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Ancestors of Sandra Leigh BRANSON

Thirteenth Generation

4152. Richard B. HANCOCK was born on 6 Oct 1596 in England. He died on 16 Jun 1661 in Brayles, Warwickshire, England. He married Jelian WILDING. [Parents]

4153. Jelian WILDING was born about 1597.


4256. Richard GOODE (GOAD) was born on 12 Apr 1562 in Whitstone, Cornwall, England. He died after 1620 in Whitstone, Cornwall, England. He married Joan DOWNE. [Parents]

Isabell GOODE b: Abt 1584 in Cornwall, England
Robert GOODE b: Abt 1586
Richard GOODE b: Abt 1588 in Cornwall, England
John GOODE b: Abt 1591 in Cornwall, England
Dorothy GOODE b: Abt 1600

4257. Joan DOWNE was born about 1564 in Pilton, Devonshire, England.


4416. Lachlainn Oig MACLACHLAN Clan Chief was born in 1561 in Scotland. [Parents]


4864. Henry Matthew HARDCASTLE was born in 1625 in Old Rappahannock. [Parents]


5536. Laird of Dawyck John VEITCH was born in 1557 in Dawick, Drummelizier, Peebleshire, Scotland. He died in 1606 in Dawyck Castle, Scotland. He married Janet STEWART. [Parents]

5537. Janet STEWART was born in 1558 in Traquair, Scotland. She died about 1607. [Parents]


5544. George CLAGETT was born in 1563. He died in Apr 1638. He married Anne COLBRAND. [Parents]

5545. Anne COLBRAND.


5632. Anthony STEVENS Baron of WinterBourne was born about 1569 in Eastington Church, Glouchestershire, England. He died in 1625. He married Katherine BROKE in 1582 in England. [Parents]

The evidence tends to prove that B) Anthony Stephens, b. ca 1560 lived near the small town of Hodson in Wiltshire, England and probably descended from Airard Fitz Stephens a nobleman of Normandy in France, who came with William the Conqueror, et al. and conquered England in 1066. Hodson is not on the map now. See Chapter I, Part II and "Stevens Genealogy" by C. Ellis Stevens. However, we do not have the exact link, but our coat of arms is much the same as that of the Norman lines. The authority for the first three generations and the arms is found in Harlien Publications, "Visitations of London, 1634", Vol. II, p. 262. Capitol letters are used in place of personal numbers for those who, so far as known, did not emigrate to America.
B) Anthony1 Stephens, b. ca. 1560, of Wiltshire, England. -m- Kathrine, dau. of Richard Broke, b. ca. 1530. Besides A) Thomas2, a son of Anthony and Cathrine (also Kathrine), was probably 6)Capt. Richard Stevens (or Stephens), immigrant to the Jamestown Colony in the George in 1623.
The main evidence is in our family records and the fact that 1) Nicholas Stevens (he changedthe spelling) was present at meetings to settle the estate of Carolina governor Samuel Stevens, son of Capt. Richard. - (Ray's Old Albemarle, p. 568). It is not certain whether 6) Capt. Richard was a brother or cousin of A) Thomas.

Source: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/t/e/William-Lackey--Stephens/GENE20-0018.html#CHILD20

5633. Katherine BROKE was born about 1560 in of Wiltshire, England. [Parents]


5640. John GALLOP was born in 1571. He died in 1650. He married Mary CRABBE. [Parents]

5641. Mary CRABBE was born in 1565. [Parents]


5644. John LAKE.John married Elizabeth SANDELL. [Parents]

5645. Elizabeth SANDELL.


5646. Edmund READE was born in 1563 in Essex, England. He died in 1623 in Essex, England. He married Elizabeth COOKE. [Parents]

5647. Elizabeth COOKE died about 1637 in England. [Parents]


5656. Thomas CROSS was born in 1548 in England.


5760. William ADAMS was born in 1555. He died in 1570. He married Miss BORRINGTON. [Parents]

5761. Miss BORRINGTON was born in 1557.


5772. George GRISWOLD was born in 1574. He died in 1615. He married Dorothy JAMES. [Parents]

5773. Dorothy JAMES was born in 1581. She died in 1615. [Parents]


5774. John BLENCOW was born in 1584. He married Mary WILLISON.

5775. Mary WILLISON.


6784. Gov/Capt John WEST I was born on 14 Dec 1590 in Testwood, Hampshire, England. He died about 1659 in West Point, New Kent (now King William) Co., Virginia. He married Anne CLAIBORNE in 1625 in Hampshire, England. [Parents]

State: VA
County: Virginia Colony
Township: Virginia
Year: 1624
Database: VA Early Census Index

State: VA
County: Virginia Colony
Township: Virginia
Year: 1624
Database: VA Early Census Index

Virgina, Prominent Families - Vol. 1-4:
Capt. Francis Pott came to Virginia before 1628, for in that year he had a patent taken out in the name of Dr. John Pott. Col. Samuel Mathews had rebuilt in 1630 the fort at Old Point which had been destroyed. Francis Pott was made captain and commandant. He was summarily removed by Gov. Sir John Harvey and Francis Hooke of the royal navy placed in command. Francis Pott nursed his wrath, and when Harvey sided with Lord Baltimore and granted away Maryland, Francis Pott took a leading part in getting up a meeting at York to protest to the King against the Governor. Harvey had him and two of his fellow mutineers, Nicholas Martain and William English, arrested and imprisoned; whereupon the councillors, one of whom was Dr. John Pott, without waiting for May 7, on the "28th of April, 1635, had Sir John Harvey thrust out of his government and Capt. John West acted as governor until the King's pleasure be known." The Governor was sent to England to have the charges against him investigated in custody of Thomas Harwood, and took with him his prisoner, Francis Pott. Although the King reinstated Harvey as governor in January, 1636, and he remained in office until November, 1639, he had had a salutary lesson, as there were no further complaints about his administration.
Volume IV
Chapter I Warner-Reade.
Kent Island.

