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Ancestors of Sandra Leigh BRANSON

Tenth Generation

512. Thomas L. BRANSON was born on 18 Feb 1670/1671 in Sunninghill, Wellington, Berkshire, Eng. He died on 11 Nov 1744 in Burlington, Springfield, Nj. He married Elizabeth DAY on 4 Oct 1702. [Parents]

r-Springfield twp, sold 100 A Mar 13, 1702/3; in 1734 bought land in Shenandoah Valley VA for sons to where he moved in 1727 but returned; gave John, son, 1000 A in White Post Warren Co Va w-Oct ll 1744*; pro Nov 24 1744
?-Other Thomas IGI: father Thomas chr 26 mar 1671 Manfield, York.
a-Nov 1723 NJ Supreme Ct case John Gosling owed Th Branson and John Day 200# as he failed to execute a bond for 101 # . John failed to execute bond Gen of
NJ vol 71-3-196

Thomas was born in England and died in New Jersey. He is the earliest Branson in this family tree to immigrate to America. We believe he immigrated to America around 1701.

Page: 58
Name: Thomas Branson
Date: 11 Oct 1744
Location: Springfield, Burlington Co.
Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Vol. II 1730-1750
Calendar of New Jersey Wills

will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Children--David, Joseph, Jonathan, Lionell, William, John, and Sarah Owen. Grandchildren--children of Zachariah Robins and Mary his wife, and of William Rogers and Elizabeth his wife. Grandaughter, Abigail Rogers. Grandson, Thomas, son of John Branson, tract lying on "Shanandow river" in Virginia, "which I laid out to Thomas Alexander and one called 'Scotch Robin.'" Executors--sons, Thomas and John. Witnesses--James Antram, James Maclatche, John Osmond. Proved Nov. 21, 1744.

513. Elizabeth DAY was born on 20 Nov 1685 in Burlington Co., Nj. She died on 2 Apr 1754 in Springfield, Burlington, Nj. [Parents]


516. George PAINTER.George married Elinor (or Ellinor) MUSGRAVE.

517. Elinor (or Ellinor) MUSGRAVE.


518. Robert BRADDOCK was born in 1684 in England. He died on 4 Dec 1714 in Burlington, Nj. He married Elizabeth HANCOCK on 10 Sep 1709.

519. Elizabeth HANCOCK was born on 27 Dec 1686/1687 in Evesham, Burlington, Nj. [Parents]


532. Abraham GOAD was born in 1665/1670 in Rapahanock Co, VA. He died in Apr 1734 in Richmond Co., Va. He married Katherine WILLIAMS in 1692. [Parents]

1 1860 Census Obion Co, Dist #4, Pg or #273. 1860 Census Obion Co, Dist #4, Pg or #273. 1860 Census Obion Co, Dist #4, Pg or #273. 1860 Census Obion Co, Dist #4, Pg or #273. 1860 Census Obion Co, Dist #4, Pg or #273. 1860 Census Obion Co, Dist #4, Pg or #273. [horner.FTW]

plantation where Mary Goad now lives; (to his) son John and his wife allthe land above the north fork of the Briery Swamp; (to his) son Abrahamall the land on the south side of my spring branch, if he has no heirs toson Peter; to Peter land on the north side of spring branch, if he has noheirs to son Abraham." He also mentioned his daughters Hannah Phillips,Elizabeth Dodson, and Alice Dodson, and wife Catherine.

Gedcom file: http://www.jodygoad.com/goadabe/d0001/g0000061.html#I00001

SOURCE: As I Have Been Told website

Abraham Goad (1665-1734) was first recorded in Lancaster County in 1682. He became a planter in Richmond County and owned several tracts of land, some of which he may have acquired from his mother-in-law, Eve Smith. His wife, Katherine Williams (1673-1741), was the daughter of John and Eve _____Williams of Rappahannock County. Her father died at an early age and her mother then married William Smith. Abraham and Katherine married in 1692 and they had seven children: William (1693-1732), Hannah (1693 - ?), John (1700-1771), Abraham (1710-1799), Peter (1715-1794), Elizabeth (? - ?) and Alice (? - ?).

