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Descendants of Robert BEALES


155. Stephen HOGGATT (HOCKETT)

"He was married in North Carolina, where he and wife Margaret commenced in very low circumstances to make a living; he having but one horse, and it soon died; this loss was keenly felt, yet they persevered. He managed to raise a good crop of wheat and corn in one season a few weeks before harvest he pulled up the corn stubs or roots, his wife dropping corn therein, and he covering it with the hoe. And when the wheat was taken off the ground, he commenced tending his corn and this made a good crop. I mention this that the reader may form an idea of the man."

"Stephen and Margaret Hockett trekked to Ohio with nine children in 1805, taking up their abode in Fairfield Township, Highland County. [He acquired land grants in OH and farmed.] Then in 1817 the father Stephen and his married sons sold their land and pushed farther west to Indiana, which was sparsely settled when admitted to the Union in 1816, but was pioneered rapidly after that. " "[There] he bought land for himself and sons; and lived there until his children were all married." "Stephen and his sons purchased farm land in Washington Township, Randolph County."

"Now they [Stephen and Margaret] had lived to a good old age, but the news came to his ear that there was good rich prairie in Iowa, and he seemed to think it would be best for him and offspring to cross the great Father of Waters. And accordingly he and many of his connexions came here in the spring of 1837 [in covered wagons] and settled near Same."(sic)

"In 1837...Another westward thrust was undertaken to that part of Wisconsin Territory destined to become Henry County, IA." Stephen and Margaret and their six sons went to settle Salem."

"But it was not long until they went the way of all the earth. He deceased the 26th of 6th month 1839; aged 72 years, 2 months and 20 days. His wife deceased 23rd of 9th month 183; aged 76 years, 8 months, and 11 days. They were both consistent members of the Society of Friends. Their children were all living (eleven in number) at the time of her death, and if I am not mistaken, had not a doctor in their family until they were all grown.

The following table will show the condition of their generation at the time of her death, it being written about that time by some of the relatives and kept in manuscript, and as many of their relatives are subscribers and readers of Democrat, I thought it would confer a favor on them to have it published.

206. Joseph COOK

ID: I00689
Name: Joseph COOK
Sex: M
Birth: 28 MAY 1775 in Guilford, NC 1 2 3
Death: 16 SEP 1854 in Wayne Co., IN
Burial: Westgrove MM Cemetery; Wayne Co., IN 2
Joseph Cook was a cabinet maker, carpenter and farmer. In 1812 the family moved from Deep River Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, North Carolina, to Wayne County, Indiana, and were members of West Grove Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends.

He was granted a certificate to Spiceland Monthly Meeting to marry Rachel Porter, according to West Grove records. On March 22, 1839, he married Rachel Patterson (she was probably a widow).

Following is a copy of his will dated in September, 1854.

"Be it remembered, this the ninth month of the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, that I, Joseph Cook, of the county of Wayne and the State of Indiana, being far advanced in years, and infirm in body but of sound mind and memory, do make and ordain this my last will and testament.

"In the first place my will and desire is that all just claims against my estate be paid by my executors.

"In the second place I give to my beloved wife two bedsteads and bedding, one table, her chaise, six chaise chairs, my riding carriage and bay mare known by the name of Beck, one cow, her choice, and five sheep. Also, so much of my dwelling house as she may need, and a sufficient maintenance off of my farm, together with the use of all the household and kitchen furniture so long as she may live. Then my will is that my son Zimri Cook shall have the farm on which I now live, one mare and bedstead and bedding. Then I give to my daughter Mary Williams, ten dollars, and to my son William Cook, ten dollars, and to my son John Cook I give ten dollars, and to my grand children, Calvin, Mahala, William and Lydia Bond, I give one dollar each. To my daughter, Rachel Cook, I give thirty dollars in money and five sheep, besides what property she has here that is her own already, viz: two beds and bedding, one fancy bedstead, one chest, one trunk, one stand, one bureau. Also my will is she shall have her amintenance off of the farm so long as she may live single; and furthermore my will and desire is that all the balance of my property not otherwise disposed of, shall be sold by my executors and the proceeds equally divided between my children, the four children of my daughter Anna Bond, deceased, to have their mother's share. And lastly, I nominate and appoint my son Jehu Cook and my firend William Wickersham executors of this my last will and testament, revoking all former wills by me at any time made.

