLEN WILLIAM Logan 12 7N 27W 401860/03/01 (AR)
ALLEN WILLIAM Logan 12 7N 27W 401860/05/01 (AR)
ALLEN WILLIAM Logan 12 7N 27W 401861/07/01 (AR)
A Complete Directory Of The Rural Homesteaders of Oklahoma Territory1890 Oklahoma Territory Directory
Giving The Quarter Section, Township, and Range
Allen, Miles W, n e 25-16-1 (copied from 18 Apr 2000)
SOURCE: NEWSPAPER OBIT., original in possession of Linda Lower
(The following emailed to EA Dec. 1999)

Last Friday afternnon at 4:40 o'clock, Grandpa Allen died at the home ofhis son, M W Allen, in South Meridian. He had suffered with a bad attackof the grippe, for several days past, and hsi death was hastened by afall which he sustained the early part of the week. While his demise wasnot unexpected,
it comes as a sad shock to the community in which he had made his homefor the past nine years.

William Allen was born in Knox County, Ohio on January 6, 1828, and wasmarried to Charlotte Sams of Perry County, Ohio in 1850. The next yearthey removed to Clinton Co., Iowa and in 1872 moved again, settling inNorth Central Kansas. Some few years afterwards, he went still furtherWest, living for a time in Wyoming, later purchasing a fruit farm nearMontrose, Colorado, where they remained until 1908, when they came toMeridian to spend the last years of their lives near their son, Miles W.Allen.
William and Charlotte Allen were the parents of seven children, six ofwhom are still living. Mrs. Allen died on the 7th day of February, 1908,four years and two days prior to the death of her husband,and was buriedin the cemetery on the Allen farm south of town.

Mr. Allen was a member of Co. A, 16th Iowa Infantry, and served throughthe war. He was a member of the Congregational Church, and was a devoutChristian.

Funeral Services were conducted by Rev. Parker of Guthrie, Saturdayafternoon at the residence, and he was laid to rest by the side of hiswife. F M Allen, his youngest brother who lives near Sumner in NobleCounty, Oklahoma, was the only out-of-town relative in attendance.

We wish to extend our sympathy to the bereaved ones in this their greathour of sorrow, and can truthfully say that everyone who knew Grandpa wasa firend to him, looked up to him, and respected him.
----------------------- wrote:> Tammie;
> thought I would write a little bit on miles w. allen that had thegrocery store in meridian,okla.miles and of of his sons were in storetogether John Freeman Allen. Miles w. Allen born 1851 (the son ofwilliam and Charlotte Sams Allen) in Clinton cty Iowa. when he was 19years old they moved to rooks cty kansas and in 1874 he mar; his wifelucy mudge in Kearney City, KS. They had 4 children; Johnf.,Charlotte, Milton (my grandfather) and Raymond r. allen.
In 1889 he made the run into Okla.He secured the homestead on bearcreek. He was a member on the school board, In the fall of 1900 in waselected a member of the sixth legislative assembly representativeDistrict from logan cty.
miles and lucy allen are both buried in meridian also Miles parents.norma

Charlotte SAMS

Yes Elaine I have the newspaper article on land given to charlotte fromabaham sams. I sent you some things I found on that family.Abraham wasmarried to charlotte Vanorman and they had our charlotte. they had bothbeen married before. abraham to sarah and charlotte to Milesvanorman.hope to hear from you soon.
hello again,On different date on charlotte and william for mar, was hisobit said mar date was 1860.miles or lucy problaby had wrong date.oncharlotte vanordens first marriage she had a boy name Jasper vanormanfound him on census said he was born in vermont, so I sent for marlicense in vermont they couldnt find it (miles and charlotte Vanorman)Ifound Miles on census before mar in vermont .they lived next door toabraham sams and his first wife sarah. sarah died and miles died so thenabraham and charlotte got together. sold there land in ohio in 1835, andwent where??? Had to be in Iowa ??
well anyway I havent found anything else on them,
p.s.charlotte always said her mom born in vermont.

