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Ancestors of Sandra Leigh BRANSON

Fifth Generation

Sandra's Second Great-Grandparents

16. Andrew Jackson BRANSON was born on 19 Aug 1819 in near Chattanooga, Tennessee. He died on 8 Mar 1904 in Pagosa Springs, Co. He was buried in Hilltop Cemetery, Archuleta Co., Colorado. He married Nancy MARGRAVE on 14 Jan 1841 in Gasconade Co, Mo. [Parents]

According to the headstone in Pagosa Springs, CO, Andrew Jackson Branson was born (19 August) 1819 and died (08 March) 1904.

Surname Index, 1001 Colorado Place Names, Colorado
1001 Colorado Place Names by Maxine Benson
Copyright by University Press of Kansas, 1994
ISBN 0-7006-0632-7
Branson, A L 24
Branson, F J
Carson, Kit 21, 70, 71, 73, 91, 114, 227

Andrew Branson found in:
Marriage Index: 1728-1850
Spouse: Nancy Musgrave (spelled incorrectly)
Marriage Date: Jan 14, 1841
Location: Gasconade Co., Missouri
Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT
Microfilm: 0941440

Bureau of Land Management Records:
County: Gasconade
Acres: 80
Metes/Bounds: No
Issue Date: 9/2/1835
Land Office: St. Louis
Cancelled: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)

Bureau of Land Management Records:
Acres: 160
Metes/Bounds: No
Issue Date: 5/16/1878
Land Office: Assigned For Automation
Cancelled: No
U.S. Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)

Acres: 160
Metes/Bounds: No
Issue Date: 3/1/1886
Land Office: Assigned For Automation
Cancelled: No
U.S. Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: May 20, 1862: Homestead EntryOriginal (12 Stat. 392)

Valentine Branson (10001-10001) - age 20-30
NEXT DOOR: Andrew Branson (0110001-1111001) - age 40-50
FEW DOORS AWAY: Anthony Margrave (02002001-1032001) - age 50-60 (Nancy's father)

1850 census
Andrew J Branson 30 1819 Tennessee Male Washington, Buchanan, MO
Nancy Branson 28 1821 Missouri Female Washington, Buchanan, MO
Rutha Branson 8 1841 Missouri Female Washington, Buchanan, MO
Danl Branson 7 1842 Missouri Male Washington, Buchanan, MO
Wm Branson 6 1843 Missouri Male Washington, Buchanan, MO
Thomas Branson 4 1845 Missouri Male Washington, Buchanan, MO
Hiram Branson 2 1847 Missouri Male Washington, Buchanan, MO
John Branson 1 1848 Missouri Male Washington, Buchanan, MO

1860 Census - Washington, Buchanan, MO
A. J. Branson, 41, TN, laborer
N. Branson, female, 37, MO
D., male, 17, MO
Wm R, 16, MO
T. W, male, 15, MO
J. F., male, 10, MO
A. J., male, 8, MO
C. P., male, 7, MO
B. D., male, 3, MO
J. A., male, 1, MO

1880 Census:
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Andrew BRANSON Self M Male W 60 TN Ranchman VA VA
Nancy BRANSON Wife M Female W 58 MO Keeps House NC KY
Jack BRANSON Son S Male W 28 MO Stage Driver TN MO
Ben BRANSON Son S Male W 23 MO Ranchman TN MO
Jessie BRANSON Son S Male W 21 MO Ranchman TN MO
Jefferson BRANSON Son S Male W 18 MO Ranchman TN MO
Tom GARLICK Son (?) S Male W 6 CO Ranchman VA MO
John HIGGINS Other S Male W 56 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Mike WALKER Other W Male W 50 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
James JOHNSON Other S Male W 29 NY Laborer IRE IRE
James BOYLE Other S Male W 23 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
James MC GOUD Other S Male W 38 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
N. D. LARSON Other S Male W 27 SWE Laborer SWE SWE
Schnell JACQUES Other S Male W 45 FRANCE Laborer FRANCE FRANCE
Tom MURPHY Other S Male W 32 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Joseph ROGERS Other S Male W 39 VA Laborer MD LA
Rudolf HANGARTNER Other S Male W 47 SWI Laborer SWI SWI
Source Information:
Census Place La Jara And Alamos Rios, Conejos, Colorado
Family History Library Film 1254089
NA Film Number T9-0089
Page Number 192C

1900 Census
Branson, Andrew
Lived in: 5 Precinct West Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County, Colorado
Series: T623 Microfilm: 121 Book: 1 Page: 255a
Andrew Branson Aug 1819 age 80, married 56 yrs, TN TN TN, farmer
Nancy wife Feb 1822, age 78, married 56 yrs, 12 children-8 living, MO VA VA
Andrew son June 1852, age 48, singe, MO TN MO, Laborer
George grandson, July 1885, age 14, CO MO MO

Civil War Service Records:

Surname Given Name Middle Initial Company Unit Rank - Induction Rank - Discharge Notes Allegiance
Branson Andrew J. K 2 Colorado Cavalry. Private Private Union
Branson Andrew J. C 3 Colorado Infantry. Private Private Union

Source: http://thelibrary.springfield.missouri.org/lochist/periodicals/wrv/V1/N2/W61b.htm

Wherever frontiersmen ventured, there seem to have been Bransons. Some followed their Carolina neighbor, Daniel Boone, into Kentucky. Some went to Tennessee, perhaps along with the Crockett family, who were also neighbors back in Virginia. One of four Branson cousins who left North Carolina to settle in Tennessee about 1789 was John Branson, a great-grandson of Thomas. John's grandson, born just west of Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1819, was named for the hero of the Battle of New Orleans of the War of 1812 (in which we also find Bransons fighting), and became Andrew Jackson Branson. According to Mr. Joseph M. Branson of Kansas City, Missouri, this was the branch of the Branson family which moved to Gasconade County, Missouri in 1829, when that area was the nation's westernmost frontier. Most of the Bransons had large families, and Andrew Jackson Branson was no exception. He married in 1841 and he and his wife had eleven children.

