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William HUNT


10. Margaret Esther HUNT

Margaret (Hunt) Beals also was an active Friend. In 1761 she was recorded a minister.

by Margaret (Hunt) Beals

One of the writings of Margaret Beals has also been preserved in Memoirs of William and Nathan Hunt (Philadelphia, 1858).

It is Margaret's testimony to the memory of her young brother, the eminent minister among Friends, William Hunt:

A few words in remembrance of my brother, William Hunt, deceased:

O my brother, how lovely and pleasant thou has been to me! Thou hast forsaken all that was near and dear to thee in this world to follow the Lamb both by sea and land. Thou didst obey the heavenly voice, and preferred the Lord's work before thine own. Thou has gone to and fro in many parts of the earth to sound forth the trumpet of the Lord, and hast been able to speak a word in due season. It was thy delight to meditate on the law of the Lord. Ah, my brother, what shall I say in remembrance of thee? Surely I may lament the loss of such a friend; although I have no cause to mourn though thou art laid in the silent grave, yet lovingly speaketh in the hearts of many. Oh, the many deep baptisms, trials and exercises thou hast gone through with much meekness and patience! Thou didst improve thy talents (as if thou knewest how short thy time should be) unto the praise of Him that first did raise thy mind from earthly things to heavenly. Thou hast been a valiant soldier in the holy warfare, to promote the honor and glory of God; so, after many hard labors and travails for the promotion of truth, thou hast ended thy days in a distant land, where I believe thou hast gone to everlasting rest and peace, with glory crowned, amongst saints and angels forever blest. Oh that the Lord would be pleased to raise up many more much faithful laborers in his vineyards! Now we are left behind; let it be our daily care to keep down in humility, in patience and self-denial, in reverence and holy fear before the Lord, that, when this short and uncertain time here is at an end, we may be thought worthy of an inheritance amongst the sanctified, where we may sing praises for evermore. So saith one that wisheth well to all mankind.

Margaret Beals
4th of the 2nd Mo. 1773