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Descendants of Mareen DUVALL "The Immigrant"

Caution:  Some of the information presented in this file was obtained from census records and has not been verified.  If you have information about anyone in this file please contact Sandra by email.

Second Generation

2. Mareen DUVALL "The Elder" (Mareen ) was born after 1661 in S River Hund., Anne Arundel Co., MD.

Mareen married Frances STOCKETT daughter of Living.

(daughter of Thomas STOCKETT and Mary) about 1688 in Prince George's Co., MD, USA. Mareen DUVALL 'The Elder' and Frances STOCKETT had the following children:

Mareen and Frances had the following children:

+ 7 M i Mareen DUVALL

4. Mareen DUVALL "The Younger" (Mareen ) was born after 1680 in Middle Plantation S River Hundred., Anne Arundel Co., MD. He died about 9 Jun 1741 in Great Marsh, Prince Georges Co., MD.

Duval, Mareen, Sr.,At the Great Marsh, A. A. Co.,9th Dec. 1740;
9th June, 1741.
To son Mareen, personalty.
To son Samuel and hrs., 300 A. “Pleasant Grove.”
To son John and hrs., 300 A. “Pleasant Grove” lying next to land of John Carrick also “The Folly,” “Ryles.”
To son Jacob and hrs., 300 A. “Pleasant Grove.”
To son Lewis and hrs., 250 A. “Pleasant Grove” lying next to land of John Moars.
To son Benjamin and hrs., residue of “Pleasant Grove.”
To daus. Susanna Fowler, Elizabeth Donime, Ann, wife of John Carrick, and Mary, personalty.
To wife Elizabeth, extx., legal rights.
Test: Mark Brown, William Clark, Rev. Jacob Henderson.
22. 344.

born after 1680 in Middle Plantation S River Hund., Anne Arundel Co., MD, USA. He resided at in 1728 in Western Branch, Prince George's Co., MD, USA. He died about 9 Jun 1741 in Great Marsh, Prince Georges Co., MD, USA. He had an estate probated on 17 Jun 1741 in Prince Georges Co., MD. He signed a will in Great Marsh, Prince Georges Co., MD, USA.

DUVALL, MAREEN H.-DEED FROM JACOB FOWLER-(1772) Archives, Maryland Province, Society of Jesus
DUVALL, MAREEN H.-DEED FROM WILLIAM FOWLER-(1773) Archives, Maryland Province, Society of Jesus
DUVALL, MAREEN H.-DEED FROM WILLIAM FOWLER-(1776) Archives, Maryland Province, Society of Jesus

Archives of Maryland, Volume 0038, Page 0283 - Acts of the General Assembly hitherto unpublished 1694-1698, 1711-1729
... of the General Assembly hitherto unpublished 1694-1698, 1711-1729 View tiff image (61K) Acts. 283 to Discharge But the said Mareen Duvall by his said petition further Setting forth that he is very willing to part with all that he hath in the world towards the payment of the aforementioned ...

