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1. William Sr FAIRBANKS

Source: Fairbanks Family of America by L.S. Fairbanks. from LucilleFairbanks, Faith, SD.
also from Janice Gruber, Arlene Dutton and Doug Fairbanks.

Tuesday, 30 July, 1996

1741 --Priscilla Remington born in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island
1744 -- William #1 born in Island of Prudence, Newport co., Rhode Island
1766 - They married 23 April in Portsmouth, Newport co. RI
1767 - lst child, Mary, born in Portsmouth.
She married Thomas Hopkins in West Greenwich, Kent co. RI. in 1787.
1769 - 9 Dec, my JEREMIAH born in Newport County, probably eitherPortsmouth or Isle of Prudence (1st child inPortsmouth and 3rd in Isle ofPrudence with Jeremiah in between) RI.
He married Ruth______________________.
1773 - 16 Apr, Remington born in Island of Prudence, Newport co. RI
He married Dorcas Helms.
1776 & 1777or 1778 - Sarah & Jonathan born in Rhode Island. Sarah mdCaleb Allen
1781 - Elizabeth born in Rhode Island
1784 - Elizabeth died in Rhode Island.
1806 - My EDWIN born 12 Mar. in New York somewhere (maybe NYCity).
1810 - Nov, Mary Aucil or Aicul born in NY.
1811 - Jeremiah (1769) died in Perth, Fulton Co., NY
1828 - William (1744) died in Perth, Fulton Co., NY
1832 - Priscilla died in Perth.
1840 - Mary (Fairbanks) Hopkins died in Fulton Co., NY
1854 - Jonathan (1778) died in Perth.

1832 - about - They married in New York somewhere.

1834 - 4 Sept, their lst child, Henry born in NY- he md late, MrsMargaret Averill in OH.

1835 - Jeremiah born in NY

1838 - 9 Sept, my ROBERT WILLIAM born in New York City

1839 - John born in OHIO

1855- Mary died & buried in Copley cemetery, Summit co. OH Row 10, Westsection.

1884- Edwin died & buried same as above.

I need to find Edwin & Mary's births & parents. Not sure of Mary's lastname either.

Write to Susan Proctor again. Also to Janice & Arlene Dutton.

William Fairbanks: World Family Tree Vol; 22 - !SOURCE: Arlene FairbanksDutton great-great-great-great granddaughter

Page: 1294813, Item 3, Pg 92, Fairbanks Cemetery-- Title: Cemeteries,New York, Fulton County
Publication Information: Microfilm; Repository Name: Family HistoryLibrary
Address: 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Page: Book Pg. 17 Title: 1790 Census Rhode Island, Kent County,West Greenwich
Publication Information: Book Repository Name: Family History Library
Address: 35 North West Temple Street Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Page: Film 193718, Pg.281----- Title: 1820 Census New York, MontgomeryCounty, Amsterdam
Publication Information: Microfilm Repository Name: Family HistoryLibrary
Address: 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150

Page: Film 513998, Pg. 454-455---- Title: Probate, New York,Montgomery County
Publication Information: Microfilm- Repository Name: Family HistoryLibrary
Address: 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150

!William may have been a PVT in Revolutionary War

ORIGINAL WILL differs slightly from Probate below. I (EA) have insertednecessary portions from it in parentheses, Oct. 11, 1999.

FHL film 513998 page 454 & 455 Montgomery Co., Johnstown, NY(Probated July 29, 1828. Montgomer Co. Surrogates Off. Book 4 - Page189) (I William Fairbanks of the Town of Amsterdam, in the Countyof Montgomery )
The people of the State of New York by the grace of God free and____________
To all to whom these present may _____or my concern said greeting know yethat at the Village of Johnstown in the County of Montgomery on thetwenty ninth day of July in the year of our Lord 1828 before ______________ Esquire surrogate of our said county the last Will
and Testament of William Fairbanks, deceased.
Remmington and Jonathan Fairbanks Executors
TOWN OF AMSTERDAM [from the above ), downto here is all worded differently but means the same. I wonder whyeverything isn't exactly alike?]
[I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Priscilla Fairbanks the] easthalf of the dwelling house wherein I now live with all my householdfurniture of every description during her entire life.
I give my Eldest son Jereimiah the [moriaty or equal half] part of thelot of Land where he now lives, [namely] _____ the south part.
Second son Remmington the one [moriaty] ______ or equal half part of thelot where he now lives [namely]_______ the north part.
Third son Jonathan the farm where I now live together with west half ofmy dwelling house, barn, outhouse, grain,[grass] ______, hay, farmingutensils and stock.
Direct that my wife Priscilla be supported with comfortable maintance byson Jonathan [during her natural life].
That [ my] three sons [pay or cause to be paid three following legacieswithin twelve months
[after my decease viz:] Jeremiah pay Mary Hopkins $200
Remmington pay Ruth Johnson $200
Jonathan pay Sarah Allen $200
[I do further bequeath unto my said son Jonathan after the decease of mysaid wife Priscilla Fairbanks, the East half of my dwelling housetogether with all my household furniture. and as to all the rest andremainder of my personal estate, goods and chattels of what kind andnature so ever, I will and direct to be equally divided between my saidthree sons. I do hereby appoint Jeremiah Fairbanks, Remington Fairbanksand Jonathan Fairbanks executors of this my last will and testament.Dated 28 January 1807.] Witnesses: Robert Mitchell---MosesMcKenny---Hugh Kerr
Will done 28 Jan. 1807
Done 29 July 1838

