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Name Index


Mrs. Hostetter m.1689 - Zurich, Switzerland


Anna b.1801 -


Winnie Belle b.1880 -






Margaret Ellen


Maria (Mary) b.1794 - Germany


Maria (Mary) b.1783 -


Catherine b.1809 - Germany


Susanna b.1770 -


Catherine b.1852 -


Abraham b.1782 - Somerset Co., Pa
Anna b.1831 -
Barbara b.1841 -
Gertrude b.1826 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Jacob A. b.1838 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Susanna b.1829 -
William b.1828 - Holmes Co., Ohio


Catherine b.1730 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa

Hochstedler (Hostettler)

Abraham b.1723 - Lancaster Co., Pa
Catherine b.1729 - Lancaster Co., Pa
Christian b.1746 - Berks Co., Pa
Elizabeth b.1729 - Lancaster Co., Pa
Jacob b.1704 - Grosshochsteten, Berne Canton, Switzerland
Jacob b.1716 - Berks Co., Pa
Jacob b.1719 - Lancaster Co., Pa
Jacob b.1736 - Switzerland
Margaret b.1725 - Lancaster Co., Pa


Barbara b.1732 - Berne Canton, Switzerland

Hochstetler (Hostettler)

Joseph b.1742 - Berks Co., Pa

Hochstetler (Hostetler)

Noah H. b.1823 - Somerset Co., Pa


Abraham b.1819 - Somerset Co., Pa
Abraham b.1798 - Somerset Co., Pa
Adam b.1811 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Adam b.1802 - Summit Mills, Somerset Co., Pa
Anelli b.1760 -
Anelli b.1766 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Anna b.1753 -
Anna (Nancy) b.1810 - Somerset Co., Pa
Barbara b.1830 - Somerset Co., Pa
Barbara b.1803 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Barbara b.1757 -
Benjamin b.1782 - Pa
Benjamin Franklin
Catharine b.1798 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Catherine b.1747 -
Catherine b.1758 -
Catherine b.1798 - Summit Mills, Somerset Co., Pa
Catherine b.1784 - Somerset Co., Pa
Catherine (Katie) b.1819 - Somerset Co., Pa
Christian b.1755 -
Christian D. b.1800 - Somerset Co., Pa
Christian H. b.1836 -
Christina b.1812 - Somerset Co., Pa
Daniel b.1768 -
Daniel b.1775 - Berks Co., Pa
Daniel D. b.1806 - Somerset Co., Pa
David b.1751 - Berks Co., Pa
David b.1764 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
David b.1797 - Somerset Co., Pa
David H. b.1818 - Somerset Co., Pa
Dorothy (Dorley) b.1808 - Somerset Co., Pa
Elizabeth b.1828 -
Elizabeth b.1801 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Elizabeth b.1797 - Summit Mills, Somerset Co., Pa
Elizabeth b.1799 - Somerset Co., Pa
Elizabeth b.1798 - Somerset Co., Pa
Elizabeth b.1813 - Somerset Co., Pa
Emanuel b.1834 -
Emanuel b.1799 - Somerset Co., Pa
Emanuel b.1816 - Somerset Co., Pa
Emanuel (R) b.1816 - Somerset Co., Pa
Fanny b.1780 -
Frany b.1756 - Berks Co., Pa
Gabriel b.1805 - Somerset Co., Pa
Gertude b.1809 - Somerset Co., Pa
Gideon b.1793 - Fayette Co., Pa
Henry b.1805 -
Henry b.1773 - Berks Co., Pa
Henry H. b.1835 -
Jacob b.1752 - Berks Co., Pa
Jacob b.1751 -
Jacob b.1778 - Somerset Co., Pa
Jacob b.1815 - Somerset Co., Pa
Jeremiah b.1786 - Somerset Co., Pa
Joel b.1825 -
John b.1814 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
John b.1730 - Lancaster Co., Pa
John b.1754 - Berks Co., Pa
John b.1759 -
John b.1776 - Pa
John b.1782 - Pa
John Henry b.1840 -
Jonas D. b.1811 - Summit Mills, Somerset Co., Pa
Jonathan b.1796 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Jonathan b.1770 - Berks Co., Pa
Jonathan b.1796 - Berks Co., Pa
Joseph b.1768 - Berks Co., Pa
Joseph b.1788 - Somerset Co., Pa
Leah b.1821 - Somerset Co., Pa
Lydia b.1820 - Somerset Co., Pa
Magdalena b.1807 - Somerset Co., Pa
Manassas H. b.1828 - Somerset Co., Pa
Mary b.1827 -
Mary b.1833 -
Mary (Maria) b.1801 - Somerset Co., Pa
Mary Vivian
Moses b.1800 - Somerset Co., Pa
Moses H. b.1817 - Somerset Co., Pa
Oliver b.1870 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Peter b.1779 - Somerset Co., Pa
Rachel b.1805 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Samuel b.1826 - Somerset Co., Pa
Samuel b.1791 - Somerset Co., Pa
Samuel b.1802 - Somerset Co., Pa
Samuel H. b.1838 -
Sarah b.1824 - Somerset Co., Pa
Sarah b.1782 - Pa
Sarah b.1795 - Somerset Co., Pa
Solomon b.1785 -
Susanna b.1809 - Somerset Co., Pa
Susanna b.1830 - Somerset Co., Pa
Susanna b.1839 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Susanna (Susan) b.1817 - Somerset Co., Pa
Susanna (Susan) (R) b.1817 - Somerset Co., Pa
Susanna A. b.1796 - Somerset Co., Pa
Susanna B. b.1848 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Susannah b.1802 - Somerset Co., Pa
Tobias b.1818 - Somerset Co., Pa
Veronica b.1800 - Elk Lick Twp., Somerset Co., Pa
Veronica b.1783 -
Veronica b.1804 - Somerset Co., Pa
Veronica "Franey" b.1762 - Berks Co., Pa
Veronica "Frany" b.1799 - Somerset Co., Pa
Virgil Douglass
Wililam C. b.1867 -
William b.1811 - Somerset Co., Pa