Clarence found a notice in the "Clinton Herald" a Clinton co. Newspaper,on microfilm as follows:
" To Whom It May Concern. Notice is hereby given that a Land Warrantdated Sept. 25th, 1856, numbered 43556, issued to Abraham SAMS, andassigned to Charlotte ALLEN, was lost in the hurricane which passedthrough Camanche, Clinton County, Iowa, on the 3d day of June, 1860, andthat application will be made to the Commissioner of Pensions for therelease of the sames. signed, Charlotte Allen and dated Nov. 7, 1860. (June 1997, EA has a researcher checking this, no answer yet.)

61. Zephaniah Clark ALLEN

I thought he was older than Miles, but have conflicting birth dates forthem.
He never married. He was the first Allen to come to Wy & homesteaded inCrook county (changed to Weston shortly after), northwest of FourCorners.

Buried: Boyd Cemetery, Weston co. WY. I have pictures

62. James ALLEN

1 _FA6
2 PLAC James A.

died young but was in 1870 census IA

65. Della M. ALLEN

1 _FA6
2 PLAC Della M.

married William Vandergrift--moved to Gunnison, Colorado, had a fruitfarm at from 1900-1905.

45. Catharine ALLEN

Have you met Chris Leslie yet? He is descended from ZK & Margaret'sCatherine Allen.

"Father's Pension from John B. Allen-IA Volunteers."
Catharine Nixon of Clinton, Clinton Co., Ia is 66 in 12 April 1876. Alsoknew Margaret McCullough was John's Mother. She saw ZK and Margaretmarried in Lancaster, Fairfield Co., OH 19 April 1827. That she knowsthis to be correct and has kept all the social events connected with saidfamily in her own mind, relatively with her own and can call to mind thehistory of the family af said Zephaniah K. Allen at any time. Signed hermark X.


He and his Father emigrated to America in 1840 and settled in ClintonCo., IA

47. Robert ALLEN

Merle Allen's direct ancestor- Merle & Shirley live in Denver suburb1993. I have Merle's FGS on file.

Robert in Civil War, Company "K", 11th Infantry, IA 1861, for the Union.3 years.

SOURCE: Obituary in Woodston, KS newspaper. Original notice inpossession
of Linda Lower

Robert Allen, an old and respected citizen of Woodston, passed awayTuesday
morning, Aug. 24, 1915. Mr. Allen had been in poor health for some time,
having suffered a stroke of paralysis several weeks ago, which wasfollowed
by other attackes. Mr. Allen has been a hard working man and up untilhis
recent illness, was always busy in his garden or yard.

Robert Allen was boarn in Perry County, Ohio, Jan. 23, 1840, died at hishome
in Woodston, Kansas Aug. 24, 1915, aged 75 years, 7 months, and 1 day.He
was united in marriage to Nancy Latta in 1866. To this union were bornfive
children, three of whom are living in Woodston and vicinity, Wilt andHarvey
and Mrs. Maude McBride. At the age of seven he moved with his parents to
Iowa. He served three years inthe Civil War, Inlisting [sic] in Co. K11th
Iowa Infantry. After the war he moved from Iowa to Wisconsin where hemade
his home for eleven years. He came to Woodston, Kansas in 1878, where he
resided up to the time of his death . He was a member of the M. E.Church.

Furneral services were held at the M. E. Church, Wednesday forenoon at 11
o'clock, conducted by Rev. Flowers. The Woodston Grand Army Post ofwhich
the deceased was a member attend the services in a body. The Sons of
Veterans were pall bearers. Internment was made in Woodston Cemetery.


