Thomas COX


2. William COX

Robert A. Hussey, 1993, provided location of birth.

See notes for grandson Solomon Cox, son of John:

John Cox came to America with his parents in 1708. We do not know where they lived in England -- probably from some Quaker community. John was born about 1685 which means he was about 22 on arrival. It is believed the group landed at Newcastle, Delaware where they lived for a season. Later the family moved to Kennett, Chaster County, Pennsylvania, a Quaker center. This was their residence for about ten years. During that period John Cox Senior died, 1711. We have no idea when his wife Rachel passed away.
As indicated above, John was the son of John and Rachel Cox Senior. Nothing is known of Rachel's ancestry. John and Rachel were about 20 years of age when John Jr. joined the family. This means the parents were born about the year 1665. A tradition in the family says they were invited to Pennsylvania by William Penn. They should have known George Fox personally for the founder of the Society of Friends lived till 1691. The Cox family may have taken part in the first Quaker Meeting in 1761.

Note: The source of John and Rachel's children, their birth dates, and places is from Bill Cox, Eldora, KS, 6 Dec 1994.

Les Sutton, Houston, TX is in the process (1995) of publishing a book which contains a Cox section. In the draft text he indicates John Cox was born Sep 24, 1675 in Drayton, Berkshire, England and died 1711 in Newcastle Co. DE. He indicates the wife Rachel was born in England in 1665. He also identifies John's parents as Thomas Cox and Chrisian Matthews.

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