Jacob or Johannes CRISMON (CHRISMAN)

Fourth Generation

14. Isaac Campbell CRISMON (Isaac , Jacob , Jacob or Johannes ) was born on 25 Nov 1767 in Hampshire, Va. He died on 3 Nov 1838 in Franklin, Mo.

Isaac married Judah (Judith) WALLEN about 1783. Judah was born on 17 Jun 1768 in of Russell, Va.

They had the following children:

  20 M i Ewing CRISMON was born about 1784 in of Russell, Va.
  21 F ii Jane CRISMON was born on 11 Aug 1788 in Russell, Va.
        Jane married Samuel SCISSEL.
  22 F iii Mary "Polly" CRISMON was born on 11 Aug 1788 in Russell, Va.
+ 23 F iv Margaret CRISMON
+ 24 M v Gilbert Oliver CRISMON
  25 M vi Elisha CRISMON was born on 17 Jul 1794.
  26 M vii Isaac CRISMON was born on 23 Mar 1796 in of Lee, Va.
        Isaac married Sarah EZELL.
  27 F viii Eleanor CRISMON was born on 17 Jan 1798 in of Lee, Va.
  28 F ix Agnes "Aggie" CRISMON was born on 9 Mar 1800 in of Lee, Va.
  29 M x Thomas CRISMON was born on 18 Apr 1802.
  30 M xi William W. CRISMON was born on 26 Sep 1804 in Tn.
+ 31 M xii Stephen CRISMON

19. Phoebe CRISMON (CHRISMAN) (Abraham , Jacob , Jacob or Johannes ) was born about 1761 in Frederick Co., Va. She died in 1858.

Phoebe married Joseph JETT, son of John JETT III and Sarah TAPP, on 12 Sep 1792 in Montgomery Co., Va. Joseph was born on 2 Sep 1766 in Virginia. He died about 1825 in Pulaski Co., Lentucky.

They had the following children:

  32 M i Reuben JETT was born in 1792/1793 in Montgomery Co., Va.
  33 M ii Stephen JETT was born on 9 Apr 1795 in Montgomery Co., Va.
  34 F iii Keziah JETT was born on 28 May 1796.
  35 M iv William JETT was born about 1797 in Montgomery Co., Va.
  36 M v Abraham JETT was born on 18 Jun 1799 in Montgomery Co., Va.
  37 M vi Elijah JETT was born about 1801 in Russell, Va.
+ 38 M vii James Monroe JETT
  39 F viii Sarah JETT was born in 1804/1806 in Russell, Va.
  40 M ix Hugh JETT was born in 1805/1811 in Hardin Co., Va.
  41 F x Rebecca JETT was born about 1806.
  42 F xi Phoebe JETT was born in 1808/1811 in Wayne Co., Kentucky.
  43 F xii Rhoda JETT was born in 1810/1815 in Wayne Co., Kentucky.

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