Among the children of Andrew Jackson Branson, we find several who, fascinated as their ancestors had been by the magic of the words "Go west", headed across the plains and the mountains to California, Nevada and Colorado, establishing branches of the Branson family in the far west, where they are still well represented today. In the years that A. J. Branson's children were growing up, there were other Bransons journeying to California in the fever of the Gold Rush.

Hilltop Cemetery - Archuleta Co., Colorado:
Branson, Andrew Jackson 1819 - 1904
Branson, Joseph A. 1872 - 1947
Branson, Matthew Brannie 1964 - 1967
Branson, Nancy Margrave 1822 - 1906

Served in the Civil War on the Union side in third Regiment, Colorado Infantry

17. Nancy MARGRAVE was born on 23 Feb 1822 in Missouri. She died on 23 Jan 1906 in Pagosa Springs, Co. She was buried in Hilltop Cemetery, Archuleta Co., Colorado. [Parents]

Source: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~mbonsal/simpson/zwmsr1.html


18. Simeon Asbury BOYD was born on 16 Dec 1820 in Cooper Co., Mo. He died on 30 Dec 1881 in Richardson, Ne. He was buried in Dec 1881 in Maple Cemetery, Richardson, Nebraska. He married Arminda Susan HARDCASTLE on 24 Sep 1839 in Cooper Co., Mo. [Parents]

Listed on the Taxpayers List of Cooper County, MO - 1850, Shown as a Farmer with property valued at $800
web address: http://www.rootsweb.com/~mocooper/index.html

Marriage records - Clan Boyd Society web site

1840 Census - Cooper Co, MO

1850 census, Cooper Co., MO Being, 23rd District, household #839, page 129
Simeon A. Boyd, age 30, farmer, born MO, property value $800
Arminda S., age 26, born TN
Susan J, age 10, born MO
William, age 8,born MO
Robert N., age 6, born MO
Sarah M., age 4, born MO

1860 Census - Dallas, Holt, Missouri
Simmeon Boyd, 39, MO, farmer
Arminta, 34, TN
Wm Thomas, 17, MO
Robert N, 15, MO
Sarah M, 13, MO
Mary F, 9, MO
John H, 6, MO
Joseph E, 4, MO
Martha, 3, MO
Margaret, 1, MO
Thomas G Hardcastle, 23, MO (brother-in-law)

1870 Federal Census - Dallas, Holt, Missouri
Simeon Boyd, age 50, b. MO
Arminda, age 44, b. TN
Mary, age 19, MO
John, age 17, MO
Joel, age 13, MO
Martha, age 13, MO
Ann, age 11, MO
Eliza, age 9, MO
Lizzie, age 6, MO

1880 Federal Census:
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
S. A. BOYD Self M Male W 59 MO Farmer --- ---
Arminda BOYD Wife M Female W 56 TN Keeping House GA AL
Eliza BOYD Dau S Female W 18 MO At Home MO TN
Elizabeth BOYD Dau S Female W 15 MO At Home MO TN
Source Information:
Census Place Bigelow, Holt, Missouri
Family History Library Film 1254690
NA Film Number T9-0690
Page Number 65B

19. Arminda Susan HARDCASTLE was born on 25 Sep 1825 in Tennessee. She died on 18 Nov 1886 in Rulo, Richardson, Ne. [Parents]


20. Benjamin Nicholas FOWLER was born on 6 Feb 1811 in Ohio . He died prob Aft 1882. He married Nancy A. CARSON about 1834/1835 in prob Butler Co, Ohio. [Parents]

Res: Aug 1836, Butler Co. Oh or Terrahutte, Vigo Co. IN (No fowlers listed in 1830 or 1840 in Vigo, IN)

1830 Census - Madison, Butler, OH (none of these families have a male age 19, however Daniel has 2 males age 16-18)
Benjamin Fowler (010001-321001) oldest male age 30-40 (born before 1800-Ben's uncle?)
Fowler, Daniel Lemon, Butler, OH 1830 (102001-010001) oldest male age 30-40 (1840 Butler OH)
Fowler, Jared Liberty, Butler, OH 1830 (500001-01001) same page as Philip,male age 30-40 (1840 Butler OH)
Fowler, Philip Liberty, Butler, OH 1830 (000000001) male age 60-70

1840 census
Alfred Fowler Lemon, Butler, Ohio - probably son of James Fowler and Elizabeth Devore (brother of Ben#2)
Daniel Fowler Lemon, Butler, Ohio - probably son of John Fowler - brother to Ben #1
Felex D Fowler Darrtown, Butler, Ohio - probably son of James Fowler - brother to Ben #2
James Fowler Oxford, Butler, Ohio - probably father of Ben #2 and Felix
James Fowler Jr Oxford, Butler, Ohio - son of James Fowler -brother to Ben #2 and Felix
Jared Fowler Fairfield, Butler, Ohio - don't know about him
Benjamin Fowler Hanover, Butler, Ohio - (02001-20001) 20-30 - Page 27