Abner B. b.1873 - Farmerstown, Holmes, Ohio
Abraham b.1884 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Abraham Lincoln b.1866 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana
Abraham N. b.1859 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Alexander b.1846 - Farmerstown, Holmes, Ohio
Alice Emma b.1877 -
Alvin b.1874 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Amanda b.1848 -
Amanda b.1882 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Anna b.1831 - Wayne Co., Ohio
Barbara Ellen b.1876 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Barbara Jemima b.1880 - Amboy, Miami Co., In
Benjamin b.1844 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Bernie Aubrey b.1906 - Indiana
Caroline b.1850 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Caroline b.1886 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Cassel Vanholz b.1903 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana
Catherine b.1853 - Wayne Co., Ohio
Catherine b.1830 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Charles Edwin b.1868 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana
Dalite A. b.1885 -
Dwight Wainscott b.1900 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana
Elbert Henry b.1889 -
Elizabeth b.1874 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Elizabeth b.1875 - Walnut Creek, Holmes Co., Ohio
Emanuel b.1832 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Emanuel F. b.1847 - Wayne Co., Ohio
Francis b.1844 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Henry N. b.1864 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Ida May b.1884 - Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Isaiah N. b.1852 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Iva Sophia b.1888 -
Jacob b.1845 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Jacob C. b.1837 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Jemima b.1880 - Farmerstown, Holmes, Ohio
John b.1834 - Wayne Co., Ohio
John Beaty
John H. b.1855 - Holmes Co., Ohio
John M. b.1839 - Summit Mills, Somerset Co., Pa
John M. (R) b.1839 - Summit Mills, Somerset Co., Pa
Jonas b.1842 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Jonas Awalt b.1869 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana
Joseph b.1836 -
Lillian Addah b.1882 -
Lloyd W. b.1884 - Farmerstown, Holmes, Ohio
Lolita b.1909 -
Lucinda b.1887 - Beaver Crossing, Seward Co., Ne
Magdalena b.1848 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Martha b.1871 - Walnut Creek, Holmes Co., Ohio
Mary Elizabeth b.1878 - Farmerstown, Holmes, Ohio
Matilda Mattie b.1890 -
Minna L. b.1887 -
Moses b.1812 - Somerset Co., Pa
Nathaniel b.1861 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Noah b.1872 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Noah Elmer b.1881 - Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Noah William b.1866 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Pleasant b.1854 - Miami Co., Indiana
Sarah b.1853 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Sarah b.1878 - Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio
Susanna b.1838 - Wayne Co., Ohio
Susanna b.1845 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Susanna (R) b.1845 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Vera Belle b.1923 - Lagrange Co., Indiana
Verna Marie b.1889 - Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Walter b.1886 - Dover, Tuscarawas County, Ohio
William b.1849 -
William b.1868 -
William Herbert b.1880 - Berlin, Holmes Co., Ohio
William Willard b.1874 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana

