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Ancestors of Sandra Leigh BRANSON

Fourteenth Generation

8304. Johannes (Ohanis) HANCOCK was born in 1567 in Brayles, Warwickshire, England. He married Margaret HARRIS.

8305. Margaret HARRIS.


8512. Richard GOODE (GOAD) was born about 1538 in Whitstone, Cornwall, England. He died about 1600. He married Isabella PENKEVILLE in 1558 in Cornwall, England. [Parents]

George GOODE b: After 1558
Florence GOODE b: After 1558
Margaret GOODE b: After 1558
Digorie GOODE b: After 1558
Nazareth GOODE b: After 1558
Richard GOODE b: 12 Apr 1562 in Whitstone, Cornwall, England
Walter GOODE b: 1585 in Whitley Manor, Cornwall, England

8513. Isabella PENKEVILLE was born about 1538 in Penkeville, England.


8832. Lachlainn Oig MACLACHLAN Clan Chief was born in 1538 in Scotland. [Parents]


9728. John (aka Matthew) HARDCASTLE was born in 1604 in England.


11072. William VEITCH was born about 1522. He died in Sep 1602. He married Marion Mariota FLEMING on 6 Jun 1556. [Parents]

11073. Marion Mariota FLEMING was born about 1539 in Baghall, Renfrew, Scotland. [Parents]


11074. James STEWART was born in 1534 in Traquair, Scotland. He married Katherine KERR. [Parents]

11075. Katherine KERR was born in 1538 in Peebleshire, Scotland. She died on 28 Feb 1605/1606.


11088. Richard CLAGETT was born in 1558 in Traquair, Scotland. He married Margaret GODDEN. [Parents]

11089. Margaret GODDEN.


11264. Edward STEPHENS was born about 1523 in Frochester, Glouchestershire, England. He died on 22 Oct 1587 in Eastington Church, Glouchestershire, England. He married Jane Joan FOWLER about 1552 in Glouscestershire, England. [Parents]

Edward Stephens (1523 - 1587) was Lord of Eastington manor. He married Joan Fowler and had sixteen children. They both died the same year and are buried in Eastington Church.

Source: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=don4736&id=I18567

EDWARD STEPHENS, Esq., lord of the manor of Eastington, acquired the manors of Eastington and Alkerton, co. Gloucester,1 1573. The estate of Eastington had been held during the Middle Ages by the De Molends and the De Balurns, and it is recorded that Henry de Newmarch had it in succession to Thurston Fitz Rolf. It passed into possession of the celebrated Edward de Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, and his wife the granddaughter of Prince George Plantaganet, Duke of Clarence, niece of Edward IV, and Richard III; and through Lord Stafford to Edward Stephens in the fifteenth year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Edward Stephens erected a manor house there of the Elizabethan style.2 Of this house only a rude drawing of a portion of the front remains, the building having been destroyed by fire in 1778, at which time perished the oldest archives of this family, which had been there deposited. Eastington manor includes the village of that name. The parish church has been restored in modern times.1 In the churchyard Whitefield when curate did his first open-air preaching, the sacred edifice being incapable of holding his hearers. The most notable feature of the interior of the church is the altar tomb2 with recumbent effigies of Edward Stephens, and his wife Joan, and showing sculptured the family coat of arms. Edward Stephens in 1557 built Chavenage Hall in his manor of Horsley, near Tetbury, Gloucestershire not far distant from Eastington.3 The date and his initials and those of his wife are carved over the entrance doorway. The house, whose front is in the form of the letter E in honor of Queen Elizabeth, stretches back in a series of buildings partly erected since his time. A demi eagle, the crest of the family, forms a finial over the porch, and over one of the west gables. In the great hall, at the left of the entrance, is paneling of the Elizabethan period. The windows have coats of arms in the stained glass, and the walls were in his day hung with armor. A chimney piece shows carvings of the Stephens arms; and these arms and the arms of Fowler are elsewhere displayed in the house. The covered ceiling of the minstrel gallery is finely paneled. The original dining room has paneling of the date 1627. In the bed rooms is some good tapestry. The bed room used by Sir Philip Sidney has another ancient chimney piece. The chapel was built of materials from the ruins of Horsley Priory near by. Edward Stephens married Joan, daughter of Richard Fowler, Gent., of Stonehouse, co. Gloucester, who died August 5, 1587. His will dated August 13, was proved November 27, 1587, by his brother-in-law, William Fowler, Gent., and his son Richard. He died October 22, 1587, aged sixty-four, and was buried in Eastington church, where his tomb, already referred to, exists to this day, in fair preservation.

Source: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/t/e/William-Lackey--Stephens/GENE20-0017.html#CHILD17

11265. Jane Joan FOWLER was born about 1529 in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England. She died on 5 Aug 1587 in Eastington Church, Glouchestershire, England.


11266. Richard BROKE (BROOKE).


11280. Thomas GALLOP was born in 1530. He died in 1610. He married Agnes WATKINS. [Parents]

11281. Agnes WATKINS was born in 1527. [Parents]


11282. John CRABBE was born about 1530.


11288. Living


11292. William READE was born in 1540 in Essex, England. He died in 1603 in Essex, England. He married Mary CHURCH. [Parents]

11293. Mary CHURCH.


11294. Living


11521. ALICE was born in 1505. She died in 1572.


11544. George Henry GRISWOLD was born in 1548. [Parents]


11546. Henry JAMES was born in 1539. He married Bridgett LITTLETON.

11547. Bridgett LITTLETON was born in 1537.


13568. Sir Thomas WEST was born on 9 Jul 1557 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England. He died on 24 Mar 1602/1603 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England. He married Lady Anne KNOLLYS on 19 Nov 1571 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England. [Parents]