SOURCE: Rootsweb WC -- Adkins, Pitman and Allied families of VA,TN,KY,IN and KS --
Entries: 4207 Updated: 10 Sep 2002 Contact: Terry Pickens McLean < calgrups @ netscape , net >

533. Katherine WILLIAMS was born in 1668 in North Farnham Parrish, Richmond Co., VA. She died on 23 May 1741 in Richmond Co., Va. [Parents]


552. Lain LAUGHLIN was born in 1648 in Ulster, Ireland Scotland. [Parents]


554. John MATTHEWS.


608. John HARDCASTLE was born on 3 Mar 1706/1707 in St.Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia. He died on 15 Aug 1780 in Johnson Co., Nc. He married Elizabeth. [Parents]

Per Descendants of William Hardcastle file of Cheryl Endicott
"from THE HARDCASTLES IN AMERICA: FROM 1790 TO 1997 written by Helen Gilmore Smith Thomas and Dolly Reed Gilmore Barmann - 1962:
'William Hardcastle is found in New Kent County, Virginia with two children in late 1600s.(Ref. James City County Virginia Register, page 362) The children mentioned- John Hardcastle b March 3, 1707, New Kent Co., VA, who went to Newburn District, Johnston Co., NC and died Aug 15 1780 in that county.(Wills 1760-1830 page 13, CR 56.091 Johnston Co., State Archives Raleigh NC) The second child was Hannah b 7 ber ye 7, 1711. Evidently meaning September 7, 1711. We know nothing further of her.'

609. Elizabeth was born about 1708 in New Kent, Va.


610. Solomon WILLOUGHBY.


640. Thomas FOWLER was born on 27 Feb 1670/1671 in Anne Arundel Co, MD. He died before 8 Jan 1714/1715 in Prince Georges Co, MD. He married Susannah IJAMS on 15 Oct 1695/1696 in South River Parish or All Hallows Parish,ANNE ARUNDEL CO.,MD.

ID: I99228695
Name: Thomas FOWLER
Given Name: Thomas
Surname: Fowler
Sex: M
Birth: Abt 1673 in unknown - NOT Salisbury,Essex Co.,Mass
Death: Bef 8 Jan 1714/1715 in Prince Georges Co,MD
Change Date: 3 Jun 2002
Marriage 1 Susannah IIAMS b: 1677 in ANNE ARUNDEL CO.,MD.
Married: 15 Oct 1696 in South River Parish or All Hallows Parish,ANNE ARUNDEL CO.,MD.
Elizabeth FOWLER b: 14 Jun 1697 in Queen Anne Par.,Pr.Geo.,Md.
William FOWLER b: 16 Feb 1698/1699 in Q.A.Par.,Pr.Geo,Md.
Thomas FOWLER b: 11 Sep 1700 in Q.A.Par.,Pr.Geo.,Md.
Susanna FOWLER b: 22 Mar 1701/1702 in Q.A.Par.,Pr.Geo.,Md.
John FOWLER b: 12 Sep 1703 in Q.A.Par.,Pr.Geo.,Md.
Benjamin FOWLER b: 30 May 1705 in Q.A.Par.,Pr.Geo.,Md.
Samuel FOWLER b: 19 Oct 1706 in Q.A.Par.,Pr.Geo.,Md.
Mary FOWLER b: 3 Apr 1708 in Q.A.Par.,Pr.Geo.,Md.
Richard FOWLER b: 8 Oct 1709 in Queen Anne Par.,Prince Georges,MD
Jeremiah FOWLER b: 12 May 1711 in Queen Anne Par.,Prince Georges,Md.
Anne FOWLER b: 14 Jun 1713 in Queen Anne Parish,Prince Georges Co,MD
Benoni FOWLER b: 15 Nov 1715 in Queen Anne Par.,Prince Georges,MD

641. Susannah IJAMS was born in 1677 in Anne Arundel Co, MD. She died before 1753. [Parents]


644. Nathaniel STINCHCOMB was born in 1671 in Baltimore, Maryland. He died before 25 Jun 1729 in Anne Arundel Co, Maryland. He married Anna MERRIKEN on 3 Jan 1705 in Anne Arundel, Maryland. [Parents]

Nathaniel Stinchcomb found in:
Family History: Lineages of Hereditary Society Members, 1600s-1900s
Listed in: Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors Page number: 241

NATHANIEL3 STINCHCOMB (NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1) (Source: (1) Frank D. Gardner Columbus Ohio (no 172), National Genealogical Quarterly(Central Ohio Gene. Notes), p.8., (2) Richard Stinchcomb.) was born 1676 in Hawksbury, England, and died 1728 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. He married (1) ELIZABETH CHAPPEL (Source: Frank D. Gardner Columbus Ohio (no 172), National Genealogical Quarterly(Central Ohio Gene. Notes), p.9.) August 16, 1702 in All Hollows Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland (Source: Frank D. Gardner Columbus Ohio (no 172), National Genealogical Quarterly(Central Ohio Gene. Notes), p.9.). He married (2) ANNA MERRIKEN (Source: Frank D. Gardner Columbus Ohio (no 172), National Genealogical Quarterly(Central Ohio Gene. Notes), p.9, Married 2nd Anna Merriken, had 6 children by her all baptised at St Margarets Parish A.A. Co.) January 3, 1704/05 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland (Source: St. Margarets Church 3rd District A.A.Co., In the letter from R.W. Stinchcomb.).

