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Descendants of Hezekiah SMALLWOOD

First Generation

1. Hezekiah SMALLWOOD was born July, 1799 in South or North Carolina. He died on 18 Sep 1869 in Clark Co, Missouri.  NOTE: Hezekiah's other birth listings are VA/KY/GA  Photos - Gravestone of Hezekiah Smallwood

Hezekiah married Elizabeth "Betsy" BROUGHTON, daughter of Woodard or Woodward BROUGHTON and Elizabeth BLUFORD, on 18 Mar 1822 in Knox Co., KY by Rev Blaggrove Hopper. Elizabeth was born about 1807 in Clay Co., KY. She died in prob Missouri.


Recently a test result was received for a probable descendant of Elijah Smallwood of Surry Co., North Carolina.  His test results closely matched those of three other participants at least one of whom is a descendant of Hezekiah Smallwood and Elizabeth Broughton of Laurel/Rockcastle Co, KY and Schuyler Co., MO.  Hezekiah has been a brick wall for us, so this news is very encouraging.  It means that their descendants are most likely descendants of William Smallwood and Mary Hanson of Granville Co., North Carolina.

We still need more males with the surname Smallwood who are probable descendants of the Charles Co., Maryland Smallwoods to take the Y-DNA test.  Please encourage your relatives to participate!


1830 Census - Laurel Co, KY
Hezekiah Smallwood
2(0-5) - ??., Hezekiah III
2(5-10) - James, John
1(30-40) - Hezekiah
Females: 0 0 0 0 1(20-30) - Elizabeth

1839 Laurel Co, KY Deeds pg 55 of KY Lineage
Surveyed for Jobe Broughton, assignee of Hezekiah Smallwood, 100 acres on
the SE side of Rockcastle River. James McNeill, S.L.C.
Hezekiah Smallwood
John Lawson
Jobe Broughton1850 Census - Rockcastle Co,. KY
Name: Smallwood, H.
Year: 1850
County: Rockcastle
Township: Northern District
State: Kentucky
Roll: M432_217
Page: 184b
Household: #12
Image: 492 (Ancestry.com image #2 for this County)

1850 Federal Census - Rockcastle, Kentucky (Northern Dist)
H. Smallwood, age 50, b. NC
Elizabeth, age 42, KY
Elisha, age 16, KY
William, age 14, KY
Riley, age 12, KY
Elizabeth, age 10, KY
Mary, age 8, KY
Sila, female, age 6, KY
Zilphia, female, age 4, KY
James, age 28, shoemaker, KY
Ann, age 20, KY

This is the same family as above - found James and Viola Ann in Fabius, Schuyler Co MO at same time.
1860 Federal Census - Fabius, Schuyler, Missouri
Hezekiah Smallwood, age 53(?), SC(?)
Elizabeth, age 53, KY
Elizabeth, age 21, KY
Mary, age 17, KY
Wiley, age 16, KY (Same person as Sila in 1850???)
Zelphia, age 12, KY
Louisa, age 9, KY

Grantee: Smallwood, Hezekiah
Acres: 200
Book: 25
Survey Date: 9-28-1847
County: Rockcastle
WaterCourse: Rockcastle R
Volume 1
Part 2
page 1666
Patent #: 12755 Grantee: Smallwood, Hezekiah
Grant Book & Pg: 25 343 Acreage: 200
County: Rockcastle WaterCourse: Rockcastle R.
Survey Name: McClure, William Survey Date: 09/28/1847
Grant Date: 02/26/1849

They had the following children:

  2 M i James A. SMALLWOOD was born about 1822 in Kentucky. He died prob bef 1880.


1860 Census - Fabius, Schuyler Co., MO
James Smallwood, age 36, KY
Viola, age 30, KY
(Living in Fabious, Schuyler Co at same time as Hezekiah)

1870 Census - Madison, Clark Co., MO
Name: James Smallwood
Age in 1870: 48
Estimated Birth Year: 1821
Birthplace: Kentucky
Home in 1870: Madison, Clark, Missouri
Race: White
Gender: Male
Occupation: Farm Laborer
Value of Real Estate: $400
Post Office: Waterloo
Roll: M593_769
Page: 563
Image: 379
Year: 1870
James Smallwood, age 48, KY
Viola Ann, age 40, KY
Samuel, age 4, MO (probably a nephew)
Lydia J. Newell, 12, IL
San Franciso Stump, 22, laborer, OH
Jany Stump, 19, KY
Nettie Stump, 5 mos, MO

        James also married (1) Zelpha LAWSON, daughter of John LAWSON (?) and Polly (Mary?) SMALLWOOD, on 12 Aug 1843 in Laurel Co KY. Zelpha was born about 1822. She died poss before 1848.
        James married (2) Viola Ann DENHAM, daughter of Joseph DENHAM (?), on 1 Nov 1848 in Laurel Co KY. Viola was born about 1829 in Kentucky. She died prob before 1880.
+ 3 M ii John SMALLWOOD
+ 4 M iii Hezekiah SMALLWOOD
+ 5 M iv Elisha SMALLWOOD
  6 M v William SMALLWOOD was born in 1835 in Kentucky.
        William married Malinda MAIZE, daughter of William H. MAIZE and Susan POE, on 17 Oct 1857 in Schuyler County, Missouri. Malinda was born about 1836 in Indiana.
+ 7 M vi Riley SMALLWOOD
  8 F vii Elizabeth SMALLWOOD was born about 1839 in Kentucky.
+ 9 F viii Mary SMALLWOOD
  10 M ix Wiley SMALLWOOD was born about 1843 in Kentucky.
  11 F x Sila SMALLWOOD was born about 1844 in Kentucky.
  12 F xi Zilphia OR Zelphia SMALLWOOD was born in 1846/1848 in Kentucky.
  13 F xii Louisa SMALLWOOD was born about 1851 in Missouri.
+ 14 F xiii Elizabeth Jane SMALLWOOD

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