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Ancestors of Sandra Leigh BRANSON

Tenth Generation


706. Ephraim FELLOWS.Ephraim married Ann Hannah CROSS. [Parents]

707. Ann Hannah CROSS. [Parents]


720. Daniel (Sargeant) ADAMS was born in 1652 in Watertown, Mass. He died on 17 Nov 1713 in Simsbury, Hartford Co., Ct. He married Mary PHELPS in 1677 in Windsor, Ct. [Parents]

1 Served under Major Willard in King Phillip's War. Ref: NationalSociety Daughters of Colonial Wars (1950 pg 231) Active in localmilitia of communities he lived in."Three tall Englishmen" John, Daniel, & Samuel; left the baycolony to try their fortune in Connecticut.Elected Simsbury representative to Conneticut General Assemblyfor years 1699-1703. Signed his will with an "X" on July 29,1713.!Often referred to as "Sergeant" in official and church records.

721. Mary PHELPS was born on 26 Oct 1658 in Poquonock, Ct. She died in Mar 1715 in Canton, Hartford Co., Ct. [Parents]


800. Johanne Philip METSKER (METZGER) was born in 1668 in Mainzweiler, Germany. He died on 24 Dec 1738 in Mainzweiler, Germany. He married Anna Katherina Thom (Dhom) on 16 Jan 1695 in Germany. [Parents]

801. Anna Katherina Thom (Dhom) was born about 1679 in Mainzeiler (Neiderlinxweiler), Germany .


832. Job TILLERY was born about 1680 in Virginia, Old Rappahannock Co. He died on 21 Apr 1730 in North Farnham, Richmond, VA. He married Mary COLWICK in 1700 in Richmond, Va. [Parents]

From research by Bobby Tillery:
"Job was born in Old Rappahannock County Virginia. Mary (daughter of
Hezekiah Colwick) was born in the same county. They were married,
probably in Richmond County Virginia. Both died on the same day in
Richmond County Virginia. It's assumed they both died from natural
causes as nothing to the contrary can be found. Job's Will is dated June
25, 1719 and proved August 5, 1730. Since Richmond County was formed out
of Old Rappahannock County in 1692, it would seem that Job and Mary lived
their entire lives in the same area. A lawsuit in 1770 involving a
Grandson of Job's further confirms this, as a statement in that suit
reveals that Job lived and died on the land in question (see below).
In 1770, a suite in ejectment arose in Richmond County Court in which it
is recited that Mary Colwick's father bought the land of John Alloway on
Totusky Creek. His only child Mary Colwick married Job Tillery and they
lived and died on the land, as did their son Job Tillery. The suit was
brought by Job TIllery, son and heir of the last mentioned Job Tillery,
and grandson and heir-in-law of Mary (Colwick) Tillery. In 1770, Sarah
Saunders, age 43, deposed that Job Tillery did not possess any land
before he married Mary Colwick; this she says she learned from her mother
as the Colwick land lay near a piece taken up by her father Edward
Brumbelow (W/B #5, p. 156, ECD papers, citing Tillery vs Lewis, p. 178).
The parish records show a Mary Tillery born to Job and Mary Tillery Apr
28, 1721. This may be a possibility????"
A transcript of Job Tillery's will is given on page 91 of "The Tillery
See page 99 of "The Tillery Family..." for some additional Tillerys
who's relationship to Job is unclear.

833. Mary COLWICK was born about 1680 in of n Farnham Par, Richmond, Virginia.


848. Unknown WEST died about 1770 in Green Springs, Louisa Co., Virginia. He married Isabel ?. [Parents]

849. Isabel ?.


864. Jan VANDEVENTER was christened on 26 Feb 1688 in Flatbush, New York. He married Ann WYNANT on 6 Dec 1712. [Parents]

865. Ann WYNANT.


896. Thomas COOKE was born about 1677/1678 in Isle of Wight, VA. He died on 22 Nov 1736 in Isle of Wight, Virginia. He married Mary JONES on 17 Feb 1702 in Isle of Wight, Virginia. [Parents]

Virginia Probate Records (genealogy.com)
Date: Jan 21, 1735 Location: Isle Of Wight Record ID: 22455 Description: Son Prove Date: Nov 22, 1736 Book Page: 4-149 Remarks: Thomas Cook, Sr. Leg. - son Thomas; son Jones; daughter Sarah; daughter Susannah; son Benjamin; son John; daughter Rebecca; son Arthur. Exs., sons Thomas and Jones Cook. Notes: This probate record was extracted from microfilmed copies of the original Will Book.