Stinchcombe, Nathaniel, planter,A. A. Co.,15th March, 1728-9; 25th June, 1729. To wife Anne, extx., and child. ——, entire estate divided as law directs; child. to be of age at 18. Test: John Merriken, Frances Smith, George Venum. 19, 799. MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS: Volume 6

Robinson, Tomassin,13th Aug., 1673; 26th Nov., 1673. To Benjamin Burkley and Susanna Neale, personalty. To 2 sons, Nathaniel and John Stinchcomb, estate, real and personal, at 21 yrs. of age. In event of death of sd. child. without issue, estate to pass to John Stinchcomb, brother of Nathaniel Stinchcomb, deceased, to child. of Rebecca Hancocke, and to Joane Mastey, mother of testatrix, equally. Ex. Thos Turner. Overseers: Richard Moss, Thos. Homeward. Test: John Piesley, Miles Gibson. 1. 586. MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS: Volume 1

NATHANIEL STINCHCOMB MD Baltimore County N Side Patapscounty Hund 1702
NATHANIEL STINCHCOMB MD Baltimore County No. Side Of Patapsco 1702
NATHANIEL STINCHCOMB MD Baltimore County N Side Patapscounty Hund 1702
NATHANIEL STINCHCOMB MD Baltimore County Upper No. Side Patapsco 1706
NATHANIEL STINCHCOMB MD Baltimore County Upr Pt N Side Pataps 1706
NATHANIEL STINCHCOMB MD Baltimore County Upr Pt N Side Pataps 1706

645. Anna MERRIKEN was born about 1670 in Anne Arundel Co, Maryland.


646. John BURLE was born about 1683. He died in 1742 in Anne Arundel Co, Maryland. He married Unknown. [Parents]

647. Unknown.


648. George N. NAYLOR was born in 1654 in Chester, England. He died in 1734 in Charles Co, MD. He married Elizabeth.

ID: I09627
Name: George N. NAYLOR 1
Sex: M
ALIA: George /Nailor/
Birth: 1654 in Chester, England 1
Death: 1734 in Charles County, Maryland 1
George was transported in 1668 by Henry Cole of Calvert Co., Maryland and land was patented to him by Thomas Greenwell 200 kA called Naylors Purchase in May 1698. George left an estate and it was probated by James and George Jr. ("Settlers of Maryland", Coldham, p. 121)."
Will of NAILOR, George, Charles Co., Maryland
Nailor, George, Charles Co., 21st Dec., 1729;
11th June, 1734.
To wife Elizabeth, extx., "Stainland" and part of "Woodborrough;-" she dying without issue by testator to son James and hrs., and personalty.
To son-in-law John Adams and hrs.,, husband of dau. Elizabeth, 164 A. "Nailor's Range," P. G. Co.
To grandson James and hrs., eld. son of son James, lot No. 53, Mill Town.
To granddau. Priscilla, daa. of son George, personalty.
To son James and hrs., real estate not otherwise bequeathed.
To wife and sons George and James., residue of personal estate divided equally.
Exs.. Sons George and James.
Test: Thomas Coleman, Thomas Thomas (deceased at date of probate), William Samwayes.
MCW 21.141.
Marriage 1 Elizabeth [??]
George NAYLOR , Jr. b: 1681 in Charles County, Maryland
Elizabeth NAYLOR b: 1684 in Charles County, Maryland
James NAYLOR b: 1688 in Prince Georges, Maryland

649. Elizabeth.


656. Daniel DEVEAUX was born in 1660/1669 in Picardy on Walloon Soil France. He married Engeltje CORNELIS.

657. Engeltje CORNELIS was born in New York City, NY.


688. Christopher ELLIS was born about 1663. He died about 1732. He married Mary BRASHEARS. [Parents]

Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol. 4, Brashear, Page 191 - In March 1697 there is mention of a Christopher Ellis. A deed in 1705 was witnessed by Christpher Ellis.

