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Robert KING


39. Zephaniah K. ALLEN

1 _FA5
2 PLAC 2nd Land Deed listed at end of Notes.
1 _FA6
2 PLAC Meridian/Survey Area: Ohio River Survey
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #
1 _FA7
2 PLAC Range: 15 West
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #
1 _FA8
2 PLAC Township: 14 North
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #
1 _FA9
2 PLAC Section: 19
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #
1 _FA10
2 PLAC Aliquot Part Reference: SESW
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #
1 _FA11
2 PLAC Date Signed: 8 Sep 1835
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #
1 _FA12
2 PLAC State: Ohio
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #
1 _FA13
2 PLAC Accession Number: OH0420__.422
2 SOUR Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR, FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, Internal Ref. #


His Family Bible, copyright 1833,
From Clarence Jacobs who got them from a cousin, LeRoy Stanley Allen,Jr.,Ponca City, OK. R.S's Father was a twin brother to Clarence's Mother.I copied this out of a Family History Compilation, 1993 edition, receivedfrom Clarence Jacobs. On page 4, Clarence says he secured the familybible records from Ernest M. Allen, Tulsa, OK. Maybe LeRoy & Ernest M.are brothers, or Father, son.
Morning Elaine"
This is what I rediscovered last night when going through mygrandmother's notes.
SOURCE: Notes of Gladys (Allen) Cowden found in Ryne Elder & VirginiaAllen's Family Bible, now in the possession of Linda Lower.

"Gladys & Garnet's Grandfather Allen [ZK]:
Born July 28, 1800 in Frederick County, Virginia. Moved with his parentsto Perry County Ohio when 16 years old (1816). Married at 20 years oldand started preaching in the year 1820.
His first wife (dad's mother) died in 1857 (Margaret McCullough) when dadwas 13 years old. Moved to Clinton Iowa in 1849 when dad was 4 yearsold. (written by Gladys). (death date wrong-lots of wrong data given byZK thru the years,EA)

Remarried-(see below)
Died- November 22, 1899 when dad was 55 years old."

I also found obituaries for Frank, Robert & ZK & Ryne Elder. I think I
already sent you ZK and Ryne. Will email the others to you so that youcan
cut and paste as soon as I get them typed up. Linda (Lower)
TIME LINE OF ZK -- from Marilyn Krell in 2000. ALSO from Clarence Jacobs,Elaine Allen, & Linda Lower.

1800 - Born - Homestead affidavit, ZK states that he was born inFrederick county VA, but some census's show MD.

1820 ALLEN ZEPHANIAH Mason County VA 119 No TownshipListed
1820 Federal Census Index VA 32018957- "1790-1870 Census Index" fromLinda Lower

19 Apr 1827--Married Margaret McCullough--Marriage records- ZK's mrgrecorded in his Bible. Children' births recorded in same Bible, & somedeaths. Also supported by Sworn Affidavite of CATHARINE NIXON in 1876that she was present at the wedding.! Good news. We hoped she was asister.

1830-Rush Creek, Fairfield co., Ohio Census, married & living withFather-in-law, William McCullough.
1832: Land Records- Perry co., OH Tax Records, 29.43 acres of"Congress Lands" #
4413 and # 4547.
1835 - [Brøderbund Family Archive #255, Ed. 1, Land Records: AL, AR,FL, LA, MI, MN, OH, WI 1790-1907, Date of Import: 10 Feb 1998, InternalRef. #]

Date Signed: 8 Sep 1835
Patentee Name: Allen, Zephaniah Accession Number: OH0420__.422State: Ohio
Volume: 420 Page: 422
Document Number: 4413 Land Office: Zanesville -Aliquot Part Reference:SESW
Section Number: 19 Township: 14 North Range: 15 WestMeridian/Survey Area: Ohio River Survey Act/Treaty Authorizing Sale:Sale-Cash Entries
Acreage: 39.43 Signed: Yes, the document on file at the BLM contains asignature. Canceled Document: N Multiple Patentee(s): N MultipleWarantee(s):

Date Signed: 14 Sep 1835
Patentee Name: Allen, Zephaniah Accession Number: OH0430__.053
State: Ohio Volume: 430 Page: 53 Document Number: 4547
Land Office: Zanesville Aliquot Part Reference: SWSW SectionNumber: 19 Township: 14 North
Range: 15 West Meridian/Survey Area: Ohio River Survey Act/TreatyAuthorizing Sale: Sale-Cash Entries
Acreage: 39.74 Signed: Yes, the document on file at the BLM contains asignature.
Database: Full Context of Land Records--Ohio

1840- Salt Lick Twp, Perry co., OH Census

Who is John Woodruff Allen??? Perry co records show Elanor Allenmarried John Woodruff 17 Aug 1844. This info from June Allen Gladney.Where did Clarence find John Woodruff Allen?

