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Strangeman HUTCHINS


32. John Hutchins STANLEY II

" John Stanley was a native of Virginia, the Stanley's being among the early settlers of the Old Dominion. The paternal G-Grandfather, J. H. Stanley, fought with courage in the War for Independence and bravely aided in the struggles of the Revolutionary days. The father and mother remaining for some time after their marriage in Ohio, finally determined to immigrate, the example of many of their neighbors, and in 1827, with their family, journeyed to Indiana and located permanently in Madison County, the paternal Grandfather also accompanying them hither. After their arrival in Madison County they aided in establishing a settlement in the southern part of Anderson Township, and locating in the woods, resided for sometime in a humble log cabin."

81. John STANLEY

In 1880, John and Emma were residents of Anderson Twp., Madison Co., Indiana, at the time of the Census living with John's brother Isaac.
Cause of death was listed as Chronic Encarditis

83. Allen STANLEY

Allen was a farmer and a bachelor, he took his own life in the home of his brother.