Source: 1850 Census, Marion Co., Indiana, Warren Twp. , page 365, Dwelling #416 (Farmer)
Benjamin Fowler, age 39, OH
Nancy, age 38, OH
Elizabeth, age 16, OH
David B., age 14, OH
James, age 12, OH
Isabella, age 11, IN
Margaret, age 13, IN
Jeremiah, age 9, IN
Henry, age 7, IN
Hannah, age 5, IN
Susan, age 3, IN

1860 Census, Keokuk, Iowa, Lafayette Twp., Dwelling, page 802, #464
B.N. Fowler, age 47, farmer, OH
Nancy, age 45, OH
Henry, age 17, IN
Hannah A., age 16, IN
Susan, age 12, IN
Francis, age 9, IN
Price, age 7, IN
Felander, age 5, IN
Elizabeth Richman, age 26, OH
Marion Richman, male, age 6, IA
William J Richman, male, age 4, IA
John Fowler, 20, laborer, IN
Living with W. R. Adams, 29 IL, Maria A. Adams, 29 VA, Emma A. Adams, 2 IA, Abigail Adams, 66 KY

1870 Census - German Twp., Keokuk, Iowa
B.N. Fowler, age 58, farmer, OH, $2400, $669
Nancy, age 57, OH
Margaret, 34, housekeeper, IN
Henry, 26, IN
Mary, 21, IN
Francis, 19, IN
Price, 17, IN
Philander, 15, IN
Ben Hutchins, 13, Iowa
Jonathan, 5, Iowa

Research Notes - Fowlers in Butler Co OH in 1830:
Fowler, James Oxford, Butler, OH 1830 (Most likely B.N.'s father)
Males: 2(0-5) 1(5-10) 1(10-15) 1(15-20) 1(20-30) 1(30-40)
Females: 1(0-5) 0 1(10-15) 0 0 1(30-40)
Found him living in Milford, Butler, OH in 1850:
James A. Fowler, 62, born in Maryland, farmer
Elizabeth, 58, born in Kentucky
Francis P., 21, OH, farmer

21. Nancy A. CARSON was born about 1814 in Ohio. She died in Mar 1876/1878 in Keokuk County, Iowa. She was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Sigourn, Keokuk, Iowa. [Parents]

Since Ben and Nancy named their first son David, it would make sense that her father's name was David, however, it has not been proven that David Carson was her father.

Interment Record for Nancy A. Fowler
Name: Fowler, Nancy A.
Died or Buried: Mar 8 1878 - conflicts with other record below
Age: 84yr 9da -- this is wrong - she was only 57 in 1870 census (s/b 64)
Buried: Pleasant Grove
County/State: Keokuk, IA
Notes: wifeof B.W. Fowler

Nancy A. Fowler 03 Mar 1876 West Sigourn (Mrs. B. N.);64 Gravestone Records of Keokuk County, Iowa

Although it has been passed down through the family that Nancy was related to Kit Carson, no connection has been found. Kit Carson's family lived in North Carolina, Kentucky and Howard County Missouri and, as far as I can tell, only one member of that family was in Butler Co, OH - Joseph Harvey Linn Carson was there in 1803 - his son Abner was born in Butler, OH in 1803. Abner was found in the 1830 census living in Union, Butler, OH. Joseph, his father, was not there, but a Joseph Carson was found in Wheeling, Belmont, OH, and he was the right age and had 2 unidentified females age 15-20 in his household. One of them could have been Nancy. Joseph's first wife, Mary Henderson, died before 1805 and Joseph remarried to Mary Leonard. Joseph and Mary Henderson had a daughter Nancy born in 1801 - she married Morgan Roop. Therefore, he has been ruled out as the possible father of our Nancy because it is unlikely that he would name another daughter "Nancy". Joseph Harvey Linn Carson did have a brother named William who was born Aug 6, 1785 in Bedford, Virginia. No information is known about him and there were several William Carsons in Butler Co, OH at the time of Nancy's birth and marriage. It is possible that Nancy was the daughter of Joseph's brother William, but there were too many William Carsons in the census records to determine which one he might be - if at all. It's also possible that her father was related to Joseph and died before her marriage - she may have been one of those unidentified 15-20 year-old females in his household in 1830 - about 4 yrs before her marriage.

We know that Clara Lucille Fowler (Benjamin's gr-daughter) married Ira Lee Branson in Taos, New Mexico, the home of Kit Carson, in 1898. Living there in 1900 was the family of Henry Smith Stevens who was married to Benjamin Fowler's daughter, Hannah Ann Fowler.