1845: 29 Nov, purchased 40 acres from Nathan Dicken & wife of Hockingco. for $400.

1848: 30 Nov, ZK & Margaret sold 80 acres of the original homesteadto Margaret's father @ $1.25 per acre, total $50. Certificate #2095, dated 30 May 1849. (EA says he sold this land in 1857) document!There is some confusion on this certificate in Clarence's story, I don'tknow if it's OH or IA. He also lists this as an
"Original Entry for Iowa homesteads in Clinton Co. He also lists landpurchased from John S. McCullough 6 Aug 1849, Book B, page 365, price$1000, bordering the Mississippi River and Beaver Island.
1850- Comanche District No. 5, Clinton co., IA on Sept 20. Census
1852 - ALLEN, ZEPHANIAH K. Clinton County IA 006 CamancheTownship Census
1852 State Census Index IA 460435 - "1790-1870 Census Index" fromLinda Lower.
1855- November or Dec. He was pastor of Free Methodist Church,"HISTORY OF CLINTON COUNTY" lists ZK as the Minister at thefirst religious services in a little shanty.
1856- IA state census, Vol. 40, page 264, line 82.
1856:- Clinton co, IA Land Deeds records, Film #1,005,142: GeneralIndex to Deeds; Volume 6,
ALLEN, Zephaniah to CI & N Railroad Co., a right-of-waydated 1856; N-243; W1/2NE1/4 Section 13, T81, R6.
1857--9 July ---ZK married Mrs. Mary Jane Simpson (Million orMilliore) in St. Louis Co., MO. Both are listed as being from ClintonCo., IA. SOURCE: County of St. Louis Book 8, page 302. via MarilynKrell. NOTE: Margaret gave birth to Mary Matilde in March 1857 !!

1858: Film, Volume 7, ZK Allen & wife sell land to Cornelia H.Blodgett. (This person may be related to Jane M., she & ZK named theironly boy George Blodgett Allen in 1860.

1860 ALLEN ZEPHANIAH - Schuyler County IL 097 BainbridgeTownship
1860 IL Federal Census-- Index IL3732976 - "1790-1870 CensusIndex" from Linda Lower.
1863- Andrew, Jackson Co. IA
1864-1872- Iowa City, Johnson Co., IA
1864,- His daughter, Lona, by Jane might have been born in Missouriaccording to 1880 KS census.

1870- Kickapoo Twp, Vernon Co. Viraqua WI has a Charles Allen bornin VA 57 yrs ago, wife Nancy, children all born in Ohio starting in1844. Could be ZK's brother as that is where ZK's wife Margaret was putinto the Insane Asylum and living with dau. Rebecca and Jacob Silbaugh.

1873, June-Homesteaded Lowell Twp, Rooks co, KS. #3542 Proved up1880. (ZKs ?? EA Find)
1873 - 1878 -Bull City, Osborne Co., KS---- and Raceburg, Rooks Co.,KS.
1880 - Census - ZK, Jane, and 2 children listed in Woodston, RooksCo., KS

1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll, Rooks Co. KS -- Contributed byKenneth Thomas, Nov. 1997.
Cert# 188,748, Name of Pensioner- ALLEN, Zephaniah K., P.O.Address - Raceburgh, KS, Cause for which pensioned - DependentFather, - Monthly Rate - $8.00, Date of original
Allowance June 1880.

1886, 9 Oct, ZK bought some town lots for a church in Woodston. RooksCo., History
Sons, William Miles, John Bartlett (can't be-John died 1864), Robert,Francis Marion, George Blodgett, and Ryan Elder all had Homesteads closeto him in Rooks co. KS. All moved except Robert who lived and died onhis homestead south of Woodston.

1887 or 1888 ZK & Jane sold their Kansas homestead and moved to MountVernon, Skagit County, WA where they both died and are buried.