William Armistead received a patent in 1636 from Captain John West, Governor of Virginia, for four hundred and fifty acres in Elizabeth City County, lying southeast upon the land of Mr. Southall, northeast upon the land of John Branch, easterly upon the creek, westerly to the roads; among the persons he had transported to the Colony being his wife, Anne.

The Armistead Family (by Virginia Armistead Garber - Copyright1910) p. 58

The son of Sir Thomas1 West, Lord Delaware, was Hon. Col. JohnWest2, 1590-1659, Governor an d Captain-General of Virginia,born in Hampshire, England; B. A. Magdalen, Oxon, 1613; member Colonial Council of Virginia twenty-nine years, 1630-1659 [onhis mother's side he was desc ended through the Plantagenets;the Segraves; Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk; John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, who fell on Boswell Field; Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk and Earl of Surrey , victor at Flodden Field; Mary Boleyn, daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyn and sister of Queen Anne Boleyn; and the Carys from King Edward]; married Anne (???), and had one child.


!The Honorable John West was the 12th child of Sir Thomas West,2nd Lord De La
War, and Lady Ann Knollys. His maternal grandfather was Sir Francis Knollys.
Sir John matriculated at Magdalen College and received the degree of Bachelor
of Arts 1613. He came to VA in 1618 and joined the military life of the
colony. After the massacre of 1622 he commanded a company of men against the
Indians. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1629-30 and a Justice
of the Peace in York Co. in 1634. He was a member of the governor's Council
in VA from 1631 until his death. When Gov. Sir John Harvey returned to England,
Col. West was elected Governor and Captain General of VA and served until
1636/7. Shortly after he was appointed to the office of Muster Master General
of VA by King Charles I of England. In 1631 the council resolved to plant a
settlement on the York River, and Col West was one of the first settlers to
patent lands on King's Creek, and his plantation was known as"Bellfield".
In 1632 his son, John West Junior was born, being the first child of English
parents born on the York River. Governor West sold this plantation in 1650 to
Edward Digges, Esquire (Gov. of VA 1655-1656) and moved to his plantation known
to this day as West Point in the fork of the York River.

OCCU Hon. Colonel ...
SOUR Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning
PAGE 242
SOUR Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H. Browning
PAGE 242
Came to Virginia, and was a member of the House of Burgesses and the Council
1631-69, and Governor of the Virginia Colony, 1635-37, Muster-Master General
of Virginia, 1641 - Americans of Royal Descent, Charles H.Browning, p. 242

6785. Anne CLAIBORNE was born about 1600 in Westover, Charles City Co., Virginia.


6786. Major Joseph CROWSHAW was born in 1610 in England. He died on 10 Apr 1667 in Bruton Parish, Williamsburg, James City Co., Virginia . He married Mrs. Joseph CROWSHAW. [Parents]

The Croshaw family dates to the earliest English settlers in the New World. Captain Raleigh Croshaw arrived in Jamestown in late September 1608 as a part of the Second Supply. In 1609 he is described as a member of the London Company and he is listed in 1618 and 1620 as an adventurer in the Virginia Company. After the King dissolved the Virginia Company in 1624 making all the settlements a Crown Colony, Raleigh Croshaw was elected to the House of Burgess for Elizabeth City. Raleigh Croshaw is believed to have had three sons, Joseph, who was probably born in England c.1612, Noah, and Richard, who was probably born in Virginia c.1622. Raleigh Croshaw's wife and a servant arrived in Virginia sometime in 1620 on the Bono Nova. Raleigh is believed to have died sometime between 22 November and 27 December 1624. Joseph Croshaw was married five times, the last four being widows and only the last of these wives outlived him. The name of his first wife is not known but she was the mother of six children. The names of only five of these children are known, these being Mary who married Henry White, Unity (or Ursula) who married John West, Rachel who married first Ralph Graves and second Richard Barnes, Benjamin who died without issue and Joseph who also died without issue. His sixth child is thedaughter listed above as being married to Robert Blackwell. By his fifth wife, Mrs. Mary Bromfeild the widow of Thomas Bromfeild and the mother of Ann Bromfeild, Joseph had a seventh child, Joseph who died on 28 August 1682 just short of his sixteenth birthday. The most telling evidence that exists that confirms a marriage between Joseph Croshaw's daughter and Robert Blackwell is a land transaction dated 19 November 1664 when Joseph Croshaw deeded as a gift 700 acres to his grandsons, Robert and James Blackwell, the acreage being the northern part of a 1350 acre patent he received on 27 February 1649/50. The land was in what became New Kent County when York County was divided in 1654 and was described as being on the south side of the York River "inthe freshes" and ran to a branch "over against Poropotank Creek to Whiteing's Branch to Arthur Price & stretching SW". The very fact that the land was being given to his grandsons tends to indicate that both of their parents were deceased by the end of 1664.

6787. Mrs. Joseph CROWSHAW was born about 1614.


6912. Pieter Hermans VAN DEVENTER was born in Twello, Gelderland, Netherlands. He married Fenneke "Josephine" HENRICKS on 2 May 1626 in Deventer, Overyssel, Holland. [Parents]

6913. Fenneke "Josephine" HENRICKS was born in Weseke, Westphalia.


7168. Philip COOKE was born on 27 Dec 1589 in St. Augustine Pa, Bristol, Gloucester, England . He died after 1630. He married Elizabeth. [Parents]

7169. Elizabeth was born after 1590.


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