Born: Abt 1680 Place: Of, Gloucester, England
Died: 22 Nov 1736 Place: Of, Wight, Virginia
Buried: 22 Nov 1736 Place: Wayne Co, North Carolina
Married: 1702 Place: Of, Surry, Virginia
Father: William COOKE (AFN:4QFF-G6) Family
Mother: Joan Or Jane ROPER (AFN:CSQZ-SF)

Name: Thomas Cooke
Spouse: Amy Unk Maiden Name Cook
Parents: Thomas Cooke , Mary Jones
Birth Place: Isle Of Wight Co, VA
Birth Date: 1703
Marriage Date: 1740
Death Place: Franklin Co, NC
Death Date: 17 February 1798

Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600s-1700s
Listed in: Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800
Page number: 95
Thos Cook Sr. Isle of Wight - 1736
Reuben Cook Isle of Wight - 1751
Joel Cook Isle of Wight - 1761
Jno Cook Isle of Wight - 1767
Nathan Cook Isle of Wight - 1786
Thos Cook Orange Co, Virginia - 1793

Thomas Cook found in:
Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600s-1700s
Listed in: Marriages of Virginia Residents Vol I, Part II
Bride: Mary Jones
Date: Feb 17, 1702
Isle of Wight, Virginia Marriage Record

897. Mary JONES was born about 1690 in Isle of Wight, Virginia. [Parents]

Mary JONES (AFN:L647-9X) Pedigree
Born: Abt 1690 Place: Isle Of Wight Co, Virginia
Married: 1702 Place: Of, Surry, Virginia
Father: Lt. Arthur JONES (AFN:L64F-07) Family
Mother: Susannah KING (AFN:L64F-GM)


930. John Zachary LEWIS was born on 1 Jan 1702 in Middlesex, King & Queen,Va. He died on 20 Jan 1765 in Spotsylvania, Virginia. He married Mary WALLER. [Parents]

931. Mary WALLER was born on 26 Jan 1699 in Spotsylvania, Virginia. She died on 23 Mar 1781 in Berkeley Parish,Spotsylvania Co.,Va.. [Parents]


936. Anthony WINSTON was born about 1655 in Of St Peters Par, New Kent, Virginia . He died on 14 Dec 1725 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, Virginia. He married Sarah DABNEY. [Parents]

The death of Anthony Winston is recorded in the Vestry Book/Register of St Peter's Parish of New Kent and James City Counties of VA. Deed in King William Co (4 Jan 1702/3) states Anthony Winston of St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co, is son and heir of William Winston, late of same Co, dec'd.

937. Sarah DABNEY was born about 1668 in King & Queen Co, VA. She died about 1719 in Hanover, Virginia. [Parents]


938. John DABNEY was born about 1667. He died on 7 Apr 1688 in New Kent Co, VA. He married Sarah JENNINGS. [Parents]

older brother to Cornelius - they came to American together

ID: I10867 Name: John DABNEY Given Name: John Surname: Dabney Sex: M Birth: Abt 1667 in , , , France Death: 7 Apr 1688 in , New Kent Co., Vir. Burial: Apr 1688 , , New Kent Co., Vir. Note: Born about 1665 in France. Originally spelled his name Jean d'Aubigne.

939. Sarah JENNINGS.


960. James SMALLWOOD II was born in Oct 1668 in Charles Co., Md. He died on 12 Dec 1723 in Maryland. He married Mary BOYDEN (Widow Griffin). [Parents]

Smallwood, James
State: MD
County: Charles Co.
Page #: 543
Census/Enumeration year: 1696
Census type code: Petition List

Smallwood, James, Sr.,Charles Co.,13th Nov., 1723;
12th Dec., 1723.
To wife's dau. Elenor --, sons Mathew and James (at 18 yrs.), dau. Lydia (at 16 or marriage), wife's sons John and William, personalty. Sons Mathew and James to make no bargain until 21 yrs. of age without consent of their mother and their bro. John.
To wife's sons John, William, Mathew and James and their hrs., tract -- bou. of Maj. Wm. Dent, equally (wife's thirds during life excepted).
To wife Mary, extx., personalty, including an English woman Mary Daginat.
Test: Mary Dagnall, James Griffen, Thomas Thomson. 18, 209.