49. Ryan Elder ALLEN

1 _FA4
2 PLAC In Regiment # 11073

Descendants of Rhyne Elder Allen

1. RHYNE ELDER3 ALLEN (ZEPHANIAH K.2, JOHN1)1 was born October 21, 1844in Perry County, Ohio, and died May 24, 1932 in Viroqua, Wisconsin2. Hemarried VIRGINIA BELLE COLAW3 April 17, 1887 in Lyons, Clinton Co, Iowa,by Rev. J. Ward, daughter of HENRY COLAW and MALINDA HALTERMAN. She wasborn February 03, 1866 in Crabbottom, Highland County, Virginia 4, anddied February 18,
1953 in Rockford, IL at the home of her daughter Garnet.


SOURCE: Clarence Jacobs, letter to Linda Lower dated October 29, 1999

" the 1880 Census...two of Z. K.'s sons are shown to be working at asawmill in Clinton, Iowa. Z.K.'s son Ryan Elder Allen is living with theEdwin Burlingame family. And Z.K.'s son Francis M. (Frank) is alsoworking at the sawmill and is living with the John S. Brown family, nextdoor to the Burlingame house."

"When I was a young lad my mother told me that her father, Francis M.Allen, rafted logs when he was a young man. Well my mother was correct.He rafted logs on the Mississippi River at Clinton, Iowa. I seem torecall that my mothr or an old cousin told me that our grandfather felt aclose relationship
with his brother Ryan Elder."

SOURCE: NEWSPAPER OBITUARY, original in possession of Linda Lower

The community was shocked Wednesday morning to learn the R. E. Allen ofRailroad Ave. had passed away Tuesday at 4:40 pm. While it was known hewas in failing health due to a serious infection in the mouth, yet no oneexpected the end so soon.
Mr. allen had been about his home as usual up until May 23, when in theafternoon he took his rest, and a change came over his physical conditionto the extent that he was confined to his bed from then on. Ryan ElderAllen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Z. K. Allen was born in Perry County, Ohio,Oct. 21, 1844, and died May 24, 1932, at the age of 87 years, 7 monthsand 3 days. He was the last of a family of twelve children.
In the spring of 1849 he moved to Clinton, Iowa and on April 17, 1887, hewas united in marriage to Virginia Belle Colaw, at Lyons, Iowa. To thisunion was born three children; Chester, dying in infancy; Mrs. PearlCowden of Ontairo, WI and Mrs. Arch Tucker of Rockford, IL. Mr. Allenand family moved to Viroqua some thirty-two years ago and have manyfireds who will extend sympathy to the family at this time. About threeand a half years ago, Mr. Allen suffered a broken limb and for some timehis
condition gave greave worry, but after many weeks of tender care by hiscompanion, he so far recovered as to assist with the outside work abouttheir little home. Mr. Allen had a large circle of friends which wasevidenced by their many acts of kindness to this aged couple during thisperiod of time.
Being a stauch politician he was well read on this subject, as well asothers, and for one to try to change his opinion was useless as he wasunmoveable in his belief. Still hever allowed this to bar him from beingkind to his fellowmen, always ready to help where duty called. While hedid not possess a great amount of worldly goods, what he has left wasgotten through hard work and frugality. With these fine personalities wefind the words of Henry VanDyke come to mind: "Remember that what youpossess in this world, will be found at the day of your death to belongto someone else; but what you are will be yours forever."
In passing MR. Allen leaves a widow, two daughters, and twogranddaughters, Lucille and Coral Cowden, and two nieces, Mrs. PhilBiddison and Mrs. Will Crook, and a nephew, Warren Silbaugh.
Burial: May 26, 1932, Viroqua Cemetary, Viroqua, WI
Cause of Death: "mouth infection" probably cancer
Census: July 10, 1856, 11 yrs. old in Iowa
Occupation: 1880, Sawmill on Mississippi River, Clinton, IA; tobaccogrower.
Residence: 1849, in spring moved to Clinton, Iowa

i. CHESTER ATHERTON ALLEN, b. October 11, 1888; d. February 01, 1889.
More About CHESTER ATHERTON ALLEN: Burial: age three months