Another coincidence has recently been discovered. In 1850 Kit Carson's older brother, Robert, was living in Sonoma County, California. In 1860 Kit's younger brother, Lindsey, was living in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California and so was Robert. They and their descendants remained in that general are until at least 1880 and some of them probably beyond 1900. This is where Ira and Clara Branson settled and lived for many years. Ira Lee Branson, became the County Roadmaster for that county between 1910 and 1914. Kit Carson's relatives circulated in Missouri, New Mexico and Colorado prior to the 1900's and so did the Fowlers, the Bransons and the Stevens. We simply don't know if there was some connection - other than perhaps a friendship between these families. The fact that Clara Fowler was married in Taos, NM where Kit Carson was reknowned, lived in Colorado where he circulated - and the fact that two of his brothers were in Sonoma County, California before Ira and Clara moved there - may add up to just a huge coincidence - or not! Ira played a role in making improvements to offshoots of the Sante Fe Trail prior to 1910. This trail was used extensively by travelers going south.

Iowa Cemetery Records:
Page: 65
Name: Nancy A. Fowler
Death Date: 03 Mar 1876
Age: 64
Cemetery: West
Town: Sigourn
Comment: (Mrs. B. N.)


22. Henry Adams STEVENS was born on 31 Jul 1813/1817 in North Carolina, New York or Canada. He died on 2 Mar 1891 in prob. Farmington, Van Buren, IA. He married Matilda Jane SMITH on 28 Jun 1835 in Unknown. [Parents]

21 Sept 1850, Farmington, Van Buren Co. IA,
page 306, Household #117/123
Henry Stevens, 37, male, carpenter, 500, b. NC
Matilda Stevens, 27, fem., NC
Henry Stevens, 09, male, ILL
Matilda Stevens, 07, fem., IA
Squire Stevens, 02, male, IA
Charles Stevens, 04/12 mos, male , IA

1860 Census
Henry Stephens Farmington, Van Buren, IA 41 1818 North Carolina Male
Matilda Stephens Farmington, Van Buren, IA 17 1842 North Carolina Female
Matilda J Stephens Farmington, Van Buren, IA 13 1846 Illinois Female
Esquire B Stephens Farmington, Van Buren, IA 11 1848 Iowa Male
Charles W Stephens Farmington, Van Buren, IA 7 1852 Iowa Male
Elizabeth C Stephens Farmington, Van Buren, IA 59 1800 Iowa Female

1870 Census - Farmington, Van Buren, IA
Henry Stevens, 56, farmer
Matilda, 51, keeping house

1880 Census - Farmington, Van Buren, IA
Henry STEVENS Farmington, Van Buren, IA 65 <1815> CAN. Male Self
Matilda STEVENS Farmington, Van Buren, IA 50 <1830> CAN. Female Wife

23. Matilda Jane SMITH was born on 31 Jul 1817/1818 in North Carolina or Canada. She died on 17 Oct 1883 in prob. Farmington, Van Buren, IA. [Parents]

21 Sept 1850, Farmington, Van Buren Co. IA,
page 306, Household #117/123
Henry Stevens, 37, male, carpenter, 500, b. NC bc 1813
Matilda Stevens, 27, fem., NC bc 1823
Henry Stevens. 09, male, ILL bc 1841
Matilda Stevens, 07, fem., IA bc 1843
Squire Stevens, 02, male, IA bc 1848
Charles Stevens, 04/12 mos, male , IA bc 1850


24. William COOK was born on 14 Feb 1844 in County Limerick, Ireland. He died on 5 May 1912 in Pierce City, Lawrence Co, Missouri. He was buried in Pierce City Cemetery, Pierce, MO. He married Mary A. METSKER on 9 Apr 1863 in Grundy County, Mo. [Parents]

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
William Cook (First_Last)
Regiment Name 23 Missouri Infantry.
Side Union
Company C
Soldier's Rank_In Recruit
Soldier's Rank_Out Pvt.
Film Number M390 roll 9

1860 Census: Mercer County, MO, Washington Township.
Note: indicates his age as 19 which makes his birth year 1841 - this conflicts with other information.

1870 Census: Barry County, MO, Capps Creek Township page 658.
Cook, William, age 26, farmer, IRE
Mary, age 24, IND
James, age 5, MO
Annie, age 5, MO
Thomas, age 2, MO

1880 Census: Grundy County, MO, Liberty Township. (Lincoln Twp?)
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
William COOK Self M Male W 38 IRE Farmer IRE IRE
Liddie A. COOK Wife M Female W 23 MO Keeps House KY KY
James COOK Son S Male W 15 MO Farmer IRE IN
Annie COOK Dau S Female W 13 MO IRE IN
Thomas COOK Son S Male W 12 MO IRE IN
Sophia COOK Dau S Female W 8 MO IRE IN
Frances COOK Son S Male W 6 MO IRE IN
Jennie COOK Dau S Female W 3 MO IRE MO
Census Place Lincoln, Grundy, Missouri
Page Number 357A

1900 Census: Grundy County, MO. Census indicates he immigrated in 1847; he would have been 3 - he must have come with his parents.
William COOK Feb 1844 age 56, IRE IRE IRE Farmer
Lydia wife Dec 1855 age 44, KY KY KY
Maude C. Dau Jul 1888 age 13 MO IRE KY

1910 Census - 4-Ward, Pierce City, Lawrence Co, MO
William Cook, 66, M2, married 34 yrs, IRE, own income
Lydia A, wife, M1, married 34 yrs, KY

Missouri Marriages, 1851-1900
Spouse: METSKER, MARY Marriage Date: 9 Apr 1863
County: Grundy State: MO

Descriptive Roll List: 5'10", dark hair; blue eyes; fair complexion; single; occupation - farmer; nativity of Limerick, ireland; place of Residence at time of enlistment: Middlebury, Mercer County, MO. Enrolled and organized Aug. 13, 1862, Mercer County, MO; ordered into active service Aug. 9th, 1862. Military Records.