"(Signed) Stephen Townsend (Signed) Joseph Cook (Signed) Calvin J. Woods

Source for above: One Ladd's Family, Ruth Kline Ladd, 1974.

The first Religious Society in the township was that of the Friends, who, in 1815, organized the West
Grove meeting, about 3 miles north-west from Centerville, and built a log meeting-house. The society,
at its organization, was composed of the families of Robert Commons, Wm. Hastings, James
Townsend, Benj. Maudlin, Jacob Griffin, Wm. Harvey, Axum Elliott, Obed Barnard, and perhaps
Edward Benbo. It was named by Robert Commons, West Grove, that being the name of the place
where he had resided in Pennsylvania. They met in the woods at the place selected for the
meetinghouse. The following named persons were also early members, some of them, perhaps, at the
time of the organization: Abraham and Joseph Cook, Jehu Wickersham, John Maxwell, John
Brumfield, John Copeland, John Harvey, Robert Harvey, Charles Canaday, George Russell, Nathan
Overman. Among their early preachers were Jesse Bond, Hannah Baldwin, and Daniel Williams, who
is still living in Clay. This meeting has been continued until the present time.

Father: Thomas COOK b: ABT. 1751
Mother: Mary MILLS b: 8 JAN 1750

Marriage 1 Lydia WICKERSHAM b: 4 MAR 1777 in Bush River MM; Newberry, SC
Married: 14 FEB 1799 in Guilford Co., NC 3
Mary COOK b: 30 NOV 1798 in North Carolina
Charity COOK b: 14 JUL 1801 in Deep River MM; Guilford, NC
William COOK b: 20 JUN 1803 in near Deep River, North Carolina
Jehu (John) COOK b: 23 JUN 1806 in Deep River MM; Guilford, NC
Zimri COOK b: 29 SEP 1808
Anna COOK b: 4 FEB 1811
Rachel COOK b: 24 AUG 1814 in NC

Marriage 2 Rachel POTTER b: 1801 in NC
Married: 9 MAR 1839 in Westgrove MM; Wayne Co., IN 4

Title: 1850 Federal Census; Centre Twp., Wayne Co., IN
Call Number:
Media: Book
Title: One Ladd's Family
Author: Ruth Kline Ladd
Publication: Privately published 1974
Note: Personal library
Call Number:
Media: Book
Title: Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol I
Title: Indiana State Library Genealogy Division; Indiana Marriages to 1850

211. Zimri COOK

Zimri Cook sold his farm to Indiana Yearly Meeting in 1833 which is part of the land now occupied by Earlham College. The following is quoted from "Earlham, the Story of the College 1847-1962, by Opal Thornburg:"

"The property consisted of two farms totalling 320 acres, purchased for a total of $5,800. Each farm, partly under cultivation, had a house and a barn,....
The south part of the new Yearly Meeting farm had been entered from the U.S. government in 1806 by Samuel McKinley, who sold it to Valentine Pegg in 1813 for $700. Pegg had a daughter, Lydia, who married Zimri Cook, and in 1819 Pegg sold the farm to his son-in-law for $1,500. Zimri Cook deeded it to Indiana Yearly Meeting on December 6, 1833 for $3,000 in the names of the trustees appointed by the Meeting for Sufferings: John Maxwell, Thomas Evans, Charles Moffitt, James Pegg and John Pool.

The north portion, cut across by the national Road, had been owned first by Jonas Randall, who entered it from the U.S. government in 1806. From Randall the land passed in 1808 to Jesse Bond. He solf it for $850 to Jehu Stuart, who conveyed it in 1831 to David Wright, from whom the Yearly Meeting trustees on December 6, 1833 purchased it for $2,800."