2. ii. GLADYS MEREDITH ALLEN, b. December 29, 1889, Clinton, Iowa; d.March 05, 1987, Sedro Wooley, Washington.
iii. GARNET LEVISTA ALLEN, b. December 14, 1891, Clinton, Iowa; m.
ARCHIBALD D. TUCKER, August 18, 1917, Winona, Minnesota; b. August 19,1895, Bicknell, Indiana.
More About GARNET LEVISTA ALLEN: Children: None Residence: Rockford,Illinois

Virginia Belle COLAW

Marriage Certificate shows different spelling for Ryan: Rhyne Allen andVirginia Belle Colaw.
Wrote to her grandaughter, Coral, when Coral was Army nurse stationed inthe
Pacific during WWII:
"If you don't get married while you're over there, you probably won'tmarry
because there sure isn't any one here."
Virginia's parents died within three months of each other when she wasonly
six. Virginia was raised by.... ???her grandparents (Halterman)??.Where
were the rest of the children raised?
SOURCE: ALLEN-COLAW FAMILY BIBILE & NOTES, in possession of Linda Lowerin 1999

"Altemus Edition, The HOLY BIBLE containing the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTStranslated out of The Original Tongues and with THE FORMER TRANSLATIONSDILIGENTLY COMPARED AND REVISED with COMPLETE CONCORDANCE Philadelphia,HENRY ALTEMUS, 507, 509, 511 and 513 Cherry Street. 1888"

More About VIRGINIA BELLE COLAW: Adoption: raised by ?
Burial: February 21, 1953, Viroqua Cemetary, Viroqua, WI
Residence: 1944, sold home on Railroad Ave., Viroqua, Wi

52. Francis Marion ALLEN

Died 7 miles north of Perry OK
I have more on this line from a gr-gr-granddaughter somewhere in mymess!! 1999 FIND IT !!

SOURCE: NEWSPAPER OBITUARY original in possession of Linda Lower (to EADec. 1999)

Last Thursday at 9:40 pm, F. M. Allen passed away after three daysillness of
paralysis at his home two miles west and one-half mile north of Sumner,

Francis Marion Allen was born at Cinton, Iowa, March 4, 1853. He wasunited
in marriage to Caroline Trout at Stockton, Kansas i 1880. To this unionsix
children were born, four daughters and two sons, all of whom are grownand

The deceased was delighted over the fact that he was grandfather of 13
children. He was an energetic farmer, a great reader of newspapers, even
during the last year though failing in health he kept up with the newsand
events of his country.

Funeral services were held at the residence Thursday at 2:00 pm and Rev.
George Dennis delivered a very impressive sermon while Mesdames Vanmeter,
Dawson and Linvingston, Messers Bowers and Vanmeter sang threeselections,
after which the funeral cortege drove to the cemetery south of Sumner,whre
the body was laid to rest to await the resurrection morn.

The relatives from away were: Miles Allen and wife, Mrs. Lottie Johnsonand
Otis Allen of Meridian, Oklahoma, Mrs. Write and Mrs. Booth of Tonkawa,

Besides the immediate family he leaves two brothers and one sister, one
brother living in Wisconsin and othe other brother and sister living in

The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the bereaved ones inthis
sad hour.

Card of Thanks
We desire to thank all those during the illness of our families andthe
last illness of our beloved husband and father. Also for the beautiful
floral offerings.
Caroline Allen
Mr & Mrs. D. T. Sherrard
Mr & Mrs. J. C. Jacobs
Mr & Mrs. H. O. Clifton
Mr & Mrs. F. M. Evans
Mr & Mrs. R. S. Allen
Mr & Mrs. T. F. Allen

Caroline TROUT

Clarence Jacobs' ancestor-- He has all the documentation. Below is fromhim.
Died at 521 Grove St. Perry, OK
Burried at Sumner Cemetery, Sumner, OK