Born in Limerick, Ireland; came to this country when a babe; his parents first settling in Ohio, later moving to Missouri, while Wililam was about 8 years old, settling near Spickard in Grundy County. When he was about 23 he came to Barry County, 2 miles south of Pierce City, returning in two years to Grundy County, where he continued to live until 8 years ago last Feb., when he came again to Pierce City and has lived here since. Obituary.

Three of his brothers were alive when he died in 1912. Obit.

Two granddaughters in 1912 were from Geneseo, KS - Grace and Edna Cook. Obit.

May have reenlisted in Co. C on 18th May 1864 and was discharged from same July 18 1865. Military Records. Absent in hospital according to records absent in Division hospital since July 23, 1864; Sept. & Oct. 1864 agent sick at Chattanooga since July 23, 1864. To home Feb. 28, 1865; March & April to June 30 1865; mustered out near Louisville KY July 18 1865.

Birth date may have been Jan. 14, 1840 according to affidavit in military records.

When they came to the U.S. they located in Ohio. From Ohio, he moved to the State of Illinois, where claimant was hired out on a farm about four years, before his father in 1858 moved to Mercer County, MO where claimant was hired out upon a farm until he entered the U.S. Army. Claimant's mother died while he was in the army and upon his return home, he sought to gather family keep-sakes, and in them could not find the family Bible. Military Records

Birthdate on 1850 census - given as 8. Ohio, Hamilton County, Anderson Township.

Burial: Pierce City Cemetary, Pierce, MO
Cause of Death: Heart Disease
Military: Co. C, 23rd MO Inf, Pvt
Occupation: Farmer

25. Mary A. METSKER was born in 1847 in Iowa or Indiana. She died in Aug 1874 in Prob Missouri. She was buried in Burial: South Evans Cemetary, Grundy County. [Parents]

According to will of father, Mary was deceased when he wrote the will, which was recorded Aug 29 1885.

1870 Census: Barry County, MO, Capps Creek Township 658.

Burial: South Evans Cemetary, Grundy County
Missouri Marriage Records (Ancestry.com):
Spouse: METSKER, MARY Marriage Date: 9 Apr 1863
County: Grundy State: MO

Missouri Marriages 1851-1900
Metsker, Mary
Gender: Female
Spouse: William Cook
Marriage Date: Apr 09, 1863
County: Grundy
More About: This record can be found at the County Court Records, Film # 1007639 - 1007640


26. Isaac A. TILLERY was born on 3 Mar 1850 in McKee, Jackson Co., Kentucky. He died in 1916 in Virgil, Aurora Co., South Dakota. He married Martha A. VANDEVENDER on 25 Apr 1873 in Grundy Co., Missouri. [Parents]

This morning I found a list of Kentuckians serving in Union Regiments during the Civil War. The following list shows that Isaac Tillery (my mother's 3rd paternal gr-grandfather) served in the same unit as John, Henry and William Braughton. It's difficult to know which Broughtons these were since the first names are common among several who were in that area and were the right age. However, it's a huge coincidence that ancestors from my mother's paternal side were in the same unit as ancestors from my mother's maternal side. (Job Broughton was her 4th gr-grandfather on her father's side)
The Union regiments of Kentucky Company "A" Privates William Braughton, Henry Braughton, John Braughton, Isaac Tillery
What a small world!

Bureau of Land Management Records:
Acres: 160
Metes/Bounds: No
Issue Date: 12/27/1898
Land Office: Montana State Office
Cancelled: No
U.S. Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: May 20, 1862: Homestead Entry Original (12 Stat. 392)
Aliquot Parts Sec./ SW
Block 14/ Township 108-N Range 63-W
Meridian 5th PM State SD Counties Jerauld

1870 Census, Franklin, Grundy Co., Missouri
Isaac Tillery, age 19, b. KY
living with parents

1880 census, Grundy Co., Missouri
Isaac Tilery, age 30, farmer, born KY, father born NC, mother born KY
Marthy, wife, age 28, born IN, father born IN, mother born IN
Louis, son, age 8, born MO
Ellen, dau, age 6, born MO
Jane, dau, age 3, born MO
Susan, dau, age 4-1/2 mos. Feb, born MO

1900 Federal Census - Dearborn Twp, Beadle Co., SD
Isaac Tillery, age 50, KY, NC, KY
Mary, wife, age 50, IA, IN, IA
William, son, age 10, SD

Missouri Marriage Records:
Marriage Date: 25 Apr 1873
County: Grundy
State: MO

Other source:
email from relative, dated 5/4/2003
Hi - I wanted to share some info on the Cooks that I've found.

1. Mary Ellen Tillery - her parents name were Isaac A. Tillery and Martha
A. Vandevender. Isaac was born March 3, 1850 in either Kentucky or Iowa.
He died in Virgil, South Dakota in 1916. Her mother was born Feb. 8, 1852
in Kentucky or Indiana. She died before 1880 (I believe this is wrong since she shows
up in the 1920 Federal Census in Missouri). She had sisters named Jane
( born 1877) and Susan (born 1879). The family can be found in these
census records: 1870 Census: Missouri, Franklin County
1880 Census: Missouri, Grundy County, Franklin
1900 Census: South Dakota, Beadle County, Dearborn Township
Isaac's parents were William N. Tillery and Sarah West. Martha's parents
were Nimrod Vandevender and Susannah Evans.

