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41. Richard BORDEN

During Richard's life the town and state records show him to have been a
prominent man among his contemporaries in the town and colony. He was
frequently called upon to fill important stations. He was a commissioner for
Portsmouth for the years 1654, 1655, 1656, 1657--the last year with William
Almy, another emigrant from Benenden. He was chosen assistant, or Senator,
1653 and 1654, and September 12, 1654, he was chosen General Treasurer
of the Colony

The following obituary notice of Richard Borden is copied from the Record of
the Friends Monthly Meeting at Newport:

"Richard Borden of Portsmouth, R. I., being one of the first planters of Rhode
Island, lived about seventy years and then died at his own house, belonging to
Portsmouth. He was buried on the burial ground given by Robert Dennis to
the Friends, which is in Portsmouth, and lieth on the left hand of the way that
goeth from Portsmouth to Newport, upon the 25th day of the 3rd month,
1671," old style; June 5, 1671, new style. Joan, the widow of Richard,
survived him eighteen years and died July 16, 1688 two years after the death
of John Alden, who is supposed to have been the last of the Mavflower's
company. She lived long enough to see all her children fully confirmed in what
she believed to be the truth and in dying she must have had a happy
consciousness that they would do honor to their parental training and cordially
unite with their friends in all their plans for the support of religious institutions
and the promotion of sound morals among the people at large. She died at the
age of 84 years, 6 months. Reckoning back from the dates given us by the
Friend's record, Richard was born about 1601, and Joan February 15, 1604.

54. Thomas BORDEN

In 1666, 1670 and 1672 he appears to have been one of the
deputies from Providence, and when the fears of all New England were
aroused, and the Indian warwhoop filled all hearts with terror and dismay,
Thomas Borden was selected May 5th, 1675, as one of the Assistants to the
Governor of Rhode Island. He served in this capacity with so much
satisfaction to his constituents that he was chosen again for the year 1676. But
he was not permitted to see the final triumph of his friends; he died at his post
before the conclusion of this bloody struggle. He had lived in this country
about forty years, and was probably not more than six years old when he
came here. This would make his age at his death forty-six years. He died
November 25th, 1676. His wife died March 22, 1718.

56. Matthew BORDEN

Of his ten children only six are mentioned in his will, which was dated March
23, 1705. The date of his death was March 5, 1708, aged 70 years. He was
on a visit to Boston when he was attacked by a malignant fever, which
terminated his life in a few days. He was interred in the burial grounds of the
Friends, at Lynn. His widow survived him twenty-seven years, and died April
15, 1735, aged 82 years.

1705, March 23, will proved, Exx wife Sarah. To son Joseph, all my dwelling
house and lands belonging to it in Portsmouth, he paying my wife Sarah 20
yearly for life. To wife, the use of little chamber with chimney in it, porch
chamber, half of great hall, half of cellar, the garret, half of porch, liberty to
keep twenty fowls, and use of ten apple trees; and son Joseph to keep a horse
for her, and supply firewood. To son Joseph, two oxen, two cows, ten sheep,
mare, carts, etc. To son Thomas, half a share in Tiverton, 30, silver tankard,
mare, ten sheep, two cows, silver spoons, and feather bed. To son Richard
land at Cooper's Creek, West Jersey, 40, a mare, ten sheep, cow and silver
spoons. To son John 140 and silver spoons. To son Benjamin 140 and
silver spoons. To daughter Sarah Hodson, 30. To daughter Ann Slocum,
30. To granddaughters Sarah and Ann Stodder each 10. To men's meeting
of Friends on Rhode Island, 5. To wife Sarah, rest of movables.