Elizabeth WEST b: 11 Sep 1573 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Robert WEST b: 3 Jan 1574/1575 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Thomas WEST b: 9 Jul 1577 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Wakingham WEST b: 13 Nov 1579 in Westover, Hampshire, England
Anne WEST b: 21 May 1581 in Westover, Hampshire, England
Penelope WEST b: 9 Sep 1582 in Westover, Hampshire, England
Catherine WEST b: 27 Dec 1583 in Winchester, Hampshire, England
Francis Capt. CAPT. West b: 28 Oct 1586 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Helena WEST b: 15 Dec 1587 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England
Letitia WEST b: Abt 24 Nov 1589 in Wherwell, Hampshire, England
John Capt., Gov. CAPT., GOV. West b: 14 Dec 1590 in Testwood, Hampshire, England
Nathaniel Capt. CAPT. West b: 30 Nov 1592 in Lansium, Hampshire, England
Eleanor Elizabeth WEST b: Abt 1593 in Lansium, Hampshire, England

Lord Delaware was the first governor of colonial Virginia. He arrived there
in 1610 to find Jamestown on the verge of extinction as a result of the harsh
winter--the "starving time" of 1610-11. He revived the settlement before
returning (1618) to England. The Delaware River and State of Delaware take
their names from him.

Lord De La Warr's ancestors and those of the associated families of his
ancestors follows and information for these ancestors was found in the United
Ancestories Linked Pedigrees, CDR 100, Automated Archives, Inc.
UA Record No:45-223 - He was the 2nd Lord De La Warr
He married Ann Knollys 19 Nov. 1571 and they had four sons who were prominent
in the affairs of the settlement of Virginia. Their son Governor John West was
the only one to leave descendants in Virginia.

OCCU 2nd Lord de la Warr ...
SOUR Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning
WEST.GED says 7 Jun 1618
PAGE 241,194
only son, knighted in Dublin, 12 July, 1599, by the Earl ofEssex -
Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning, p. 241; Thomas,Sir 12th
Baron West, Lord de la Warr - WEST.GED

13569. Lady Anne KNOLLYS was born about 1555 in Stanford, Berkshire, England. She died after 30 Aug 1608 in Lansium, Hampshire, England . [Parents]


13572. Capt. Rawleigh CROWSHAW was born about 1570 in Crawshaw, Lancashire Co., England . He died in 1628 in Elizabeth City Co., Virginia .


13824. Herman Pieters VAN DEVENTER was born about 1576 in Deventer, Overyssel, Netherlands. He married Mayke HERMANS. [Parents]

13825. Mayke HERMANS was born about 1577 in Twello, Gelderland, Netherlands.


14336. Richard COOKE was born about 1557 in Of St Augustine, Parish Bristol, Gloucester, England . He died after 1598 in Bristol, Gloucester, England .

Born: Abt 1557 Place: Of St Augustine, Parish Bristol, Gloucester, England
Died: Aft 1598 Place: Bristol, Gloucester, , England
Married: Abt 1576 Place: St. Augustine, Parish, Bristol, Gloucester, England


14992. Theodore Argrippa (DABNEY) D'AUBIGNE was born on 8 Feb 1550/1551 in Pons, Saintogne, France . He died on 29 Apr 1630 in Geneva, Switzerland. He married Suzanne LEZAY. [Parents]

Theodore Agrippa d'Aubigne, Seigneur de Lander et la Chaillon, was a fearless Huguenot leader in France, 1550-1630. He was a soldier under Conde', and warlord of Henry of Navarre. He refused to recant his faith and fled to Geneva, where he spent the remainder of his life writing his Historie Universell depuis 1550 jus' qua l'an 1601. His line of descent come from Geoffrey, sire d'Aubigne, Chevalier, Lord of Aubigne, near Saumur, who lived during the reign of Louis VII (1137-1180). The name still flourishes in France. Theodore Agrippa was the grandfather of Madame de Maintenon, pious favorite and wife of Louis XIV of France. Sources: "Dabney's of Virginia" by W.H. Dabney; Descendents of John d'Aubigne, prior 1670; Genealogy of Virginia Families, Vol II, Genealogy Pub. Balt. 1981 In France the old Huguenot name and family of d'Aubigne still lives. They form a small colony in their native land, never having increased much. All the branches of this family in America claim a common ancestry. They have the same armorial bearings - an elephant's head, three footless martins, and the fleur de lis of France - the same traditions, and the same motto, which they hold in three languages. In France they have the motto in the Latin, "Fidelis et Gratus" One of the American branches has it in French, "Fidele et Reconnaissant" while most of the name in the United States have it in English, "Faithful and Grateful." The name has changed many times since the American branch left France, 200 years ago. It is written in different ways, as Daubeny; Daubney; Bigny; D'audbinay; Dabnee; and Dabney. The traditions all say that they descended from that fearless Huguenot leader, Agrippa d'Aubigne, who flourished from 1550-1630. Agrippa was not the first of his name known at the French court. According to tradition in the family, a d'Aubigne was at the court of Louis XII. He commanded a company of Swiss guards. Agrippa d'Aubigne wrote a very interesting history of the fearless times in which he lived - one of the best that has come down to us. The name of d'Aubigne can be found among the rolls of Battle Abbey, amidst the list of knights who fell at Hastings. Some survived the conquest and are mentioned in Hume's History as champions of Magna Carta. A branch of the d'Aubigne family left France, after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, by King Louis XIV, on October 28, 1685, because they were no longer allowed to worship God with freedom of conscience. They first went to Wales between 1715 and 1717 and sailed for America.

14993. Suzanne LEZAY was born about 1550 in France. She died in 1596.


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