27. Martha A. VANDEVENDER was born on 8 Feb 1852 in IN. She died after 1920. [Parents]

1920 Federal Census, Washington Twp, Buchanan, Missouri
State Hospital
Martha A Tillery, patient, age 67, b. Indiana


28. John COOK was born in 1812/1815 in Kentucky (Clark Co.?). He died prob bef 1880 in prob Hickory Co, Missouri. He married Martha E. HUDDLESTON on 9 Aug 1833 in Wilson Co, Tennessee . [Parents]

NOTE: There were many Brashears families living near John Cook in Hickory MO. A search for the origin of the Brashears family in 1840 TN led to the location of John Cook living very near them in Lawrence Co, TN 1830 and 1840. He was listed just a few lines below Basil Brashear and next to Charles Cook Senior (probably should be Junior unless he had a son Charles)

NOTE: John's father, Charles, was in Polk Co. Many Brashears from Lawrence, TN were in Benton Co. Polk Co, MO is directly south of Hickory Co. and Benton Co is directly north of Hickory Co. Hickory Co. was formed from Benton and Polk Counties.

Basil and Middleton Brashears and their (possible) Brashears, Breshears, Beshears, Boshears, and other descendants in Lawrence Co, Tennessee; Benton, Polk, Hickory, and neighboring counties, Missouri; the Boise area of Idaho; the Okanagan Valley in Washington; eastern Oklahoma; and a few other places.

John Cook found in:
Tennessee Marriages, 1787-1866 Marriage Records
Listed in: Marriages of Wilson County, TN 1802-1850
Page number: 120
Spouse: Martha Huddleston
Date: August 9, 1833
By: Geo. S. Hooper, J.P.

1830 census
Nathan Brasher Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (went to Benton Co., Missouri)
Saml Brasher Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee
Basil Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (01110001-1101001) age 50-60 - Image 39
Henry Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (Went to Hickory Co, MO)
Jesse Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (went to Benton Co., MO)
Charles Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (001101-101001001) age 30-40 - Image 57
Thos Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (1010100001-101111001) age 70-80 <1760-1770> - Image 23
Wm Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (111001-011101) age 30-40 - Image 51

1840 census Samuel Brashem Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee Basil Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (1000100001-00011001) age 70-80 - Image 55 Jacob Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee John Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee Peter Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee Robt Brashers Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee Charles Cook Jun. Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (00001001-0212) age 50-60 - Image 55 NEXT LINE: John Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (10001-10001) age 20-30 - Image 55

1840 Census Analysis:
John Cook Not Stated, Lawrence, Tennessee (10001-10001) age 20-30 - Image 55
1 age 0-10: Nathaniel
1 age 20-30: John
1 age 0-10: ??
1 age 20-30: Martha (Huddleston)

1850 Census - District 37, Hickory, MO
John Cooke, 38, KY
Martha, 34, TN
Nathaniel, 14, TN
Caran F, male, 12, MO
Nancy, 7, MO
Margaret E, 3, MO
Charles, 1, MO

1860 Census - Hickory Co MO
State: MO
County: Hickory County
Township: Hermitage P. O.
Year: 1860
Record Type: Federal Population Schedule
Page: 114
Database: MO 1860 Federal Census Index
Hh 784-784 700-444
Cook, John 40 Tn -----???40 - he should be 48
Martha 25 Tn-------------?????25 YEARS OLD???? (must be an error)
Nathaniel (Farmer) 22 Tn
Caren F (Farmer 20 m Tn
Nancy 16 Tn
Margaret E 13 Tn
Charles T 11 Mo
John W 9 Mo
Sarah K 7 Mo
James R 3 Mo
Eli 1 Mo
Many of their neighbors were Brashears families:
Madison G Brashears District 37, Hickory, MO abt 1829 Tennessee (from Lawrence, TN)
Levi R Brashears District 37, Hickory, MO abt 1825 Tennessee
William C Brashears District 37, Hickory, MO abt 1826 Virginia
Henry Brashears District 37, Hickory, MO abt 1802 North Carolina

1870 Federal Census - Center, Hickory, Missouri
John Cook, age 56, b. TN, farming
Martha E, wife, age 41, TN
John W., age 19, MO
Sarah C, age 15, MO
James R, age 14, MO
Eli, age 12, MO
Catherwood, male, age 7, MO
Dorcas, female, age 8, MO
Lincoln, age 5, MO

Email from descendant of Dorcas Cook:
Subj: Re: John Cook
Date: 6/2/2004 11:01:01 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: rash.r@sbcglobal.net (Ron and Sharon Rash)
To: oregongal9@aol.com
I just read your post listed with the Hickory County inquiries on the usgenweb site for Missouri.
My great great grandmother is Dorcas Cook, daughter of John Cook and Martha E. I don't know if you would be interested in any of the information that I have on her. She married an Irenas Taylor, then George Zimmerman. Dora (as she was called) and George had a daughter, Sara Catherine, who married a Charles Burch, and they were the parents of my grandmother, Pauline Burch.
I don't have any information about John Cook, his wife or Dora's siblings. This is going to sound pretty unbelievable, but I just found Dora in the census with her family about 10 minutes before I discovered your posting! Genealogy is so much fun : )