Archives of Maryland, Volume 0204, Page 0176 - Laws of Maryland 1785-1791
....An ACT to enable the vestry of Saint Margaret's Westminster parish,
in Anne-Arundel county, to appropriate the rents arising
from the glebe-lands in said parish for the purposes therein mentioned.
Passed January 20.
WHEREAS John Walker, Richard Jacobs, Vachel Stevens, administrator
of John Stevens, deceased, and William Pumphry, administrator
of Benjamin Fowler, deceased, of Anne-Arundel
county, have represented to this general assembly, that the vestry of the parish
aforesaid, about the year seventeen hundred and seventy, applied to the county
court of Anne-Arundel, to assess on the parishioners a quantity of tobacco, to
enable them to build a chapel of ease in said parish; that the court, in consequence
thereof, did assess ten pounds of tobacco per poll, on the parishioners
aforesaid, from year to year, for the purpose of raising a sufficient sum to enable
them to erect said chapel, as a place of divine worship; and that workmen were
employed by said vestry to build the same, who undertook the work, and had
nearly completed it, when there was not money enough then ready collected to
discharge their accounts, and the refused to complete the said building unless
the money could be immediately paid; that thereupon the vestry, to wit, the
revered Robert Renny, Horatio Sharpe, John Walker, Richard Jacob, junior,
John Stevens and Benjamin Fowler, borrowed the sum of fifty-four pounds seven
shillings sterling money, from the reverend Walter Magowan, and passed
their bond to him for the payment of the sum borrowed, with interest, from the
fifth day of December, seventeen hundred and seventy-two; that the county
court aforesaid afterwards proceeded to assess and further tax to enable the vestry
aforesaid to discharge the debt aforesaid incurred to finish the said chapel, and
the same was collected by William Noke, then sheriff of the said county, and
paid by him in the month of June, seventeen hundred and seventy-nine to the
vestry, in depreciated continental money; that they as conscientious men did not
think themselves justifiable in making a tender thereof to the said Walter Magowan,
in discharge of the money borrowed as aforesaid; that the said vestry
placed it in the hands of Samuel Jacob, their clerk, with directions that it should
be loaned out on good security, but the same was not done; that the said Walter
Magowan commenced suits against the said John Walker, Richard Jacob, Vachel
Stevens and William Pumphry, for recovery of said money so lent, and
hath obtained judgment against them; that the said vestry have now in their
possession about one hundred pounds current money, which has been received for
the rents of the glebe of said parish, which is now without a minister; the said
petitioners therefor pray, that the said vestry may be empowered to apply the
said money, together with such rents as may hereafter arise, in discharge of the
said judgment; and this general assembly thinking it reasonable and just, that
the prayer of said petitioners should be granted;
Possession Reversion Remainder (the necessary wareing Apparell
for my Self wife and Children Excepted) and that I have not directly
or Indirectly sold leased or otherwise Conveyed disposed of or In-
trusted all or any part of my Estate thereby to secure the same to
receive or Expect Profitt or advantage thereof So help me God It
shall and may be lawfull for the sherr. of Prince Georges County and
the said Sherr. is hereby required (upon his said Mareens Comply-
ing with what is Required of him by this Act) to Discharge the
said Mareen Duvall out of his Custody and to Suffer him to go at

Mareen married Elizabeth JACOB daughter of John JACOB and Ann CHENEY in 1701 in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD. Elizabeth was born in 1683 in Ann Arundel, MD. She died in 1752 in Prince George's, Maryland.

They had the following children:

+ 8 F i Susannah DUVALL
+ 9 M ii Mareen DUVALL
  10 F iii Elizabeth DUVALL.
        Elizabeth married Living.
+ 11 M iv Samuel DUVALL
  12 F v Anne DUVALL.
        Anne married Living.
+ 13 M vi Benjamin "Piney Ben" DUVALL
+ 14 M vii John DUVALL
+ 15 M viii Jacob DUVALL
  16 M ix Lewis DUVALL was born on 3 Dec 1721.

Archives of Maryland, Volume 0027, Page 0583 - Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly, March, 1707-November, 1710
... , 288, 289, 292, 321, 326, 327, 334, 369, 370. Dulany, Daniel, 429, 437. Dummer, Mr., 5, 10, 11, 16, 19, 64, 70, 72, 77, 80, 85. Durham Parish, 495. Duvall, Eleanor, 86. Duvall, Jacob, 130. Duvall, John, 15, 22, 78, 130, 134, 135. Duvall, Lewis, 284. Duvall, Mareen, 86. Eccleston, Hugh, 7, 25, 38, 67 ...
        Lewis married Alice BROWN.
+ 17 M x Gabriel DUVALL

6. Benjamin DUVALL (Mareen ) was born in All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel, MD. He died in 1794.

Benjamin married Sophia GRIFFITH in 1713.

They had the following children:

+ 18 M i Charles DUVALL
+ 19 M ii William DUVALL

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