1888 - One OBIT says they went to Mt. Vernon, WA in 1888. Alsostates that he lived in Clinton, TX
Wisconsin, and Missouri as well as the other documentedstates. ??
1899 - Died in Mt. Vernon, Skagitt Co., WA

1899- We have not found a death certificate for ZK yet.

REV. ZEPANHIAH K. ALLEN , (born July 28, 1800)
Mount Vernon's Centenary Minister. (This one from Linda Lower, 8 Dec1999.)

ON Wednesday evening Nov. 22, 1899, at his quiet home, surround by hisfamily, "Father" Allen passed quietly to his beautiful home in the skies- aged 99 years, 3 months and 24 days. He was born in Fredrick County,Virginia where his parents had been amonth the first of those who settledthat state, in the year when Washington was made the national capital.At sixteen he accompanied his parents to Ohio where, four years laterZephaniah married and also entered upon his ministerial career in the M.E. Church, supplying a circuit that had an area of 200 miles. In 1849 hemoved to Clinton, IA where he engaged in farming as well as preaching. Afew years later found him in Clinton, TX in mercantile adventures. Atthis place his abolition spirit expressed itself in such patriotism forthe enslaved of his
country that he was compelled to leave the south. His first wife havingdied in 1857, (WRONG-EA) he remarried and returned to Iowa. Shortlyafterwards he moved to Wisconsin, then to Missouri, then to Kansas, inall of these states preaching the gospel and carrying on some business,and in many places establishing the pioneer church of that locality. atthe age of 88, in company with his wife,
his son George, ahis daughter Mrs. R. U. Rutherford and their families,he came to Mount Vernon. Here, too, he built a church and preached theGospel, until four years ago, while seeking to attend a service, he fellfrom the steps of the church and very muchinjured on of his hips and hassince been
confined to his bed. Thus for some 72 years this Gospel warrior has beena minister of the good things of God.

Stong in his convictions, defnite in hsi Christian experience and life,he sought to lead the people to a knowledge of experimental piety. Hisfaculties were well preserved to the last and showed signs of greatphysical, mental and spiritual strength. To the entire community hislife has been a
benediciton. Although aged and expected, his daeth brings a gloom thatis only felt when good people die. It may be said of him that
'When a good man dies,
For years beyond our ken,
The light he leaves behind him
Lies upon the path of men.'
The funeral took place on Thursday, at 2:30 pm at the M. E. Church,conducted by the Rev. D G Slayton, of the F M Church, in the absence ofthe pastor. On Sunday morning a memorial service was held at the M EChurch by Dr. Burrows, the pastor and Rev. C G Slayton.....
Mrs. Allen, the wife, with the sons and daughters, have the deepestsympathy of the entire community in their loss. SOURCE: NEWSPAPEROBITUARY, (thought to be Mt. Vernon, WA paper) original in
possession of Linda Lower

Obituary of Z.K. Allen. From the Skagit News-Herald, Monday, November27, 1899, Mount Vernon, WA .
from Clarence Jacobs in 1993..
"Died in this city on Wednesday evening the 22nd Inst., Rev. Z.Allen, aged 99 years, 4 months and 24 days. Grandpa Allen had lived morethan the time allotted to man, only lacking a few months to reaching onehundred years. His death was sudden and painless. The old gentleman wasborn in Frederick County, Virginia. He has been a resident of Mt. Vernonfor many years, and was the founder, and for many years the pastor of theFree Methodist Church in this city. Of late years, requiring theconstant attention of his family. Those who knew the old gentleman heldhim in the highest esteem, knowing that his life for nearly a hundredyears, had been spent in an effort to benefit humanity. The funeralservices were held from the M.E. Church on Wednesday afternoon and theremains of the good old man laid at rest in Odd Fellows Cemetery."
And: "To the many friends who so kindly assisted us in our latebereavement, we tender our heartfelt thanks. Mrs. Jane M. Allenand Family"

In the I.O.O.F. Cemetery book, Mt. Vernon, WA, ZK and Jane M. are shownas follows:
Block 17, Section 2, Lot 3
3. Rev. Z. K. Allen 1903
4. Mrs. Z. K. Allen
The keeper of the cemetery records did not understand why the "1903" wasentered. Their gravestones show: (1903 was probably when Jane boughtthe gravestones).
Rev. Z. K. Jane M.
1800-1899 1831-1907

