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Ancestors of Sandra Leigh BRANSON

Fifteenth Generation

17024. Walter GOODE (GOAD) was born about 1500 in Whitley, England. He married Joan WHITSON. [Parents]

Walter GOODE b: Abt 1530
Digorie GOODE b: Abt 1532
Milicent GOODE b: Abt 1533
Elizabeth GOODE b: Abt 1534
Richard GOODE b: Abt 1538 in Whitstone, England

17025. Joan WHITSON was born about 1510 in Whitstone, Cornwall, England.


17664. Lachlainn Oig MACLACHLAN Clan Chief was born in 1498 in Scotland.


22144. James VEITCH was born in 1490 in Dawick, Drummelizier, Peebleshire, Scotland. He died before 3 May 1552 in Dawick, Drummelizier, Peebleshire, Scotland. He married Margaret COCKBURN. [Parents]

22145. Margaret COCKBURN was born in 1494 in Henderland, Peebleshire, Scotland..


22146. William FLEMING was born in 1517 in Baghall, Renfrew, Scotland. He married Elizabeth BRISBANE.

22147. Elizabeth BRISBANE was born about 1517 in Baghall, Renfrew, Scotland.


22148. William STEWART was born in 1506 in Traquair, Scotland. He died in 1540. He married Christian HAY.

22149. Christian HAY was born in 1510. [Parents]


22176. Robert CLAGETT was born in 1490 in Mailing, Kent Co., England. He died in 1558/1590.


22528. Henry STEPHENS was born about 1497 in Frochester, Glouchestershire, England. He died on 9 Jan 1551/1552 in Frochester, Glouchestershire, England. He married Unknown LUGG. [Parents]

Children of Henry Stephens and Miss Lugg:

1. Edward STEPHENS b: ABT. 1523 in Frochester, Glouchestershire, England
2. Walter STEPHENS b: ABT. 1525 in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England
3. Richard STEPHENS b: ABT. 1527 in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England
4. William STEPHENS b: ABT. 1529 in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England
5. Robert STEPHENS b: ABT. 1531 in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England
6. John STEPHENS b: ABT. 1533 in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England
7. Alice STEPHENS b: ABT. 1535 in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England
8. Ann STEPHENS b: ABT. 1537 in Frocester, Gloucestershire, England

Henry Stephens Esq. lived in Forcester Co. Glouchester in the reign of Henry VIII and Edward VI. He married a daughter of Edward Lugg. He died in 1552, leaving eight children.

22529. Unknown LUGG was born in 1493 in Lugwardine, Hereford, England.


22560. John GALLOP was born about 1500. He died in 1533. He married Joan COLLINS. [Parents]

22561. Joan COLLINS was born about 1519.


22562. Humphrey WATKINS was born about 1500. He died in 1610. He married Catherine SYMONDS.

22563. Catherine SYMONDS was born about 1519.


22584. Roger READE was born in of Essex, England. He died in 1558. He married Elizabeth. [Parents]

22585. Elizabeth.


23088. William GRISWOLD was born in 1515/1520. He died in 1607. He married Alice PARKER. He had other parents. [Parents]

23089. Alice PARKER was born about 1517.


27136. William WEST was born about 1533 in Warbelton, Sussex, England. He died on 30 Dec 1595 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England. He married Elizabeth STRANGE about 1555 in Essex, England. [Parents]

Thomas WEST b: 9 Jul 1557 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Jane WEST b: Abt 1558 in England
Elizabeth WEST b: Abt 1559 in Halnaker, Sussex, England
Mary WEST b: Abt 1561 in Sussex, England

OCCU Baron de la Warr
SOUR Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning
PAGE 241,195
Was disabled from all honors in 1549, but restored in blood in1563 and was
created 5 February, 1570, Lord de la Warr - Americans of RoyalDescent,
Charles H. Browning; created Baron de la Warr, 5 Feb 1570 - p.194

OCCU 1st Lord DeLaWare
Adopted by his father's half brother, Sir Thomas West, Knight ofthe Garter,
Lord William prepared poison for his uncle to gain inheritance,failed and was
disinherited. Sir Thomas died in 1554. A few years later, forhis gallant
conduct, he regained the title.

27137. Elizabeth STRANGE was born in 1534 in of Essex, England.


27138. Sir Francis KNOLLYS was born in 1514 in Rotherford Grey, Oxfordshire, England . He died on 18 Aug 1596 in Rotherford Grey, Oxfordshire, England . He married Mary Katherine CAREY about 1539 in Wiltshire, England.

27139. Mary Katherine CAREY was born about 1520 in Orf-Grays, Oxfordshire, England.


27648. Peter VAN DEVENTER was born before 1550 in Deventer, Overyssel, Netherlands. He married Unknown.

27649. Unknown.


29984. Jean (DABNEY) D'AUBIGNE was born about 1520 in Orleans, France. He died in 1563 in France. He married Catherine D'ESTANG. [Parents]

29985. Catherine D'ESTANG was born about 1520 in France.


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