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Descendants of Robert BEALES


10. Rev Thomas BEALS

Thomas was the first Friends minister of record to cross the Ohio River and preach in the limits of the Northwest Territory. The Beals family moved from Pennsylvania and Maryland and later to Hopewell, near Winchester, Virginia. Thomas Beals moved with this family to North Carolina in 1748 or 1749 being then about twenty-nine years old, and first stopped at Cane Creek. Then, with his family, he moved to New Garden, North Carolina, which was frontier territory. In a very short time he was joined by some other families, and in the year 1753, being then about thirty-four years of age, he came forth in the ministry. How long he lived at New Garden we do not know but presume it was for several years. The next move he made was to Westfield, Surry County, North Carolina. Here he was instrumental in the development of a large meeting. He must have lived at New Garden and Westfield about thirty years, during which time he paid several lengthy visits to the Indians.
On 28 September 1777, Thomas was granted a certificate to visit "in gospel truth", the Mingo and Delaware Indians. William Robinson to accompany him." On 28 Mar 1778, Thomas and William returned and "gave account that they were detained some weeks and Thomas had his certificate taken from him." On 26 February 1780, the Friends meeting advised that Thomas go make inspection of the Ohio River, before moving his family there, where he wished to be near the Delaware Indians. On 25 Mar 1780, he and several others were granted a certificate near the Ohio River to "be near and labor with the Delaware Indians." Thomas returned the certificate on 30 September 1780. On 26 October 1782, Thomas Beals had "moved out to the back inhabitants. A committee appointed to visit them reported they are in a low situation, and is is most consistent for them to return back to where they moved from."

Margaret Esther HUNT

Margaret (Hunt) Beals also was an active Friend. In 1761 she was recorded a minister.

by Margaret (Hunt) Beals

One of the writings of Margaret Beals has also been preserved in Memoirs of William and Nathan Hunt (Philadelphia, 1858).

It is Margaret's testimony to the memory of her young brother, the eminent minister among Friends, William Hunt:

A few words in remembrance of my brother, William Hunt, deceased:

O my brother, how lovely and pleasant thou has been to me! Thou hast forsaken all that was near and dear to thee in this world to follow the Lamb both by sea and land. Thou didst obey the heavenly voice, and preferred the Lord's work before thine own. Thou has gone to and fro in many parts of the earth to sound forth the trumpet of the Lord, and hast been able to speak a word in due season. It was thy delight to meditate on the law of the Lord. Ah, my brother, what shall I say in remembrance of thee? Surely I may lament the loss of such a friend; although I have no cause to mourn though thou art laid in the silent grave, yet lovingly speaketh in the hearts of many. Oh, the many deep baptisms, trials and exercises thou hast gone through with much meekness and patience! Thou didst improve thy talents (as if thou knewest how short thy time should be) unto the praise of Him that first did raise thy mind from earthly things to heavenly. Thou hast been a valiant soldier in the holy warfare, to promote the honor and glory of God; so, after many hard labors and travails for the promotion of truth, thou hast ended thy days in a distant land, where I believe thou hast gone to everlasting rest and peace, with glory crowned, amongst saints and angels forever blest. Oh that the Lord would be pleased to raise up many more much faithful laborers in his vineyards! Now we are left behind; let it be our daily care to keep down in humility, in patience and self-denial, in reverence and holy fear before the Lord, that, when this short and uncertain time here is at an end, we may be thought worthy of an inheritance amongst the sanctified, where we may sing praises for evermore. So saith one that wisheth well to all mankind.

Margaret Beals
4th of the 2nd Mo. 1773


In "Six Columbiana County, Ohio, Pioneer Families, Family 5. William Leech
(1776-1865) and Jane Garretson: Ancestors and Descendants", 1998, by
:"John's eldest son, William, became seriously afflicted with a mental illness in 1770. William was then 31 years old, the father of four small children, and resided near Bennetts Run in Redland Valley. Warrington Monthly Meeting minutes provide the following information relating toWilliams disability:11-8mo-1770. William Garretson and Lydia his wife have so far misconducted as not to dwell together.8-9mo-1770 The committee report that [William] is not in his proper reason and that it is not advisable for [Lydia, his wife] to dwell with him; --that she appears to be an innocent woman.8-12 mo-1770 [The Committee] report that they think John Garretson, his father, should take the Plantation & Effects into his hands to be put on the best advantage for the support of [William], his wife and children.13-4mo-1771 John Garretson reported unwilling to comply with the advice of
the meeting.12-10mo-1771. Advice of the Quarterely Mtg to be asked.13-7mo-1771. The Quarterly Mtg committee unite in judgement with this meeting.12-10mo-1771 -- John Garretson reported unwilling to do anything for support of his daughter in law.9-11mo-1771 [John Garretson] reported willing to be advised.14-12mo-1771. William Garretson is to be confined in a convenient place, yet to be built, his wife and children to return home, with a tradesman in the house with her, and a laboring man to work the plantation.11-1mo-1772. The place has been prepared and [William Garretson] put therein.10-6mo-1775 William Garretson's being confined so much [is] causing some uneasiness, a committee is appointed to inspect the case.8-7mo-1775. [The committee reported that William Garretson is] unfit to be at liberty except to go out at times under the care of some friend and be returned into his house in the evening; yet if his father or relations some distance off will take him out and keep him for some time, not allowing him to return home alone, it would be well.William never recovered his mental health, and so it was "necessary to have him closely confined most of the time until his death," which occurred in 1810, 40 years after the onset of his sickness. John, acting as a surrogate for his son, signed the marriage certificates of William's two daughters: Elizabeth's first marriage in 1780, her second marriage in 1786, and Martha's marriage in 1787."William's parents where John and Content (HUSSEY) GARRETSON originally from New Castle, DELydia Beals b. 1744, was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Griest) Beals of Huntington Tp., York (now Adams) Co.


Event: Fact 20 12 APR 1999 S. William Leech (1776-1865) & Jane Garretson: Ancestors & Descendants; by William Brooke Fetters, Copyright 1998: Bowie, MD
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97. William BEALS

Burial: 1845 on their farm n. Dana, Vermillion, IN
Event: Fact 20 13 APR 1999 S. William Leech (1776-1865) & Jane Garretson: Ancestors & Descendants; by William Brooke Fetters, Copyright 1998: Bowie, MD
Event: Disowned 1782 at Menallen MM, for non-attendance & dancing
Event: Removed to AFT. 1816 Vermillion County, Indiana