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Strangeman HUTCHINS

Second Generation

2. John HUTCHINS (Strangeman ) was born on 23 Dec 1738 in Henrico Co., Va. He died in 1825 in Nc.

John married Alice STANLEY, daughter of John STANLEY and Unknown, on 11 Dec 1757 in Virginia. Alice was born about 1742 in Virginia. She died in 1784/1790.

They had the following children:

  4 F i Nancy HUTCHINS was born about 1758.
  5 M ii Jonathan HUTCHINS was born on 28 Feb 1763 in Goochland Co., Virginia. He died after 1855 in Wayne Co., In.
        Jonathan married Elizabeth BEAVER on 21 Feb 1783 in Goochland Co., Virginia.
  6 F iii Agatha HUTCHINS was born on 21 Jan 1764 in Surry Co., North Carolin.
  7 F iv Susannah HUTCHINS was born on 15 Jan 1769 in Virginia. She died after 1850 in Marshall Co., Tn.
        Susannah married William BILLS on 4 May 1786 in Nc.
  8 F v Mary HUTCHINS was born on 20 Jan 1771 in Virginia.
  9 F vi Elizabeth HUTCHINS was born on 12 Jan 1772 in Virginia.
        Elizabeth married BARNETT.
  10 M vii Thomas J. HUTCHINS was born on 23 Nov 1774 in Virginia.
  11 M viii Strangeman HUTCHINS was born on 15 Sep 1776 in Virginia.
  12 M ix William HUTCHINS was born on 14 Aug 1778 in Virginia.
  13 M x Patrick HUTCHINS was born on 10 Mar 1781 in Virginia. He died after 1850.

3. Edith HUTCHINS (Strangeman ) was born on 15 Nov 1736 in Virginia. She died on 22 Jun 1796 in Nc.

Edith married John STANLEY Sr., son of John STANLEY and Unknown, on 16 Oct 1754 in Goochland Co., Va. John was born about 1732 in Hanover Co., Va. He died in 1795 in Surry Co., Nc.


John and Edith had the following children:

  14 F i Elizabeth STANLEY
  15 F ii Millicent STANLEY
+ 16 F iii Mary S. STANLEY
  17 M iv Isaac STANLEY
  18 M v Solomon STANLEY died in 1836 in Simpson Co., Ky.
  19 M vi Jonathan STANLEY
+ 20 M vii John Hutchins STANLEY I

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