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Descendants of Symond BROUGHTON

First Generation

1. Symond BROUGHTON was born on 21 Dec 1652.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume V

The family name of James Marion Broughton, chief of police of the city of Portsmouth, Virginia, is derived from the Saxon, Broc, which means brook or brocken land, or Tun, a dwelling or town. In King Ethelred's charter to the monastery of Shaftesbury, England, A. D. 1001, Elfwig's boundaries as Broctun are mentioned. The Domesday Book of William the Conqueror, 1086, describes thirty-four manors of Broctun variously Latinized by the clerks of the records to Brochthon, Brocton, Brotton, Broton, Brogton, and Broughton, perhaps according to the pronunciation peculiar to the localities where the manors were situated. Later the orthography of Broughton seems to have been generally adopted. The name continued prominent among the knights and sheriffs of England for four centuries, until the titular male lines became extinct and their estates passed through female lines to other families.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume V

Thomas Broughton, a passenger from Gravesend, below London, England, embarked on the ship "America," June 23, 1635, for Virginia. Savage, in his "Notes," identifies this Thomas with Thomas Broughton, of Watertown, Massachusetts, who before 1643 married Mary, daughter of Nathaniel Brescoe. He owned large grants and made purchases at Berwick, Maine, and Dover, New Hampshire, where he erected mills. His descendants settled in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts, the Virginia family descending from the Vermont branch, the great-great-grandfather of James Marion Broughton settling near Norfolk in the Back Bay district. One of the sons of the settler located in North Carolina, another settled far up the West Branch, the third choosing Norfolk as his residence and there becoming a wealthy planter.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume V

William Edward Broughton, grandson of the settler and son of the Norfolk planter, was educated in the public schools, afterward learning the trades of blacksmith and shipcaulker, following both at different times. At the beginning of the war between the states he enlisted in the Confederate army, joining Paight's Rangers, and participated in the fighting about Petersburg. While in New York on business he was, in the parlance of the sea, "shanghaied," placed on board the "Vermont," and was present at the battle of Mobile. William Edward Broughton was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church, fraternized with the Masonic order, and in political faith was a Democrat. He married Mary Pierce, and had six children, five of them sons, all of whom were at different times employed in the United States navy-yard at Norfolk. Children: Joseph, of whom further; Missouri, married John Tatum; George Washington; Charles, deceased; Morse A.; James M.

The name Broughton may have been derived from the word "Broctun," which means a village surrounded by a brook. Other spellings of the name include Brocton, Brotin, Brotten, Bratten, Brawton, Browtin, Broaten, Brogton, Bronson, and Braghton.

It is apparent that the first Broughton's who came to America came from Buckingham, Chester, and Kent Counties of England and landed in Barbodos and Virginia. They arrived in the early 17th century. Dates as early as 1638 mentioning Broughton's have been found in Virginia and 1642 in Barbados.

Our earliest known Broughton ancestor is Willoughby, born 1725 in Brunswick County, Virginia. Speculation runs from his father being named John, to Edward, James, Job, Thomas, and William. The only thing we know for sure is that Willoughby's Broughton ancestors originated in England.

The authors of the 1982 book, "Broughton Lineage," Lilliam Broughton Creech, Fredwyn Creech Schwendeman, and Sharon Creech Roark, believe that Willoughby descends from James Broughton, son of Symond and Anise Chanberlaine Broughton of Barbados.

Could the following family be related to Symond Broughton?

Thomas Broughton
Birth: About. 1655 in St. John's Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina
Death: 3 Feb 1736/37 in Charleston, South Carolina
Sex: M
Father: Andrew Broughton b. About. 1625
Mother: Hannah Guerard b. About. 1630

Reference: 39564
Spouses & Children
Anne Johnson (Wife) b. About. 1662

Marriage: ABT. 1683
Constantia Broughton b. About. 1678 in England
Nathaniel Broughton b. 1690 in Berkeley County, South Carolina
Andrew Broughton b. About. 1692
Johanna Broughton b. About. 1696 in England
Lydia Broughton b. About. 1698
Anne Broughton b. About. 1702 in Berkeley County, South Carolina
Robert Broughton b. About. 1704 in Berkeley County, South Carolina
Christiana Broughton b. About. 1707
Thomas Broughton b. 17 Oct 1717

Symond married Anise CHAMBERLAINE.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i James BROUGHTON

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