Hostetter (Hochstedler/Hostettler)

Jacob b.1674 - Winterkraut, Switzerland


Ann b.1714 - Berks Co., Pa


Joseph b.1815 - Holmes Co., Ohio


Magdalena b.1787 - Somerset Co., Pa


Mary M. b.1844 -


Susanna b.1795 -


Anna b.1701 - Katholisch, Mammern, Thurgau, Switzerland


Christian b.1801 - Somerset Co., Pa
Mary b.1832 - Somerset Co., Pa
Samuel Christian b.1831 - Somerset Co., Pa
Susanna b.1834 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Veronica Fanny "Freni" b.1775 - Pa


Helen b.1893 - Ohio


Barbara b.1777 - Pa
Elizabeth b.1822 - Somerset Co., Pa


Abraham m.1799 - Somerset Co., Pa
Anna Barbara b.1879 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana
Barbara b.1754 - Berks Co., Pa
Barbara Ann b.1834 -
Elizabeth b.1842 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Henry b.1839 -
Lydia b.1830 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Mary J. b.1855 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Rebecca b.1817 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Samuel J.
Susannah b.1832 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Tobias D. b.1801 - Somerset Co., Pa
William b.1836 -
Zacharias b.1807 - Somerset Co., Pa




Hazel Marie b.1908 - Peru, Miami Co., Indiana


Clarence b.1908 - Ohio


Elizabeth b.1727 - Lancaster Co., Pa


Abraham b.1792 - Somerset Co., Pa
Andrew b.1783 - Germany
Barbara b.1775 - Somerset Co., Pa
Barbara b.1825 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Elizabeth b.1774 - Pa
Emanuel b.1819 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio
Jacob A. b.1829 - Tuscarawas County, Ohio


Mary Ann b.1861 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Sarah b.1849 - Holmes Co., Ohio


Andrew D. b.1801 - Huntingdon Co., Pa
Jeptha b.1825 - Holmes Co., Ohio
Joseph C. b.1799 - Somerset Co., Pa
Mary (Maria) b.1808 - Somerset Co., Pa
Veronica (Fanny) b.1843 - Holmes Co., Ohio


Harriet b.1846 - Pike Co., Ohio


Anna b.1798 -
Daniel b.1793 -
David P. b.1829 - Somerset Co., Pa
Elizabeth b.1794 -
Jacob -
Joseph b.1788 -
Marie b.1781 - Somerset Co., Pa
Sarah b.1794 - Somerset Co., Pa
Sarah b.1855 - Farmerstown, Holmes, Ohio
Solomon b.1804 -
Veronica b.1779 - Pa
Yost b.1803 - Somerset Co., Pa


Surname List