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Re: Z.K. Allen clinton cty IA.1850
Posted by: Bonnie Joy Date: June 22, 2000 at 15:55:14
In Reply to: Z.K. Allen clinton cty IA.1850 by norma van houtan
We are members of the Clinton County/Gateway Genealogical Society.
we checked the following records

Rosehill cemetery, Camanche Iowa

Allen, Leonard, son of Z.& M., died 26 Oct 1854, age 6 weeks

Allen, Nancy, born 1866, died 1931

1879 history - list Zephania Allen on 2 pages. E-mail me for more on this.


Born and married in Ohio. She & ZK lived with her Father, WilliamMcCullough, after they were married. The first record of their own landis in 1832.
On 29 Nov 1845, ZK and "wife Margaret" sold land & Margaret signed withan X.
In 1848 they sold land to her Father. We believe they moved to IA then.
In 1849, they bought land from Margaret's half-brother, John S.McCullough in Iowa.

I quote from CJ's Family History, 1993 version. "On March 3, 1857Margaret's last child, Mary Matilda, was born, and family tradition tellsus that Margaret was paralyzed by a stroke at that time." (We think shewas not paralyzed, but just couldn't handle the stress of frontier lifeand having babies every other year for so long. 13 kids in 30 years!

In 1857, after her Father died, Margaret gave ZK a power of attorney tosue her siblings to get her share of the value of William McCullough'sfarm. CJ says to see Fairfield County, Ohio Partition Record #8 andProbate Court Case # 3244.

In 1858, Margaret cancelled the power of attorney after getting her shareof the estate which was the NE 1/4 of Sect. 25, Twp 15, Rnge 17 inFairfield co., OH.

During 1858 & 1859, ZK & Margaret sold the rest of their land holdings.And it was also during that period that Margaret went to live with adaughter, Rebecca Jane, and her husband, Jacob Silbaugh in Viroqua, Badaxco. (later changed to Vernon county) Wisconsin.

The guardianship of Margaret (McCullough) Allen is in film #0,295,297,Vol. 26, Page 361: In Re of Guardianship: Margaret was declared aninsane person by the Badax County Court in Viroqua, Wisconsin, Feb 23,1860. (one month after ZK and ? had George Blodgett Allen, on 6 Jan 1860in Clinton, IA).

We think Mary Matilda was Margaret's last child. We don't know whoraised her, but she was only 2 or 3 when George Blodgett was born and heis listed as Jane's first child. Margaret is not living with ZK in anyKansas record, and Mary Matilda is not listed as a child of Jane.

In 1880, in ZKs "Father's Dependent Pension", Edward and Kate Silbaughof Viroqua, Vernon Co., (now Skagitt co.) WI, swear that Margaret Allendied on the 29 day of Dec 1868 (I think 1869) at the home of Jacob andRebecca Silbaugh in Vernon Co., WI and that they attended the funeral.

Thanks to Clarence Jacobs for alot of this.

43. Eleanor ALLEN

ZK doesn't list this person as being his child in 1866 application fordependent Father Pension.
MAYBE--only listed living children. Eleanor died in 1857. (he rarelytold the truth in the application).

44. Rebecca Jayane ALLEN

Marriage extracted from LDS IGI by June Allen Gladney Feb 1987

Birth: LDS Batch #8717402 Sheet 18 by June states " Rebecca Jane AllenBorn 30 Jan 1833 Perry co. to Josephine (sic) Allen and MargaretMcCullough shows Rebecca is the same who married Jacob Silbaugh listedin above Marriage.


Linda Lower found the following on Feb 2000.
115. Jane10 Tissue (Huldah9 Rush, William8, William7, John6, John5,John4,
Thomas3, Thomas2, Thomas1 Russhe) was born 1787, and died June 08, 1857.She
married Phillip Silbaugh. He was born 1788, and died 1864.

