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William BRIGGS

Second Generation

2. John BRIGGS (William ) was born in 1609 in Yorks, England. He died in Nov 1690 in Portsmouth, Ri.

John married Sarah CORNELL, daughter of Thomas CORNELL and Rebecca BRIGGS, in 1641. Sarah was born on 30 Mar 1623 in Essex, England. She died on 6 Sep 1703 in Portsmouth, Ri.

They had the following children:

+ 10 F i Susannah BRIGGS
  11 F ii Sarah BRIGGS was born in 1640 in Newport, Ma.
+ 12 M iii Thomas BRIGGS
+ 13 M iv William BRIGGS
+ 14 M v Jr John BRIGGS
  15 M vi Job BRIGGS was born about 1654 in Little Compton, Ri. He died in 1733 in Little Compton, Ri.
        Job married Eleanor about 1675 in Portsmouth, Newport, Ri.
  16 M vii Stephen BRIGGS was born in 1655 in Little Compton, Ri.
+ 17 M viii Enoch BRIGGS

3. Rebecca BRIGGS (William ) was born on 25 Oct 1600 in Middlesex, Eng. She died on 8 Feb 1673 in Portsmouth, Ri.

Rebecca married Thomas CORNELL, son of Richard CORNELL and Mary. Thomas was born in 1593 in Hertford, England. He died in 1656 in Cornell Homestead, Portsmouth, Ri.

They had the following children:

+ 18 M i Thomas CORNELL
  19 M ii Kelame CORNELL was born after 1623. He died in 1632.
  20 F iii Ann CORNELL
  21 F iv Rebecca CORNELL
+ 22 F v Elizabeth CORNELL
+ 23 M vi John CORNELL
  24 M vii Samuel CORNELL
  25 M viii Joshua CORNELL
  26 F ix Mary CORNELL
  27 M x William CORNELL
  28 M xi Thomas CORNELL
  29 F xii Ann CORNELL
+ 30 F xiii Sarah CORNELL
  31 F xiv Rebecca CORNELL

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