689. Mary BRASHEARS was born about 1660 in Calvert Co,MD. She died on 23 Jan 1702 in Prince Georges Co, Maryland. [Parents]

Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol. 4, Brashear, Page 191
Mary Brashears b. after 1647, found in immigration records and her mother's will but in the document filed by her mother and Thomas Sterling in 1663. Family history states Mary Brashears m. 1st 7 Mar 1669 to Nathaniel Robbins, and m/2 to Christopher Ellis of Prince Georges County. Although nothing was located for Nathaniel Robbins, a Christopher Ellis was located in Prince Georges County as early as 1689 when the following children's births were registered in Queen Anne's Parish for Christopher Ellis and Mary his wife:

1. Elizabeth b. Jun 15 1689
2. Agniss b. Aug 29 1697
3. Christopher Ellis b. Jun 29 1698; m. Elizabeth


692. Nathan VEITCH was born in 1668 in Veitch's Cove, MD. He died on 14 Jul 1746 in Prince Georges Co, Maryland. He married Ann CLAGETT in 1689 in St. Leonards, Calvert Co., MD. [Parents]

he was first of the Veitches to sign Declaration of Loyalty Nov 1689 Prince Georges County, Maryland

Other Source: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/o/r/Alicia-H-Borges/GENE1-0010.html

693. Ann CLAGETT was born in 1672/1677 in St. Leonards, Calvert Co., MD. She died on 27 Aug 1746. [Parents]


694. John HEPBURN.


704. Henry STEVENS Sr was born about 1644 in Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England. He died in 1726 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. He married Elizabeth GALLUP. [Parents]

List on America's First Families - http://www.firstfamilies.org/db/framedex.htm

Will proved at New London, CT in Aug. 1726
Source: http://kinnexions.com/smlawson/stephens.htm#HStevens:
Henry arrived in America about 1660, and was at Swansea when King Philip's War began. He received a land grant for his service as a soldier in the war. Henry became one of the incorporators of Stonington in 1716, owning land at Stonington, Plainfield and Voluntown and serving in the colonial legislature for eight years

Leary note: "Emigrated to New Eng. c1650 (sic); was admitted freeman in Stonington, CT 7-1-1672; his will proved 8-9-1726; d.1726" [Perhaps his father came to New Eng when N. was age 2, but no record]

There are no written family records, letters, or documents of an early date, to settle beyond doubt the ever-pressing query, who was the father of Henry Stephens or Stevens of Stonington, Connecticut. A very common tradion is that three brothers,
Thomas, Richard, and Henry Stephens, Came to New England about the year 1660 and that Henry settled in Stonington, Connecticut. No mention is made of father or mother, or the place whence they came.
In a history of a county in New York State, the following is given: "The subject of this sketch is of English origin. It is related that as early as 1660 three brothers, Thomas, Richard and Henry Stevens, settled in this country; that they distinguished themselves as soldiers in King Philip's war, and served as colonels."
In another appears: "The subject of this is of English origin. It is related that three brothers--Thomas, Richard and Henry Stephens--came to America from Ireland sometime during King Philip's war, served said war as colonels. There is no doubt that Henry was a private in King Philip's War, but I can find no record of the service of either Thomas, or Richard in any capacity. Another story is given after this fashion: "Nicholas Stevens, or Stephens, who had been a Brigadier General in Oliver Cromwell's army, came to Taunton in Massachusetts in the year 1669. He had three sons, Nicholas, Thomas and Henry. Nicholas settled in Taunton or Dighton, and his son, Nicholas resided there with his family. One of his sons, according to the best information to be obtained, settled near Boston. His name was supposed to be either Thomas or Ebenezer."
Both of these traditions agree that one of the brothers was named Thomas, and there was a Thomas Stephens, whose name appears on the list of free inhabitants of Westerly, Rhode Island, and removed to Stonington, Connecticut, where he died May 14, 1736. His will was probated June 4, 1736.
No children were mentioned in the will, nor are any found recorded at Westerly, Rhode Island, or Stonington, Connecticut. He is believed to be one of the brothers of the traditions and this view is confirmed by the late Honorable Richard A. Wheeler, historian, of the town and church of Stonington, Connecticut, who has reportedly stated that Henry Stephens, of Stonington, and Thomas Stephens of Westerly were brothers.

Source: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/t/e/William-Lackey--Stephens/GENE20-0026.html#CHILD42

705. Elizabeth GALLUP was born on 8 Mar 1662/1663 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. She died in 1726 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI.. [Parents]


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