Children of Jane Tissue and Phillip Silbaugh are:
185 i. Elizabeth11 Silbaugh. She married John Mooney
186 ii. Rhoda Silbaugh, born January 15, 1811. She married Charles
187 iii. William Silbaugh, born 1814. He married Nancy Sample; born1816;
died 1869.
188 iv. Issac Frank Silbaugh, born October 29, 1816; died December13. He
married Sarah Chancy; died December 15, 1902.
189 v. Sebastian Silbaugh, born 1826; died December 17, 1875. Hemarried
Nancy Traverse; born 1828; died August 02, 1879.
190 vi. Edward Silbaugh, born 1822; died April 14, 1903. He married
Catherine Acker; born February 06, 1825; died September 14, 1913.

191 vii. Jacob Silbaugh, born 1831; died September 11, 1893. Hemarried
Rebecca Jane Allen; born June 30, 1833; died October 14, 1910.

192 viii. Huldah Silbaugh, born 1833. She married Alexander L Guist

from Search Results
Database: Land Records--Wisconsin
Patentee Land Office Doc. Date Base Line TWP RangeSection Acres
JACOB SILBAUGH 07 1793 1856/04/15 46 13 N 4W 25 40.0000
JACOB SILBAUGH 07 11458 1858/08/10 46 13 N 4W 25 40.0000
Wisconsin Land Records -- Interactive Search (same as above)
This is an interface to the Pre-1908 Homestead and Cash Entry Patentsfrom the Bureau of Land Management's General Land Office (GLO) AutomatedRecords Project. 7 Apr 2000
SILBAUGH JACOB 1856 Vernon40.0000
SILBAUGH JACOB 1858 Vernon40.0000


TOTAL_ACRE: 40.0000

46. John Bartlett ALLEN

CIVIL WAR- C company 26th Iowa Infantry, commanded by Capt. Johnson--enrolled 11 August 1862 at Clinton, IA. Private. transferred toInvalid Corps 15 March 1864.
Admitted to Marine Hospital, St. Louis, MO--4 May 1864. Diedthere 12 May 1864.
Father's Application for Dependant Father, Army Pension # 131678.

48. Nancy ALLEN

--ClintonCo./Gateway Gen. Soc.
Z.K. Allen clinton cty IA.1850 by norma van houtan
Allen, Nancy, born 1866, died 1931

53. Leonard ALLEN
Rosehill cemetery, Camanche Iowa
Allen, Leonard, son of Z.& M., died 26 Oct 1854, age 6 weeks

54. Mary Matilda ALLEN

Listed as Margaret's last child. Don't know who raised her, but Margaretwas declared an insane person by the Badax County Court in Viroqua,Wisconsin, Feb 23, 1860, one month after ZK (Mary's father) and ? hadGeorge Blodgett Allen on 6 Jan 1860 in Clinton, IA.


2nd wife of Z.K. Allen mother to last 3 children
!Obit in blue book.EA
New info from Marilyn Krell in May of 2000. Marriage Certificate=Countyof St. Louis, MO Book # 8 page 302. Her name was Mrs. Mary JaneSIMPSON. in another pension affidavite, ZK lists her as Jane MILLION orMILLIORE, writing hard to deciper. Quite a story under ZK's notes. Henever divorced 1st wife and she died in 1869.

55. George Blodgett ALLEN

He could be Margaret's or Jane's, but I'm guessing Jane's because he diedin
Washington where Jane lived. Margaret stayed in IA & Wis. Don't know ifthere was a
divorce. Margaret lived until 1869, was declared insane 23 Feb 1860.

56. Lona ALLEN

1880 KS census puts her birthplace as MO. Parents couldn't have beenmarried unless ZK divorced his insane wife, who didn't die until 1869.

married Rance or Lance E. Rutherford & was daughter of Jane ?

40. Catherine ALLEN

In 1876 CATHERINE NIXON deposes that she knew ZK and that he was thefather of John B. and that on "April 19, 1827, she was present at themarriage of Z K and Margaret at the home of the Hon. Thomas Ewing, CountyJudge in Lancaster, Fairfield Co., OH. She "had a clear and vividremembrance


Marriage extracted from the IGI at the LDS library in Los Alamos NM byJune (Allen) Gladney Feb 1987

Also from Clarence Jacobs who got it from Mrs. Grace K. Garner who foundit in "Crossroads", vol. 14, #4, Oct-Dec Issue, 1973, pg 17.

This is the Catherine that had Ellenor Allen living with them in the 1860Census, Clinton co. IA. We think! is sister to ZK. Lots ofcircumstantial evidence gathered by CJ & James Phillips, cousins.