Hope to hear from you soon.
Sharon Burch Rash

Missouri Civil War Records: (Uncertain if this is our John Cook)
Name: John L. Cook
Unit: Capt. McKee's Co. (B), Hickory County Batt'n, Osage County Reg't, Missouri H. G.
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: Private
Allegiance: Union

Missouri Land Patents from BLM web site:
Patentee: JOHN COOK
State: MISSOURI Hickory County
Acres: 40
Metes/Bounds: No
Issue Date: 10/30/1857
Land Office: Warsaw
Cancelled: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)

29. Martha E. HUDDLESTON was born in 1815 in Tennessee. She died prob bef 1880 in prob Hickory Co, Missouri. [Parents]

Martha Huddleston married a John Cook in Wilson Co, TN however it is not known if this was the same John Cook who resided in Hickory Co, MO


30. Elisha SMALLWOOD was born about 1834 in Kentucky. He died on 7 Oct 1878 in Cross Hollows, Benton Co., ARK. He married Mary Margaret MOORE on 13 Jun 1853 in Laurel or Rockcastle, Kentucky. [Parents]

Marriage records:
Per Ancestry.com - Jan 23, 1853, Rockcastle Co KY
Elisha Smallwood and Margaret Moore

Per Genealogy.com - Jan 13, 1853, Laurel Co KY - Marriage License
Elisha Smallwood and Mary Moore.

Elisha Smallwood found in:
Kentucky, 1851-1900 Marriage Index
Gender: The gender of Elisha Smallwood is male.
Spouse: Mary Moore
Marriage Date: Jan 13, 1853
County: Laurel
More About: This record can be found at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0965809 - 0965813

Missouri Civil War Service Records:
Name: Elisah Smallwood
Company: A
Unit: 2 Missouri S. M. Cav.
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: Private
Allegiance: Union

When the war ended in the spring of 1865, all Vernon County lay devastated. Hardly a hundred families remained and all the towns, with the partial exception of Balltown, had been destroyed. Few farms were left untouched. Kansas Jayhawkers had stolen even the fence rails! Public business, untended for four years, were in hopeless disorder.

Ex-Confederate soldiers drifted home through the summer, shortly joined by Union veterans seeking new homes. As a rule they cooperated to rebuild the ruined country, which began to wear the look of the real pioneer times, thirty years before. Buildings went up in Nevada and by early 1867, business had revived. The county government first operated from Balltown, but in 1868 a new brick courthouse was built. On March 3, 1869, the town was incorporated and the word "City" dropped from its name. The new city fathers hired a marshal to keep the peace, laid down some board sidewalks and started Deepwood Cemetery.

1860 Census, Des Moines Twp., Clark Co., MO, Page 596, #339
E. Smallwood, head, age 23, KY
Mary, age 23, KY
Nancy J, age 2, MO
Jno, age 1, MO
Riley, age 21, KY (brother)

per email from Juanita to Debby Elmer, Jan, 2003
Source: 1870 Census, Vernon Co., Missouri, Virgil Twp, page 644, #61
E. Smallwood, age 34, farmer, born KY
Mary, 32, TN (?)
Mary, age 5, MO
Nancy J, age 13, MO
John, age 11, MO
James, age 3, MO
Anna, age 9 mos, MO

From: http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:1233092&id=I0113 (by Juanita Johnson:
Family history (Carol Webb's mother states) that James' father E. Smallwood was murdered in KY. E
was a land-owner in KY and was murdered and robbed of money he was carrying to pay his employees.
James was a teenager at that time and he took over the task of providing for the family

Check out in Nevada wills, divorce and marriage and city directories, death book.
June 1999 checked in Nevada for above. At Court House found:
Administrator's BOND: Mary M Smallwood as Principal, and Amos Wolf and Alfred Barter as
securities, are held and firmly bound unto the state of MO, in the sum of One Thousand dollars,
for the payment of which we do hereby bindourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators,
firmly by those present. Stated at Nevada, MO this 28th day of October, 1878. OATH: Mary M
Smallwood adminstratrix of the estate of Elisha Smallwood deceased, being duly sworn, say that
the said ELISHA SMALLWOOD died intestate and without leaving a will, at Cross Hollows ARK Oct 7th
1878, leaving as his heirs:
John W Smallwood, Mary Marinda (?) Smallwood, James Smallwood, Anna A Smallwood, Emma E
Smallwood, Clara E Smallwood his children and Mary M Smallwood his widow and that she will make
a perfect inventory of, and faithfully administer all the Estate of the said Elisha Smallwood and
pay the debts, and account for and pay allassets., Signed October 28, 1879. Inventory of personal
property, chattels, Guardian and Curator's Bond: Mary M Smallwood and Amos Wolf and Alfred Barter
as securities are held and bound unto the State of MO for the use of Mary M Smallwood; James
Smallwood; Emma A Smallwood and Clara E Smallwood and Annie E Smallwood in the sum of five
hundred dollars, for the payment of which we bind ourselves, our heirs, assigns, executors and
administrators. The condition of the above Bond is that if the Mary M Smallwood, Guardian, Curator of the estate of said Minors. In witness whereof, we have signed on the 3rd day of January 1879: Mary M Smallwood
(her mark x); Amos Wolf; Alfred Barter. Approved Jan 6, 1879 by Probate Judge. INVENTORY: Nov 23,

