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William HUSSEY


34. John HUSSEY

According to Marie Mimbs, John sold his interest in the Island of Nantucket to his brother Stephen.

Source: Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, John was of Hamton, now Seabrook. They were Quakers in 1662.

Source: Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families, Vol II.

He moved to New Castle, Delaware in 1692.

By deed of 1 Jul 1695, purchased three hundred and forty acres of land near New Castle, Deleware, being then described as "late of Hamp Town in New Hampshire, near Piscatoway in New England." His will was probated 18 Feb 1707.

He had a large family, several of his grandchildred were members of the Sadsbury Meeting of Friends in Lancaster Co., Penna., in 1737 and of the Warrington Meeting in York Co., in 1745.

According to Marie Mimbs, John was a representative to the Colonial Provincial Assembly in 1696.

Source: Calendar of Delaware Wills, New Castle County.

John Hussy. May 8, 1707. Feb 1707. B. 137. Son Christopher; son Jededeah; dau. Rebecca, wife of Samuel Collins; dau. Mary, wife of Moses Swett; dau.
Ann, wife of James Stanyon; dau. Susannah, widow of Richard Otis; dau. Bathshabo, wife of Thomas Babb; dau. Charity, wife of Garit Garitson; dau. Content, wife of Henry Land; son, John Hussy. Exc. son, John Hussy.

From Borden's Hisdtory of the Society of Friends, page 54:

John Hussey second son of Christopher was appointed member of the Assembly before he removed from Hampton, N.H., to Delaware in 1688, but being unwilling to take oath he did not serve. After his removal to Delaware he was appointed Member of the Pernnsylvania Assembly and as Pa. Quakers were permitted to enter office wwithout oath, he was enrolled in 1696.

Another source, Plumstead to Clear Creek, A History of the Family of Samuel Carey, compiled by Ruth (Carey) Haines in 1969, includes the text of the will:

The last will and testament of John Hussey, of the County of Newcastle on Delaware, altho wake in body, yet competent and rasonable in memorie and understanding. I do give and bequeath to my respective children hereafter mentioned, viz.: I do give to my son, Christopher L00.s10.d00. I do give to my son Jedidiah, 0L.10s.0d. I do give to my daughter Rebekah, wife of Samuel Collins, 5L.0s.0d. I do give to my daughter, Mary, wife of Moses Swett, 5L.0s.
0d. I do give to my daughter, Susanah, relict of Richard Otis, L5.s0.d0. Daughter, Bathesba, wife of Thomas Babb, 5L.0s.0d. Daughter Charity, wife of Samuel Garetson, 10L.0s.0d. Daughter, Content, wife of Henry Laud, L10.s0.d. To be paid at the town of Newcastle by my executory to this my will in curant money of the aforesaid county to my aforesaid children, being demanded to them or their order within three years after my death (deces). All the residue and remainder of my estate I do give to my son, John Hussey, and him do I make full and sole executor to this my last will and testament. And for the full configrmation of all the above mentioned I do hereunto set my hand and affix my seal, this 8th day of the month called May, in the year 1707.

Signed, sealed and declared in the presence of:
Henry Swett, William Dowgeres, Sarah Swett.

Newcastle, February 18, 1707, is the date of Register's certificate, at which time the will is supposed to be proven or probated. Either this date or the date of the will is evidently wrong. (According to the Pettit Family, p 122.)

Robert A. Hussey, 1993, indicates John Sr. died 1707.