www.Familytreemaker.com GenealogyLibrary.com: Genealogy of theFairbanks Family. Pg 518
Laborious researches and the expenditure of some money, havefailed to reveal the
antecedents of this man.

He has a large number of descendants, but only those named belowhave been found; that is,
the Gloversville, N. Y. families, consisting of Niles H.Fairbanks, now, if still living, 88 years
old, his children and grandchildren. Of these, Miss MinervaFairbanks, and Minerva F.
Fonda, her niece, have done their best to furnish information,but they could not go back of
William and his family.

The circumstances lead to the inference that William was agrandson of Jeremiah (15), of
Bristol, R. I., but his parentage has not been discovered.According to his old family record in
possession of the Gloversville people, he was born on the Islandof Prudence, R. I., in 1740
or 1745 (year blotted). The town records, it is said, weredestroyed by the British in 1812.

He married (on the Island of Prudence) in Portsmouth, R. I.,Sept. 5, 1766 (?), Priscilla
Remington, who was born Apr. 23, 1741. Their children were:

1. Mary, born Oct. 24, 1767.
2. Jeremiah, born Dec. 9, 1769; he married I, Ruth (???),married II,
Abigail(???). He died in 1811, and was the first to beburied in the
old farm lot in Perth, five miles from Amsterdam; hiswife Abigail is
also buried there. He had children as follows: William,John, Alfred,
Edwin, Delilah. Alfred lived in Providence, R. I., formany years,
married, and had a son Robert.
Note:--the following is from the Briggs genealogy,--"AlfredFairbanks married Catherine,
daughter of Stephen and Ruby (Weeden)

Page 831

Briggs, of Westerly and Phoenix, R. I. She was born about1820--5; they had four sons and
three daughters."

3. Remington, born Apr. 16, 1773; married Dorcas Helms, ofR. I. She
was the daughter of Niles Helms, a weaver of coverlidsand that kind
of cloth. After the destruction of the homes on theIsland of Prudence,
by the British, he with several other families, formeda colony,
and removed to New York, taking a boat up the Hudson toAlbany,
thence to Amsterdam, where they settled. Their childrenwere (a)
Sally, who m. Willet Helms; (b) Ruth, who m. JesseMarsh; (c) Polly
or Mary, who m. Conrad Smith; (d) Betsey, who m. JacobWagar;
(e) Russell; (f) Moses; (g) Niles (see below); (h)Irene; (i)
He died in Friendship, N. Y., where he and his wife are buried.

4. Ruth, born May 10, 1774.
5. Sarah, born April 25, 1776.
6. Jonathan, born May 22, 1778; married and had fivechildren; Jeremiah,
William, Louisa, Lidia and Amy.
7. Elizabeth, born Feb. 24, 1781; died Dec. 24, 1784.

NILES H. FAIRBANKS, Gloversville, N. Y.
Son of Remington (above); married Sally M. Carpenter, Feb. 24,1841. Resides in
Gloversville, N. Y. Children:

1. Minerva, born May 11, 1842. She resides at home.
2. John Q., born July 26, 1843; married Dec. 26, 1865,Marcia Valentine.
Their children are:
a. Louis Niles, b. Oct. 1866.
b. Frank V., b. Dec. 1868.
3. Jennie A., born May 5, 1846; married, Dec. 9, 1868,Henry D. Fonda.


Married #2 Hopkins


!CENSUS:Salt Lake City RI IGI
Source, under Master Sources

4. Remington FAIRBANKS

BIRTH:RI-found in Lorenzo Sales book



7. Jonathan FAIRBANKS

BIRTH:RI either 1777 or 1778