1878 at Vernon Co., MO: 1 second hand reaper/mower $25.00. 1 2-horse walking cultivator $12.00; 1

Roan Horse $20.00. 6 Cows, each $12.00. 1 Old Wagon $20.00. 24 Head of fat Hogs $3.50 each. 12

Small Hogs $6.00. 1 Breaking Plow $4.00. Old Harrow $2.00. There is no mention of Nancy Jane
Smallwood, my great grandmother. I am assuming the reason was she was not a minor child. ??? The
first time they name the children, John is listed; but not the second time listed. ???
What was Elisha doing in Arkansas? Was the family living there?? At this moment I remember written somewhere that Mary Smallwood tried to get a pension from Elisha military service; but was denied. Lady at the library stated many were denied pensions if they had not served 3 years.

E-mail from Martha Hansen (3/4/2004):

Re: Elisha Smallwood: My Mom told me that she was told, that after the Civil War he left on his horse looking for work and never came back. It was assumed that he died. The story my Mom always heard was that he had a hernia and he wore a truss. It was supposed that if he had to take it off that he may not have gotten it back on, because his wife was the only one that could get it on for him. Maybe the caused his death. Well, I did a bad job of telling that story. But you get my drift. Emma was very little when he died. She probably heard bits and pieces, at a young age and thought that was the truth. She in turn told my Mom and hey, I would have never known if I had not talked with you and Juanita. So thanks again.

Martha also stated in another e-mail that her sister has a framed picture of Elisha Smallwood. She's going to ask her to make a copy and send it to me. That would be great!

I'm starting to put 2 and 2 together now. Here's one possible scenario: Elisha was mentally stressed out by the Civil War and losing his father and possibly his brother William. He may have decided that he couldn't handle the responsibility of a family and took off for Arkansas. Apparently, he didn't tell his wife or family this bit of news. He simply didn't come home. Trying to make ends meet, Mary sends her children off to live with friends and relatives, applies for a widows pension and is denied. At some point Mary finds out that Elisha was killed in 1878. Can you imagine how she must have felt? Knowing that he just left them to fend for themselves while he was buying land and running a business? Wow! Elisha was in Missouri in 1870 census. Clara was born 1874. She may have been wondering about his fate for 4 years! That poor woman! And I think I have problems....yeah, right!
Date: 3/26/2004 11:58:53 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: martha.hansen@mchsi.com (Martha Hansen)
To: OregonGal9@aol.com
Mom used to tell me that her Grandpa Elisha Smallwood was Pennsylvania Dutch, and that his family came from Holland. I guess that is just something else to play with. I keep racking my brain to jog my memory.

Email received 5/8/2004 from Martha Hansen:
When I was a kid, my Mom, Hazel, told me that they had slaves. They were very good to them and when the Civil War was over, Elisha and Mary told them they could leave if they wanted to. they were free; however, she said they had no place to go and chose to stay and help them.

31. Mary Margaret MOORE was born on 11 Jun 1835 in Tennessee. She died on 26 Dec 1911 in Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri. She was buried on 28 Dec 1911 in Deepwood Cemetery, Nevada, MO.. [Parents]

Moore, Jesse 200 Q-2 9-10-1844 Laurel S Fk Rockcastle R
Moore, Lemuel or Semuel 18 36 3- 1-1851 Laurel Rockcastle R
Moore, Isaac, Heir, Saml Moore 32 57 6- 3-1859 Laurel Rockcastle R (Could be Leml Moore)

Vernon County, MO Back Taxes Index of 1893

Source: 1870 Census, Vernon Co., Missouri
Civil War Pension Application
Elisha Smallwood
Images Online #: 431
State Filed:
Widow: Mary M. Smallwood
Mary M. Smallwood, Gdn.

Kentucky Marriage Index (Ancestry.com):
Spouse: MOORE, MARGARET Marriage Date: 23 Jun 1853
County: Rockcastle State: KY

1860 census shows birthplace of KY, 1870 census shows birthplace of TN

Death certificate stated cause of death was: Bronchitis. Andrew Wood from Nevada states the information is true to the best of his knowledge. She was 76 yrs, 6 mos, 15 da. She was married at time of death. Also stated she had been in state 20 years (?). Usual residence: KY. ??? Moved back to KY and then back to MO ????? Father: Lem (Lewis?) Moore KY. Mother: Nancy J Moore.
In 1870 census of Virgil Twp. states Mary was born in TN, 32 y/o, married to E. Smallwood b KY, age 34. Their children: Nancy J. age 13 b MO; John 11 MO; Mary 5 MO; James 3 MO; and unnamed female, 9 months old, born in Dec.1869.
Check out will/probate, any obituary, funeral home??? divorce or marriage papers? siblings? Did she marry a Moore after E Smallwood died or? Is the 'married' on the death cert an error.
Check funeral home, name signed as undertaker: W.J. Wainscott in Nevada, MO
Nevada, MO city directories: 1900-01 Smallwood, Mary (widow Elisha) living at 403 W. Allison (with her dau Nancy Jane & Andrew Woods, N.J. not mentioned)(Frank & Willis Johnson, farmers were there also). Mary was not listed in the 1908-9 cd. Where was she? KS with James?


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