Charles County, Maryland
Will probated December 12, 1723

James Smallwood

In the Name of God Amen

I James Smallwood of Charles County {illegible}

Item I give & bequeath to my Wife's Daughter Elenor one Negro Woman called by the name of Sue with her increase to her & her Heires forever & in case she dyes without lawfull Issue then I bequeath the said Negro Woman with her increase to my sons Matthew & James.

Item I give & bequeath to my Wife's daughter Elinor one feather Bedd one Rugg & pair of blanketts.

Item I give & bequeath to my Son Matthew one Negro Boy named Charles to him & his Heirs forever, and one feather bed, one Rugg & one pair of blankets to be delivered him at the Age of Eighteen Years & in case he dyes before he comes to that Age then I give & bequeath the said Negro to my sons James.

Item I give & bequeath to my Son James one Negro Girl called Nell after my wife's Decease with all her increase & one feather Bed, one Rug, & one pair of Blanketts all to be delivered him at the Age of Eighteen Years, & in case he dyes before that Age or at any time without lawfull Heirs begot of his Body, then I give & bequeath the said Negro and her increase to my son Matthew & his heirs Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter Lydia one Negro Girl called Sarah and her increase to her & her Heirs forever lawfully begotten of her Body to be Delivered her at the Age of Sixteen years or Day of Marriage which shall first happen and allso I give my said Daughter Lydia one feather Bedd, one Rugg & one pair of Blanketts & in case she dyes before she arrives to the Age of Sixteen Years or Day of Marriage then what I give her to be at her Mother's Disposall.

Item I give & bequeath to my Wife's son John one Negro Boy called Bowles to him & his Heirs forever.

Item I give & bequeath to my wife's son William one Negro Boy called Nacy to him & his Heirs forever.

Item I give & bequeath to my loving Wife Mary Smallwood one Negro Man called Tony & one Negro Woman called Mareer & one English Woman Servant named Mary Daginat to her & her Heirs forever.

Item My will is that my Son Matthew & my Son James shall make no bargains whatsoever till they come to the age of twenty one Years without the Consent of their Mother or Brother John.

Item My Will is & I do hereby give & bequeath to my Wife's Sons John, William, Matthew & James & their Heirs forever all that tract of Land I bought of Majr. William Dent to be equally divided among them (my wife's thirds during life excepted) together with all advantages Benefitts profitts Costs damages and Interests that may can or shall be had or recovered by me in a Law Suit with the Dents concerning the same Land, one third part whereof I do hereby give to my Wife & the remaining part to my wife's Sons John William Matthew & James mentioned and in case the Law Suit should abate by my Death undetermined I do hereby Impower my Wife & her Son John to renew & prosecute the Suit afd. to a finall Determination thereof for the uses above mentioned.

Item My Will is that my Stock of Cattle be equally divided between my wife Mary Smallwood my son Matthew my Son James my Daughters Lydia & Elenor & that they have their parts delivered then when they arrive to the age afore mentioned.

Lastly I constitute my loving Wife Mary Smallwood Execr of this my last will {illegible} this thirteenth day of November Anno Domini 1723.

/s/ James (the mark of II) Smallwood

Signed Sealed Published Pronounced & Declared by the same James Smallwood to be his last Will & Testament in the presence of

The mark of
Mary M. Dagnall
The mark of
James I. Griffen
Thos. Thomson

Xber 12th 1723

Then came Mary Dagnall James Griffin and Thos. Thomson and made oath on the Holy Evangelists {illegible}

961. Mary BOYDEN (Widow Griffin) was born about 1672 in Charles Co., MD. She died after 1750 in Charles Co., MD. [Parents]


976. James BROUGHTON was born about 1700. He died in 1750 in Richmond, VA. He married Mary. [Parents]

It is not proven that James was the son of Symond Broughton

Could the following have been James' son?
Virginia Apprentices, 1623-1800 (Ancestry.com)
[p.30] Broughton, James
Apprentices of Virginia
Virginia Apprentices, 1623-1800
page 30
Master: Woodsides, John
Beginning date: 01/15/1760
Sex: male
Source: Princess Anne Co. Minutes 7, 1753-1762, 388
Princess Anne Co.
Occupation: tailor
Ending date: 01/15/1765
Race: white

977. Mary.


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